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è Coercion Û Tim Tigner è Coercion Û Tim Tigner - Coercion, Coercion Ever been forced to do something despicable Would you betray your family to save your child Undermine your employer Commit treason Bin Laden gave terrorism a Middle Eastern face Now another misguided

  • Title: Coercion
  • Author: Tim Tigner
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Kindle Edition

è Coercion Û Tim Tigner, Coercion, Tim Tigner, Coercion Ever been forced to do something despicable Would you betray your family to save your child Undermine your employer Commit treason Bin Laden gave terrorism a Middle Eastern face Now another misguided mastermind is giving it yours But don t feel bad you re not alone On the eve of perestroika Alex Ferris stumbles onto KGB General Karpov s scheme to regain Russia sEver been forced to do so


è Coercion Û Tim Tigner è Coercion Û Tim Tigner - Coercion, Coercion Ever been forced to do something despicable Would you betray your family to save your child Undermine your employer Commit treason Bin Laden gave terrorism a Middle Eastern face Now another misguided Coercion

  • è Coercion Û Tim Tigner
    127Tim Tigner

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  1. I felt a bit lost at the beginning of the book when the main characters Alex discovered that his brother Frank is dead and that there is a mole in the company that Frank worked at and he discovers that the mole is forced to cooperate And, then someone tried to kill Alex It got a bit clear after a bit when of the reason behind his brother s death was revealed and why just Alex was the one that pretty much goaded to Siberia.As a thriller was it quite good with lots of action, not any boring parts [...]

  2. A Tim Tigner production.An American Special Forces guy, now a PI, gets involved in stopping chicanery from the KGB In this case, biological bombs the KGB is injecting into people and their families, forcing them to do the KGB s bidding Along the way, he meets a nice Russian girl who looks like a supermodel, but is a regular genius.Not bad Some great action sequences in Siberia set this one apart.

  3. NOTES FROM THE AUTHORI worked in Soviet Counterintelligence during the Cold War, and then lived in Moscow throughout perestroika What an odd and humbling experience it was, to watch a superpower crumble It got me thinking about what one man could have done to prevent it if he was prescient, and resourceful, and ruthless enough Coercion was the result.You can read an interview with detail on this topic inThe Big Thrill.While Coercion contains the requisite larger than life heroes and villains, I [...]

  4. Alex Ferris is a former U.S soldier and ex CIA operative Now an International P.I he finds himself in the worse case ever finding his twin brother s killer.With the one strong lead he has, he travels to Siberia and Russia Relying on his military tactics and genuine intuition, we are taken through his journey that opens up to what his brother was involved in and the people he meets along the way, coerced by an unknown powerful resurgence group that controls a secret deadly weapon And in the midst [...]

  5. Published 07 07 2015Author Tim TignerI received a copy of this book for free through GoodReads FirstReads competitions.When I first read the blurb of this book I couldn t wait to read it as it sounded like my kind of book, however when I started to read the book I was completely lost It did all become a bit clearer as the book went on, but because it wasn t a very clear beginning it made me want to continue reading to find out what had happened and what the reason was behind Franks death Alex s [...]

  6. Coercion by Tim Tigner is a non stop page turning thriller that will keep you guessing with every chapter read, but the genius of Tim is sure to win and your guess will be wrong every time, mine was There is so much happening and each tiny detail comes back and connects the dots for a full circle effect that will leave the most critical readers satisfied Giving this book a five star rating is the least I could do, because it s one of those very few books that can stand tall amongst the very best [...]

  7. This aptly titled spy thriller is about power and control Those who have it, those who want it, and finally those who will do ANYTHING to get it The anything in this case is coercion in it s true and most diabolical sense The deadliest form of coercion comes not when you threaten a person s life, but rather when you threaten the life of those that that person loves most in the world.That s where the Peitho Pill comes into play Named for the Greek goddess of persuasion, when injected into a body, [...]

  8. REVIEW COERCION by Tim TignerCOERCION is in a category of its own Thriller with Heart Even the villains have emotions, a sense of honor and duty, and patriotism Quite a few of the characters have families to whom they are dedicated, and for whom no sacrifice is too great even at cost of life This deepening of the story renders it even engrossing, since we reader s identify and empathize with the various characters, and for us, the tension ratchets high.

  9. Fantastic book The characters were great I enjoyed the time frame locations of the story The story itself was fantastic from beginning to end Hope there will be another Alex Ferris story in the future Well done Tim.

  10. I m not a fan of Tom Clancy due to his wooden prose nor do I eagerly anticipate the new Vince Flynn novel, all of which means I didn t come to Tim Tigner s Coercion with high expectations or anticipation I didn t need them Once I started the book, I kept turning the pages or in this instance, swiping the screen.I like political thrillers, and I also like historical thrillers Coercion provides both, albeit recent history, for Tigner s novel is set in Russia in the midst of Perestroika While Mikha [...]

  11. 3.5 out of 5A team of scientists working in Russia have been wiped out in order to keep secret knowledge of the latest weapon they were working on The weapon The Peitho Pill, aptly named after the Greek goddess of persuasion In the right hands or wrong in this instance this weapon will cause the ultimate shift in power from the US to the USSR Once the pea sized pill is injected into its victim, the target will not be harmed as long as he does the controllers bidding Should he fail in any way, ei [...]

  12. Submitting to a Tigner AddictionThough this paragraph opens a review of a different Tim Tigner novel, it is worth repeating Tim Tigner comes to his role as a novelist specializing in political intrigue with a rich background His academic preparation is a combination of mathematics and philosophy, but after academia his instinct for investigation and thrill seeking led him to serve in the Green Berets, specializing in Russian and Soviet counterintelligence When Perestroika Glasnost opened Russia [...]

  13. Reviewed for Readers Favorite at ReadersFavorite The year 2013 was one fraught with mourning for fans of spy espionage thrillers, with the loss of Vince Flynn in June and of Tom Clancy in October While these great storytellers will continue to be missed long into the future, thriller fans will be pleased to learn that there is a new man in town His name is Tim Tigner and just this fall, he published three works, including Coercion If Tigner s works are not on your to be read list as yet, wait no [...]

  14. Step aside, Jason Bourne, Alex Ferris has it covered COERCION by Tim Tigner is a fast paced action thriller set in the final years of Communist Russia The beginning instantly grabs you and, though there is a small lull between 25 to 50%, is completely action packed.The book is well written and divided into four parts The beginning may confuse someone because there is a bit of year jumping, but the times quickly balance themselves out Like I said before, there is a slight lull, but I only really [...]

  15. I received this book as an ARC from Publishing, Thomas Mercer, on NetGalley This is the first book by Tim Tigner I have read, and it will not be the last.Coercion grips you from the first chapter with a scenario so frightening and bizarre that you think there is no way could ever happent it is totally possible.The first part of the book jumps back and forth in time and across several different countries, but I did not find it to be that confusing plus it really helps to establish the plot I real [...]

  16. Ah, Perestroika This is my third Tim Tigner novel and it s another brilliant read My family mother, siblings came to the US as political refugees from the Soviet Union medium length story there in the 1960s As such, I grew up around religious refugees yes, that s how many got out, despite being atheists and many a weekend was spent over much vodka telling stories of life behind the Iron Curtain Reading this novel was a flashback to family gatherings luckily without the vodka, my stomach can t ha [...]

  17. If you enjoy stories by Tom Clancy, James Patterson or Robert Ludlum, take note of Tim Tigner, and read his book Coercion I ve never been able to make it through a single one of Tom Clancy s books Simply put, Tim Tigner just writes better You won t be disappointed, and you won t be able to put it down Tigner draws on his personal experience to create a believable, and action packed story to become enthralled by In Coercion, we meet ex CIA agent, Alex Ferris, who goes from private investigating, [...]

  18. Tim Tigner Rocks This book was FANTASTIC I wish I could give it stars Tim Tigner s writing excels on so many levels It has intellectual brilliance think Michael Crichton superb plotting, with a hero fighting unknown to him enemies hello, Robert Ludlum well crafted characters that draw the reader in emotionally hey, Jack Higgins and Mark Dawson non stop action yo, Lee Child and Vince Flynn enough twists to screw your mind and a touch of romance to spice things up a bit.I have been reading conspi [...]

  19. What a damn good book First, I would like to say I won this book from the free book giveaway contest Second, I would give this book 4 1 2 stars if able It was really good, with a lot of action and suspense surrounding the characters As a kid from the 80 s, I enjoy the Us vs Them sagas between 2 world super powers and how the Soviet Union and the USA are always dueling and trying to out do each other Enter Alex, a former CIA agent, hell bent on investigating his brothers murder and the chilling m [...]

  20. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and if you are one to enjoy Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, or Brad Taylor books than you are sure to enjoy this Tigner uses his first hand knowledge of communist Soviet Union and I m sure his special forces experience to give the reader a great perspective into one of the most fascinating wars in world history I only wish that this was the beginning of Alex Ferris s tale because he is right up the with Mitch Rapp, Scott Harvath, and Pike Logan Although the love story par [...]

  21. Thanks to netgalley, Tim Tigner and Thomas Mercer for the ARC advance for my honest review You ll want to highlight or make a cheat sheet of the list of characters With so many characters, you would think that the story would take off from page 1, rather than from Part 2 It was a tough read for me, had to stop reading two other books, just concentrate on this one and doing that finished it Other wise, I doubt I would have finished it Really liked Alex s character, parts of this book are really g [...]

  22. GREAT READThis book is another home run by by Tim Tigner Every single time I read a book by this author I am enthralled and this was the same The characters are so real you hear their voices and see them talking The story surrounds you and involves thou shoo that you can t even set the book down you have to just keep turning pages so you know what s happening This book has all the parts that make it great entertainment to me characters you live with, a story you live to the point you re actually [...]

  23. Alex Ferris is an ex CIA operative As the cold war thaws, he encounters a KGB plan that once again makes Russia a country to fear Investigating the murder of his sibling, and creeping closer to the truth, his suspicions are confirmed as he is nearly snuffed out several times Ferris travels to Siberia to not only avenge his brother s death, but neutralize the impending Russian threat as well.Coercion was all that I hoped it d be The action is addicting and the build up at the end is just fabulous [...]

  24. Great cloak and dagger stories don t come along often at least, in my opinion I was pleasantly surprised with Coercion From the first page, I became immersed in the story To the point, I was almost there The story begins with an ex CIA agent named Alex Ferris grieving the murder of his brother in Russia and looking to bring those responsible to justice and avenge his death In the midst of the search for the truth, a KGB plan to reignite the cold war comes to light With a sense of duty, Ferris on [...]

  25. I love a book that is action from the getgo This was the perfect book for me A great struggle and mystery spread across 2 countries, time pressured, clues are dropped but there are plenty of twists to keep you guessing literally until the last page Also he makes things personal can one person make a difference What is the ultimate blackmail you could use on someone to COERCE them The title is perfection and so if the book This is my first Tim Tigner book and I ve already ordered all his others

  26. Good, original This was the first time I read a complete book about Russia and the KGB Very interesting plot and the story stayed on my mind very time I put the book down Even though this is fiction, I could see someone thinking about really trying to change the world anyway they can I recommend this book to anyone who likes espionage.

  27. I ll be honest and say the book didn t grab me from the start I wrote it off as just another espionage novel However, after giving it a chance, I couldn t stop reading The combination of the fast paced, pulse pounding action, sympathetic character development and scandalous discoveries had me reading into the early morning hours without regret I m excited to read of Mr Tigner.

  28. Thrilling and informative read.This is book was full of action and adventure It takes place near the end of the soviet regime Having grown up during the Cold War, I was very intrigued by this glimpse into the declining USSR.

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