Aug 15, 2022

The Book Lovers

[PDF] The Book Lovers | by ↠ Victoria Connelly [PDF] The Book Lovers | by ↠ Victoria Connelly - The Book Lovers, The Book Lovers Author Callie Logan never expected to swap her life in London for one in rural Suffolk but after the breakdown of her marriage she decides that a fresh start is just what she needs Finding Owl Cotta

  • Title: The Book Lovers
  • Author: Victoria Connelly
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] The Book Lovers | by ↠ Victoria Connelly, The Book Lovers, Victoria Connelly, The Book Lovers Author Callie Logan never expected to swap her life in London for one in rural Suffolk but after the breakdown of her marriage she decides that a fresh start is just what she needs Finding Owl Cottage in the tiny village of Newton St Clare Callie determines to give up on love and throw herself into her work But fate seems to have other ideas and she soon has two veryAuthor Calli

The Book Lovers

[PDF] The Book Lovers | by ↠ Victoria Connelly [PDF] The Book Lovers | by ↠ Victoria Connelly - The Book Lovers, The Book Lovers Author Callie Logan never expected to swap her life in London for one in rural Suffolk but after the breakdown of her marriage she decides that a fresh start is just what she needs Finding Owl Cotta The Book Lovers

  • [PDF] The Book Lovers | by ↠ Victoria Connelly
    356Victoria Connelly
The Book Lovers

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  1. As sweet as syrup, as cute as puppies, as predictable as sunrise but it gets an extra star for being book focused Otherwise not worth the time for me.

  2. I loved this book Any book lover who likes light romantic fiction and well, book talk, will be delighted Great characters including an author, an editor, and multiple bookshop owners, plus they are totally relatable Such a fun setting that I really want to visit, a love triangle and flowy writing It was just overall a very enjoyable read I m downloading the next one right now Highly recommended.

  3. The Book Lovers is the first in a new series by Victoria Connelly, whose writing I have loved since I discovered her Austen Addicts series several years ago This was the first non Austen inspired book I ve read by Connelly so I didn t know what to expect, but oh my goodness, it was fantastic The novel centers on Callie Logan, a children s book author who leaves the fast pace of London to settle in Owl Cottage in Newton St Clare She s going through a divorce and needs to rediscover her creativity [...]

  4. Just wow That was one amazing read.The whole book came together so well the setting to the plot and what can I say about the characters they were just so lovely and warming.This story made me want to up sticks and move to Suffolk and make Owl cottage my home and become friends with the Nightingale Bookwormsd go for that walk to see the bluebells with the ever so handsome Leo WildmanThis story is a must for any will not want to put it down

  5. Lovely romance with a pairing of book loversBoth Callie and Sam vow not to love again after each of their marriages ended Then they met I love the Nightingalevfamily and how loving and close they are Made me want to ring my own mum up on the telly.

  6. This is a book for anyone who wants a something to read which gives you the feel good factor The bonus is that its background is books and the love of books Callie moves to a small village in Suffolk after a disastrous short marriage She is an author of children s books but when she first moves to the countryside she finds she can t write Then she discovers Nightingales a bookshop or rather three shops which have turned the local small town into a sort of Hay on Wye She meets Sam Nightingale rec [...]

  7. Victoria Connelly delivers again with her sweet tale about book lovers If you loved her previous books, you will not be disappointed with this latest instalment.

  8. This didn t work for me sadly There was too much of the let s set up a series about the book you know a variety of family members each with their own problem that was left unresolved at the end so it can be resurrected in the next book.But the real thing I disliked was the way Callie led Leo on I HATE stories where a decent, thoughtful, considerate guy who treats a woman with courtesy and respect, is used and then cast aside in favour of someone who the woman had already met and rejected I half [...]

  9. I was counting down until this was released and it didn t disapoint Callie is a succesful author but since the end of her marriage the words haven t been flowing, she has moved to Suffolk from London and is hoping Owl Cottage will help not only heal her heart but get her writing again.The Nightingales live and breathe books, with 3 book shops and all with stories of their own waiting to be told will they welcome Callie into their lives or scare her away Another fantastic and well written book by [...]

  10. Thr Book Lovers is a favorite blanket and a cup of tea on a cool crisp autumn day I love books and felt much the same sentiments as the characters There, also, was a cheeky bit about a certain sexy book that many readers this one included look upon with disdain Loved that All in all a sweet and comforting read, one that just makes you smile Can t wait for book 2

  11. A fun read I like a part of the Book that the main character was in a second hand book shop and was caught by the owner of the Book shop smelling a book I have a little library of books at home, and there is something about a real book that I like better than an e book part of it is the feel and the smell of book

  12. This was a sweet romance I enjoyed all the bookstore bookish moments I m not exactly sure what s preventing this from being a 5 star read The pace The insta romance The fact that I never connected to any of the characters All of the above Most likely.

  13. Too sweet for my reading tastes However it is well written and the story moves along nicely If your like stories that have romance, handsome nice men, a nice heroine then this is for you Overall a nice book but not for me.

  14. A delightful read from start to finish A charming story with interesting check a rafters A wonderful sense of humour throughout I especially loved the family Enjoyable read.

  15. Enjoyable read This was a lovely story and I would recommend it to others I will definitely read the other books in the series.

  16. A writer of popular children s books leaves her husband and moves to rural Suffolk for a quieter life.She soon becomes involved with the Nightingale family who own three bookshops in the nearby town.A well written and thoroughly enjoyable read.

  17. Warm and cozy like a hot chocolate in front of the fireplace on a cold winter evening A lovely story of love, family and new beginnings A bit predictable but very enjoyable.

  18. If you are a regular visitor of my blog, or in fact of any book blogs, love books and love a good story, then The Book Lovers is definitely the book for you In fact I would suggest you stop reading this review, take my word for it that its a great book, and start reading it for yourself I suppose there is of course the chance that you may need a bit persuasion, or are genuinely interested in what I thought, and don t want to impulse buy based on an opening paragraph, which is understandable It [...]

  19. Unfortunately I didn t enjoy this as much as the authors other books that I have readI just couldn t get into or take too seriously the used bookstore angle in this one As in Callie couldn t use the internet to look for her book I skipped to the end

  20. Overall, I thought this book had great potential Wonderful main characters, lots of emotional depth to explore, a romance set up for passion and true connection The plot was lovely and lighthearted, which I enjoyed But the execution was woefully short selling and lacked depth While Callie, our heroine, had so much to bring in terms of conflict, she seemed or less ambivalent with what happened to her before she moves to Suffolk There was no exploration of feelings, no closure, no resolution, no [...]

  21. Another winsome Victoria Connelly novel set in the appealing rural countryside of Suffolk England I was emotionally involved before I was through the first chapter First in her new series, readers are introduced to the Nightingale family booklovers and bookstore owners Disillusioned London author, Callie, is stymied in her writing by her recent failed marriage and her persistent editor is not helping New relationship opportunities open new possibilities and perspectives as Callie reawakens to li [...]

  22. Oh, This Story Is Sooo Sweet In this cozy story, author Callie Logan s marriage has failed, and she s decided to leave London to live in the small Owl Cottage in the village of Newton St Clare She s going to throw all her time into writing and is not interested in getting involved in another relationship with any man But things do change for her since there are two men trying to get her attention This is another sweet, well written, feel good novel by author Victoria Connelly It reflects the imp [...]

  23. I liked all the protagonists less the main female character Callie and Leo I don t understand very well her behavior nor her sentiments She tell no when Sam ask her out and then passively accept the intrusiveness of Leo in its life and house Both characters are a bit weak and naive Rather I loved very much all the talking of books and readers This is the first book by this author that I have read and as many series the first book is that that portray all the characters that we will see in the ne [...]

  24. If you are a book lover, then this is the book for you.I have read most of Victoria Connelly s books, and have loved them all, especially the Darcy series, but this is probably my favourite, as it s impossible not to relate to the main characters.I am looking forward to reading book number two in the series.Definitely to recommend.

  25. 3.5 stars I had been reading this book while on my lunch breaks at work I only had 2 chapters left when I had to put the book down and go back to work I may or may not have finished it at my desk.

  26. Fantastic book, again Victoria wrote an exquisite book about starting over and another very happy family that wraps you up with a big, warm hug Cannot wait for the next addition to THE BOOK LOVERS

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