Jun 27, 2022

If I Forget You

If I Forget You Best Download || [Thomas Christopher Greene] If I Forget You Best Download || [Thomas Christopher Greene] - If I Forget You, If I Forget You Two former lovers reconnect in this beautiful and haunting tale of great lost love from the critically acclaimed author of The Headmaster s Wife Twenty one years after they were driven apart by circum

  • Title: If I Forget You
  • Author: Thomas Christopher Greene
  • ISBN: 9781250072788
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Hardcover

If I Forget You Best Download || [Thomas Christopher Greene], If I Forget You, Thomas Christopher Greene, If I Forget You Two former lovers reconnect in this beautiful and haunting tale of great lost love from the critically acclaimed author of The Headmaster s Wife Twenty one years after they were driven apart by circumstances beyond their control two former lovers have a chance encounter on a Manhattan street What follows is a tense suspenseful exploration of the many facets of enduringTwo former

If I Forget You

If I Forget You Best Download || [Thomas Christopher Greene] If I Forget You Best Download || [Thomas Christopher Greene] - If I Forget You, If I Forget You Two former lovers reconnect in this beautiful and haunting tale of great lost love from the critically acclaimed author of The Headmaster s Wife Twenty one years after they were driven apart by circum If I Forget You

  • If I Forget You Best Download || [Thomas Christopher Greene]
    473Thomas Christopher Greene
If I Forget You

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  1. I was going to write a plot summary to illustrate all the reasons why this book was a waste of time for me, but instead I am just going to offer a couple of suggestions to writers and editors who publish love stories and expect us to care about them.Suggestion 1 If you re going to write a love story, don t forget to include the love It s truly amazing how many love stories skimp on providing an actual convincing love relationship In this case, Margot loves Henry because he s smarter and deeper t [...]

  2. A common enough plot, Henry and Margo meet in college, fall in love Henry is from the working class, Margo from the very wealthy Something happens and they are forced to separate Seeing each other twenty years later, many truths come to light So what happens next This book has some beautiful lines, beautiful thoughts Margo thinks of how well Henry knows her because he knew her when she was young, knew the inside of her not just the fa ade she presents to others, the fa ade she uses to get throug [...]

  3. At first, If I Forget You had me yawning As I read , it had me agitated and somewhat incredulous By the end, it has me wondering whether I have read anything other than an old Harlequin romance or one of the most basic unimaginative versions of the Romeo and Juliet plot line with lots of overwrought and predictable cliches for good measure Normally I would give a spoiler alert or give away less of the plot, but honestly in this case I don t see the point Margot is wealthy and from old money Henr [...]

  4. For you, wherever you are.I was completely captivated by this poetic story of lost love and second chances Not only is it beautifully written, but the underlying message is a powerful one go after what makes you happy, don t just exist in your own life Henry and Margot fell desperately in love in college, but circumstances and mistakes ripped them apart Anyone looking at their lives would assume, they ve both moved on marriages to different people, children and the passing of time 21 years They [...]

  5. But she could never capture the particularity of him in the way he has captured the particularity of her, and later, when this all sinks in, she will come to realize that this might be the greatest gift another person can give you The very idea that they pay enough attention to notice what makes you singular, and Margot has no idea how she can possibly repay him I m a sucker for a well written love story, so I jumped at the chance to read an early copy of If I Forget You This novel features many [...]

  6. This book was described as deeply affecting and emotional, which I was hoping it would be And it did turn out to be an emotional book for me, although not in the way I was hoping it to be Instead of finding this book to be touching and possibly heart wrenching as I expected, I found it to be annoying and even brought forth a bit of anger in me that the author would think we forgot what happened in the first three quarters of the book when he wrote the last quarter.This is a story of star crossed [...]

  7. I won this book on a giveaway on , my first Thanks to and St Martin s Literary Fiction.After all that, I m sorry to say, it was just eh, OK I guess When I first saw the blurb for this book, I was intrigued It tells the story of Henry and Margot, two former lovers, who are drawn apart many years before, and how their lives intersect one day again on a street in New York City The book is told in alternating chapters between Henry and Margot, going back and forth in time You hear their story, how t [...]

  8. Ok, I m calling Uncle This is just so boring, and I feel like I ve read it a few times before The writing is pretty and poetic, true, but that s just not enough in this case Dnf.

  9. Star crossed lovers torn apart by space and time reunite twenty years later It felt so real and authentic to me Very emotional read, loved it.

  10. A special thank you to St Martin s Press and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Thomas Christopher Greene returns following The Headmaster s Wife 2014 with a moving epic love story IF I FORGET YOU Written with lyrical poetic prose as breathtaking as his fictional character, Henry Gold Greene, follows a timeless forbidden love, torn apart by family, social class, wealth, lies, and secrets Love and Loss Second chances At forty years of age,Henry Gold is not a famous poet though [...]

  11. This story is written through the eyes of the two main characters, alternating by chapters between the years 2012, and the past, 1991 Henry comes from a working class family, Margot from a wealthy one They meet in college, are forced to go their separate ways, and time passes One day, Henry decides to walk from NYU, where he, a poet, teaches It s a lovely day, and Henry is enjoying the beautiful weather, wants to feel the sun shining, wants to enjoy this moment of Spring instead of taking the A [...]

  12. I received an advance readers copy from St Martin s Press This is my unsolicited review Sometimes you meet the love of your life when you are very young This is the love story of Henry and Margot Margot is from wealth the opposite is true of Henry When they fall in love they experience how society accepts their relationship and discover the differences in their lifestyles When their love affair suddenly ends Henry is devastated Margot moves on Twenty one years later they have a chance encounter [...]

  13. Thanks St Martin s Press and netgalley for this ARC.Short and packed with so much emotion, love, and ups and downs Its awesome the way Greene does this It s like reading a long novel condescend into just the essence of a good love story.

  14. If I Forget You by Thomas Christopher Greene is a story that I would ve liked if I hadn t read it a couple of times before.It all starts with two ex lovers who meet each other randomly after 20 years since they ve last seen each other and it s the moment that makes them recall their young love.And then we go back in time to their youth a boy from a poor family meets a wealthy girl, they fall in love, she hides her lover from her parents because they d disapprove but they find out eventually and [...]

  15. This novel has a Chick Lit vibe about it Rich entitled girl meets poor struggling son of Jewish immigrants at college They fall in love Rich girls daddy does not approve Heartbreak and threats force the young lovers to split Twenty years later they meet once again Cue the violins A few strings may break along the way but this is the basic plot This predictable love story is told in alternating viewpoints by poor but magnificent poet Henry and shallow, aimless rich girl Margo.I haven t read many [...]

  16. It is a love story that would stand the test of time, Henry and Margot were meant for each other and couldn t be happier together They were each others destinyuntil one fateful morning that changed their lives forever or do it Henry and Margot met in college at Barrister through a chance night when Henry was reading his poetry and Margot was there for extra credit and couldn t take her eyes off HenryHis words drew her in and she had to find him after the presentation The walked together and sat [...]

  17. I love how this book is written I feel all the emotions that the characters are going through When they were happy and how unhappy they are in their current situations Big plot twist I wasn t expecting Just Beautiful

  18. Thank you to NetGalley and St Martin s Press for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I just might not have been the right audience for this one To begin, let me say that I am not above reading chick lit, but to really enjoy that type of genre, the book needs to grab me in a way that is unexpected or make me really connect on an emotional level And the beginning of this book did It appeared that it was going to be an elegy to one s youth in the same vein as the first half of Laur [...]

  19. Thomas Christopher Greene s second novel, If I Forget You, calls to mind the Pascal quotation tu ne me chercherais si tu ne m avais d j trouv you wouldn t seek me if you hadn t already found me At an expensive New England liberal arts college in the early 1990s, baseball scholarship student and would be poet Henry falls in love with wealthy, WASPy Margot They have a passionate romance that is brought to an untimely end Two decades later and, still unsatisfied with relationships that never lived [...]

  20. Many readers will love IF I FORGET YOU even if the plot is not shockingly original The book is told as a contemporary story with flashbacks to when Henry Gold, a Jewish poet professor at New York University, and Margot Fuller, a wealthy WASP housewife and mother with an overbearing father, were in love at an imaginary upstate college that sounds a lot like Colgate The language is simple but evocative, though I would have loved passages like this And this is the part of love that nobody tells yo [...]

  21. Margo, daughter of wealthy Connecticut parents and Henry, poet son of Jewish immigrants came from very different backgrounds, but fell in love during their second year at Bannister college Their love was doomed to fail and for twenty years they have lead separate lives until a chance encounter in a New York street heralds the renewal of their connection and the revelation of a secret that will test their love.I found this novel to be compulsively readable and at times both beautiful and heartbre [...]

  22. I read this book in one sitting and was mesmerized by the first three quarters of the story The author wove the past and present together beautifully, drawing me into the lives of two star crossed lovers forced apart in their youth and given a second chance in their middle years And then the last quarter of the story fell flat, becoming choppy and thin from that point forward I felt like the author rushed through the remaining chapters, telling me what happened to the characters briefly not show [...]

  23. My feelings were all over the place for these college sweethearts I was back and forth on who hurt who the most Then both wild cards from the deck are thrown in and the story took on a whole new role and ended with a great finish The story did go back and forth from college days to present day, so that needs to be taken into consideration, if you have problems with those type of books I just know I enjoyed the story, was entertaining and very enjoyable on yet another rainy day here in Cypress an [...]

  24. Love Love, Love this book Told with two narrators, Margot and Henry and flashes between 1991 and 2012 After a painful breakup in college, Margot and Henry run into each other 20 years later Was it love Is the memory of love enough to rekindle a relationship again Poetically written Heartbreaking Captures the thrill of falling in love for the first time Shows the love and pain young adults feel as they grow up and away from their parents and their expectations Rises above the clich of a mid life [...]

  25. Loved this book A story about Margot and Henry who meet in college and fall in love but because of Margot s father, their relationship could not continue Frankly, I felt Henry wasn t treated fairly at all Twenty years later, Margot and Henry meet again and you wonder if they will end up together again or once again go their separate ways Told in alternating points of view from the past and present by Margot and Henry Beautifully done Enjoyed the narration in the audio book.

  26. It was a beautiful story, I fell in love with Henry and Margot and the deep love they had for each other I don t have the right words to explain how the book affected me, it was that wonderful I was sad to end the book but I do wish the author would have written one chapter to let us know, did Henry and Margot end up together, did he get to know his son, was the love they had enough to survive the secret she had carried It really was a lovely, we ll written book.

  27. I very much enjoyed this novel which reminded me a lot of one ofWoody Allen s quiet New York domestic tragedies.

  28. Twenty one years after they were driven apart by circumstances beyond their control, two former lovers have a chance encounter on a Manhattan street What follows is a tense, suspenseful exploration of the many facets of enduring love Told from altering points of view through time, If I Forget You tells the story of Henry Gold, a poet whose rise from poverty embodies the American dream, and Margot Fuller, the daughter of a prominent, wealthy family, and their unlikely, star crossed love affair, c [...]

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