Aug 15, 2022

The Short Drop

[PDF] The Short Drop | by ☆ Matthew FitzSimmons [PDF] The Short Drop | by ☆ Matthew FitzSimmons - The Short Drop, The Short Drop A decade ago fourteen year old Suzanne Lombard the daughter of Benjamin Lombard then a senator now a powerful vice president running for the presidency disappeared in the most sensational missing p

  • Title: The Short Drop
  • Author: Matthew FitzSimmons
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] The Short Drop | by ☆ Matthew FitzSimmons, The Short Drop, Matthew FitzSimmons, The Short Drop A decade ago fourteen year old Suzanne Lombard the daughter of Benjamin Lombard then a senator now a powerful vice president running for the presidency disappeared in the most sensational missing person case in the nation s history Still unsolved the mystery remains a national obsession For legendary hacker and marine Gibson Vaughn the case is personal Suzanne LombarA decade ag

The Short Drop

[PDF] The Short Drop | by ☆ Matthew FitzSimmons [PDF] The Short Drop | by ☆ Matthew FitzSimmons - The Short Drop, The Short Drop A decade ago fourteen year old Suzanne Lombard the daughter of Benjamin Lombard then a senator now a powerful vice president running for the presidency disappeared in the most sensational missing p The Short Drop

  • [PDF] The Short Drop | by ☆ Matthew FitzSimmons
    445Matthew FitzSimmons
The Short Drop

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  1. 5 excellent stars is putting this debut in my top 5 for the year Thank you Netgalley and Matthew FitzSimmons for a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.To say I was blown away by this book would be an understatement To say I was in awe that it was a debut would also be an understatement The plot was complicated yet easily followed The characters were deep and I felt an instant connection with them The twists and turns were flawless and got me with every one There are quite a bit of name [...]

  2. The Short Drop is a tense, suspenseful novel which will keep the reader riveted to every page A senator s daughter Suzanne Lombard disappears at the age of 14, but it will be some ten years before a secretive team takes action to find out exactly what happened This group of highly trained individuals need to enlist the aid of Suzanne s best friend Gibson Vaughn, once the most wanted hacker in America, who is now currently unemployed, feeling discontented and trying to put his past behind him Mai [...]

  3. Tensions are Highmentum at operational speed Tighten your seat belt They say it s not easy to fight City Hall , but have you ever tried I have and I won.It took almost 2 yearsd all I was trying to say was the DMV made mistake I was told every story in the book of how it was impossible to change the records at DMV even for an innocent party Everyone told me it wasn t worth my fight Injustice had been done City Hall wasn t going to see the end of me My case went to the State of California I was tu [...]

  4. The short drop sounds innocuous enough, doesn t it Trust me, you do not want to have anything to do with it The thing, I mean not the book The book is swell New life is breathed into a cold case as the ten year anniversary of the disappearance of Suzanne Lombard rolls around There are lies masquerading as truths, with a bit of politics thrown in for good measure As in true life, time is the great equalizer Money can t stop it, power can t squelch it An impossible coincidence, extreme hacking ahe [...]

  5. 4.5 starsIncredible debut political thriller, full of twists and turns and non stop action 10 years ago, the daughter of a high ranking Senator, who is now running for the Presidency, goes missing She is never heard from again and it is believed to be a kidnapping gone bad.Gibson Vaughn never got over losing his Bear the nickname he gave her when they were young and growing up together She was his side kick, like a little sister he inherited All until his father committed suicide, and Gibson s l [...]

  6. The Short Drop by Matthew FitzSimmons has to be one of the best debut mystery thrillers I have read in a very long time Great suspense, a rapid pace and bad people who will send chills up your spine I found it very difficult to put this story down to go to work The book starts on the ten year anniversary of the disappearance of at the time Senator Lombard s daughter He has risen to Vice President and is now running for his party s nomination for President Growing up, Gibson Vaughn was the son th [...]

  7. I was able to read this book through s Kindle First program Thanks to and Thomas Mercer for making it available My dad was a pretty voracious reader, and he particularly liked thrillers Michael Connelly, Lee Child, John Sandford, and Dennis Lehane were among his favorite authors Whenever I d read a great book in this genre, especially when it was by a new author or one even I d never heard of, I always would mention it to him and encourage him to read it Although he passed away about 18 months a [...]

  8. 4 This is the book I didn t want to put down It is also an amazing d but novel Just loved the character of Gibson Vaughn, his history, his relationship with Bear and his mixed feelings over the suicide of his father Powerful men, men with connections, a woman who is dogged in the pursuit of once again regaining the status her family one held Non stop action, never knowing who was trustworthy, who is lying, wanting to know the real story, is what keeps you reading, turning the pages What did happ [...]

  9. THE SHORT DROP by Matthew FitzSimmons is one of the best Debut Crime Thriller of 2015 that I have read He has produced an amazing piece of crime fiction The Short Drop is an addictive thriller, rich with political intrigue and mystery I have to say that I am not normally drawn to political thrillers, but given the praise this book was receiving, I decided to leave my comfort zone of reading mystery suspense crime psychological thrillers, and branch out a bit Boy was I glad I took that chance, be [...]

  10. When a young mans best friend goes missing and shortly thereafter his father commits suicide, he gives up on any kind of write or wrong in his life Unfortunately this, couldn t care less, attitude ends him up in jail for a serious hacking charge The judge gives him a choice jail or the Marines Shortly after he is released from service, he is approached by a team of political shakers that need his help to sort out the mystery behind his best friends disappearance What he starts to uncover is is y [...]

  11. When a friend wrote an enthusiastic review for this book, it looked like a winner to me, so I hurriedly purchased it My friend was right and it was Remember this is a debut novel, and it s excellent.A young girl, loved by many, goes missing and ten years later the secret is slowly revealed There are several threads to follow The main character is a former hacker, former Marine, now unemployed He carries a burden, but is presented a way to unload and clear up the mystery.I really liked how the st [...]

  12. 5 stars but could easily be 1000, seriously Honestly, I don t know how to review this book It is truly so good and exciting and surprising and breathtaking It s truly an edge of your seat read The plot development was impeccable, the twist and turns were actually surprising I m usually good at guessing the twists and secrets but this book really did a number on me I only guessed one thing right It was also a very fast read, and I didn t want to put it down, I needed to know about the characters [...]

  13. The Short Drop was highly suspenseful, fast paced and filled with political intrigue Matthew FitzSimmons in his debut novel has created an extremely likable but flawed character in Gibson Vaughn, a legendary hacker, who has now been struggling in life as a low level IT guy Vaughn used his knowledge of hacking in his teenage years that cost him his reputation He now has a chance to rebuild his career when he is asked to join in the investigation of Suzanne Lombard, a girl who disappeared ten year [...]

  14. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this debut by Matthew Fitzsimmons I will definitely be reading the sequel

  15. An entertaining read however it did take me quite awhile to actually get into this novel and I am not sure how much this was down to the plot development or the busy time of year I chose to read this book I liked the plot and the characters so a solid 3 star read for me.

  16. So many lives bound together in the Gordian knot of one missing girl That about sums up the plot of Matthew FitzSimmons The Short Drop Suzanne Lombard, the fourteen year old daughter of Senator Benjamin Lombard disappears Ten years later, she is presumed dead, perhaps the victim of a pedophile Her father, now Vice President, is running for President Gibson Vaughn is the son of the late advisor to Senator Lombard Gibson, who considered Suzanne to be like a younger sister, is recruited by the form [...]

  17. 4.5 StarsCracking political thriller that manages to be clever, exciting, and emotional all at once I would never have thought this was a debut, this is the work of a writer many years into their career Thanks to my friends for the recommendation on this one you guys definitely got it right

  18. A special thank you to Thomas mercer and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Top 50 Books of 2015.Best Debut Political Crime Techno Thriller of 2015 Matthew FitzSimmonsdelivers a rock solid debut, THE SHORT DROP crossing many genres a riveting action crime thriller psycho, political, techno, and mystery, packed with suspense and wit, hooking you from the first page to the last an intense page turner Based in Virginia, Gibson Vaughn loved his character a computer hacker, is in s [...]

  19. This was an Kindle First pick for me and has been sitting on my shelf unread until I seen all the excellent reviews here on for this debut novel I must say I haven t read a Political Thriller in quite some time and I am so glad that I decided to read this one The Short Stop was well written, action packed, interesting, and had quite a few gripping characters I really enjoyed how the author introduced us to each character and brought life to them It was really entertaining and amusing I did have [...]

  20. The Short Drop is a mystery political thriller My grandpa loved this genre and when I was little I just read everything I could lay my eyes on That s when I started reading these intense action crime thrillers I haven t read anything like it for a long time, but I was positively impressed throughout the whole book I wasn t expecting to love it as much as I did.First things first, let s dive into the plot summary.A decade ago, fourteen year old Suzanne Lombard, the daughter of Benjamin Lombard th [...]

  21. This was such an awesome read It was quite slow in the beginning, but gives you just enough to keep you interested Then the last half is just unputdownable A few of the mysteries in the book are very easy to call, but the execution is just SO GOOD that I didn t even care The part I disliked was the political parts, but they are also done so well that they didn t take away from my enjoyment of the book Highly recommend this one

  22. I found this to be a well written thriller, with lots of surprises and well drawn characters Suspense is maintained throughout the book and clearly, FitzSimmons is knowledgeable about cyber hacking which is at the heart of the novel A worthwhile read.

  23. 4.5 stars.The Short Drop is a great book, one which belies the fact that it was a debut from the author Thrillers do not feature frequently in my reading repertoire but when I get hold of a good one, it becomes literally unputdownable Maybe that s why I don t read them as much as that can be exhausting Given the genre for what it is, I firmly believe that there is no point for long reviews as it will only serve to reveal too much of the book and hence reduce the excitement of turning its pages A [...]

  24. Where do I start Computer hacking Unsolved crimes and then their is politics which is just about criminal most of the time in the best of circumstances I have to say that the start of this book was a tad bit slow almost to the point of me not even bothering BUT, with all my pals here at GoodReads I decided to just plow thru it and keep on reading I m very glad I did The bulk of this story is the disappearance of Benjamin Lombard s 14 year old daughter, Suzanne He is currently the Vice President [...]

  25. It s that goodI m often suspicious of books that receive a lot of 5 star reviews and no few pans Who are all these reviewers Friends of the author Easily deluded customers I d been skipping the Kindle First selections because most had proven to be a waste of time Yes, free is nice, but my time is worth something, and many of those books weren t worth even the 0 price.Short Drop, conversely, is not only the best KF ever, it s one of the best thrillers I ve read in a while Fun characters, twisted [...]

  26. 4.5 Stars This is Matthew FitzSimmons DEBUT novel, and that statement alone is hard to believe, because the standard he s set is so high Well, it means we re in for a treat in the future that s for sure This is a political thriller, that takes you on a high octane ride that will leave you breathless It s full of twists and turns the suspense was all enveloping, and the plot was brilliant I swear I was hyperventilating at times Just read it for yourself, you won t regret it Thank you to Netgalley [...]

  27. Big thanks to the author and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for an honest review Still finding my way around NetGalley, this was one of my first approved requests and boy, did I hit the jackpot Matthew FitzSimmons first novel is a spellbinder The Short Drop is an immersive thriller, rich with political intrigue and complex familial mystery The story opens in an all American diner Ex marine Gibson Vaughn occupies a booth while searching for a way to support an ex wife and six year old daughter [...]

  28. What a debut Well written, action packed, and filled with an interesting cast of characters While some of the twists were rather predictable, the slew of unanswered questions and the high stakes for the protagonist compelled me to read onward You ll find some familiar crime drama character archetypes here an ex marine and expert hacker rolled into one do gooder protagonist a power hungry politician who will do anything to keep his secrets safe a hyper masculine female badass the token black dude [...]

  29. This political thriller mystery was well put together with characters that I could engage with The plot wasn t a straight line and I enjoyed the twists and turns The only fall down was when it turned to tech talk My eyes were crossing with all the intricacies of computer function Being a low tech person, those passages were way beyond me Tech savvy readers probably appreciated it though Overall a great debut And I ll for sure be checking out book 2 in the series.

  30. Excellent debut novel, with quality political intrigue and well developed, yet complex characters Gibson Vaughn is the son of a political hack, who committed suicide after Gibson s computer hacking found data implicating Senator Benjamin Lombard of theft, and the subsequent investigation pinned the crime on his father Instead of jail, Gibson is allowed to serve in the military, but finds his employment is stymied by the vengeful Senator, who is now Vice President and seeking the Presidency Gibso [...]

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