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The Governess Was Wicked

✓ The Governess Was Wicked Û JuliaKelly ✓ The Governess Was Wicked Û JuliaKelly - The Governess Was Wicked, The Governess Was Wicked This delightfully charming and saucy Regency era romance is first in the Governess series in which three best friends are employed as governesses for different families and all find themselves wanti

  • Title: The Governess Was Wicked
  • Author: JuliaKelly
  • ISBN: 9781501139338
  • Page: 117
  • Format: ebook

✓ The Governess Was Wicked Û JuliaKelly, The Governess Was Wicked, JuliaKelly, The Governess Was Wicked This delightfully charming and saucy Regency era romance is first in the Governess series in which three best friends are employed as governesses for different families and all find themselves wanting something they can t have Elizabeth Porter is quite happy with her position as the governess for two sneaky yet sweet girls when she notices that they have a penchant for f

The Governess Was Wicked

✓ The Governess Was Wicked Û JuliaKelly ✓ The Governess Was Wicked Û JuliaKelly - The Governess Was Wicked, The Governess Was Wicked This delightfully charming and saucy Regency era romance is first in the Governess series in which three best friends are employed as governesses for different families and all find themselves wanti The Governess Was Wicked

  • ✓ The Governess Was Wicked Û JuliaKelly
The Governess Was Wicked

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  1. The Governess Was Wicked by Julia Kelly is book one in the The Governess Series This is the story of Elizabeth Porter and Doctor Edward Fellows Elizabeth had to become a Governess after the death of her father and the bills that he left Now a few years into this job she meets Dr Edwards who is the Doctor for the children she is in charge of He has become a frequent visitor as the oldest child keep having a illness that clears up pretty quickly They are both trying to fight their growing feelings [...]

  2. I have issues with this cover, which looks like it s from a late 1970s men s magazine I don t want to see all that thigh, or that look on her face and where d her underthings go This book despite the publisher calling it a Regency romance , is set in 1856, a couple of decades into the Victorian era 1856 in fashion Julia Kelly has a really nice writing style I raced through the first half of this book before some of the red flags I d been noticing started flaring right up and destroying the story [...]

  3. A lovely read I really like Elizabeth and Edward She really struggles to letting go of propriety as she is a governess and has to keep herself clean of all scandal but unfortunately for her there is a hunky doctor on call Her charges keep getting sick so Dr Edward Fellows stops by to look in They have been fighting their attraction to each other for three years and everything is about to change Of course, everything for them had to get worse before it got much better I liked that Elizabeth had f [...]

  4. This is the first book by Julia Kelly I read, and I m so sad I couldn t finish it I really wanted to enjoy it.I lost interest easily as there was a lot of description and not enough dialogue I couldn t feel invested in the story or the main characters Wasn t my cup of tea.I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  5. 4 a kiss started it all stars The Governess Was Wicked is historical romance at its finest with the constraints of society dictating a governesses life and how love can ruin someone if not handled the proper way The read was witty, passionate and a little bit wicked I thoroughly enjoyed it and found myself cringing at how selfish the aristocrats were about their own children Honestly, people like that don t deserve children Elizabeth and Edward were so genuine in their feelings for one another t [...]

  6. A quick, romantic readIf you love a good romance, you ll enjoy this book It s a short read only 175 pages that flies by I would recommend this for fans of Amanda Quick and Elizabeth Hoyt.

  7. This is a quick, easy Victorian romance not Regency, despite what the blurb might say in fact ignore the blurb, because the girls aren t in love with the doctor either, they re just attention seeking because of a new baby brother and terrible parents that makes for a pleasant read if you don t think too deeply about it We have a gently bred governess forced into the role by her father s debts and a gentile doctor on the edge of travelling to America to further his dreams of medical research They [...]

  8. Originally posted at Desert Island Book ReviewsAfter a disappointing romance read earlier this week, I was glad to find this book entertaining, quick, and light, which is just what I like in a romance This book stars Elizabeth Porter, a governess in a wealthy household, and Dr Edward Fellows, the physician who treats the family s illnesses In typical romance novel fashion, they re attracted to each other and want to be together, and conflicts and romance ensue.There was nothing remarkably good o [...]

  9. I liked the book, but was not thrilled with it Perhaps because this is a new author to me, but I felt as if the interactions of the characters were stilted The dialogue didn t flow smoothly The H and h were both likable people, making their way in the world As the governess to two young girls, the h was suppose to be perfect Of course, she wasn t She falls in love with their doctor and is caught with him in a compromising situation For this, she was dismissed from her post She leaves and eventua [...]

  10. Elizabeth Porter is resigned to a life as a governess She is neither a lady nor a servant, a mother nor a nursemaid She is simply a teacher, educating someone else s children again and again She secretly longs for , for adventure for love Dr Edward Fellows is leaving for American in a few short months That is only one of the reasons why he shouldn t touch the Norton s governess But his fingers itch to touch her cheek, his arms ache to hold her Could one unguarded moment really cause much trouble [...]

  11. Elizabeth was a governess, and she was happy with her job.Edward was a doctor, that got called to the house a lot And he fancied her.But she was a governess and she had rules to follow Which I understood, she could get fired, and what would she do then Stay the course.Obviously they soon get it on They will find a way.It s a novella, so it does not really have time to evolve I do think it would have worked great as a novel The romance would have had time to build But I could still believe it, t [...]

  12. To love or not to love The Governess was Wicked, does not lack much Two adorable matchmakers, a dedicated doctor and a hypnotic attraction He s a respected physician who is devoted to helping others She s a woman with little to offer but her heart and soul to her charges A potent connection quickly develops between the doctor and the Governess but vindictive people and ticking time are on the verge of ending themail affair before, it s even begun Despite a few minor hiccups along the way, Ms Kel [...]

  13. Elizabeth is the governess to two adorable little girls However, due to their parents personalities, one of them has the habit of pretending she s ill in order to get a little attention and perhaps attention of their parents It is up to Elizabeth to comfort and take care of them, which means that if they are ill she calls on the family doctor But Doctor Edward Fellows is young, attractive and very understanding They quickly become friends and realize that there is something to their budding fr [...]

  14. Nice distractionAs others have noted, there is a good amount that makes no sense in this novel There are plot holes and loose ends galore, and very little characterization people are good or evil and that s about it I did love the H, although both Hh are very much TSTL Still, it s a sweet bit of mind candy, and kept me entertained for a day If you want something to get lost in, this is enough to make you keep turning the page for the HEA without leaving you sad when it is over.

  15. Well done, creative, with woman that does not shy from what they want when the time is right, the main character is strong, and finally some one right about women that are older than 17 or 21 years old girls.

  16. Elizabeth Porter became a governess after the death of her father After she paid off his gambling debts, she needed a position and found one as the governess for two boisterous girls When the girls get a new baby brother, they start falling ill and needing the doctor The charming Dr Edward Fellows visits the home, the he finds himself attracted to Elizabeth Can they fight their desire I enjoyed this Regency It was fast paced and the characters were fun It was a quick read.I voluntarily reviewe [...]

  17. The Governess was Wicked is the first book in the Governess series by Julia Kelly.It s the story of Elizabeth Porter, a woman who when she found herself in hard times decided to become a governess Her current employment sees her as the governess to two little girls Girls who have been sorely neglected by their parents since their mother had a baby boy The boy will be the heir, and therefore is idolised by his parents In an attempt to get their parents to pay attention to them, the little girls h [...]

  18. The Governess series is about three women who watch over the children of their wealthy English employers During the mid 1800 s in England, the rich still thought of those not in their social class as much beneath them, and frequently anyone taking on the responsibilities of a governesses was to dedicate her whole life to the children In the first book of the series, a woman who is committed to following all her duties as specified cannot stop from imagining a different life for herself When a lo [...]

  19. Charming doesn t go far enough to explain this title Truly a novella length introduction to the world and the characters, the development of character and story encourage readers to engage and cheer on these young women Elizabeth s story is a common one for gently bred ladies in this time Without protection and charity of family, she needs to find a suitable occupation as either a governess or a lady s companion Both require a reputation beyond reproach, and she has dedicated her life, deferring [...]

  20. This book told the story of a young governess called Elizabeth living in Recency London and it follows her life as a governess including her relationships with her friends Miss Ephram and Miss Woodward as well her romance with her Families doctor Dr Edward Fellows.On this book is listed as a Historical Romance which it very definitely is and a very well researched one as well which is shown in the references made about dress codes and expectations placed on women particularly unmarried ones of t [...]

  21. ARC PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW I ve not read anything by Julia Kelly before but as a fan of historical novels I was keen to read this book The Governess Was Wicked is the first book in a new series called The Governess This quick read was a 3.5 star read for me.Forced to take on employment after her father s death Elizabeth Porter becomes a Governess As the two girls in her charge are often making her call for the doctor because of their real but also fake illnesses [...]

  22. My review cross posted from Wit and Sin witandsin 2016 09Elizabeth Porter is a governess to two young girls with indifferent parents She adores her charges, even though they ve been acting out and feigning illness ever since their brother, the heir, was born Of course, their theatrics do bring the handsome Dr Edward Fellows to their door, and Elizabeth cannot deny the pleasure his company brings She knows the doctor can never marry someone like her, but that knowledge does nothing to halt her at [...]

  23. Let s start off with a big ol NO NO, I have not read Julia Kelly before Now, how about a yes YES, I will be reading the rest of these books While I will be reading the next two novels in the series, I will say that I had just the slightest bit of cover to story disappointment The cover doesn t quite match the, shall we say, intensity of the novel itself Most historical romances will only give up one or two really good scenes as it is but this cover was positively screaming, There may be three So [...]

  24. Elizabeth Porter, age 26, enjoys her position as governess to two girls, Cassandra and Juliana Norton Having come to her position from an agency run by the Carrington sisters, Elizabeth knows that her life is destined to be spent caring for someone else s children.During her first season, Elizabeth s father died suddenly leaving her with no parent as she had already lost her mother When she then finds out that her father has gambled all of his money away, there is nothing she can do but find a j [...]

  25. Read the full review on Forget the Classics, I Read RomanceToday I m reviewing The Governess was Wicked by Julia Kelly, a historical romance about a Governess and a doctor I was immediately intrigued by the occupations of the hero and heroine because it differs from the usual suspects of aristocrats, soldiers or mistresses I wanted to see how Julia Kelly would incorporate ideas of class and social standing into the romance Also before I start I need to thank Simon and Schuster and Netgalley for [...]

  26. Elizabeth is a governess for two young girls and when they continually get sick, she begins to suspect they re pretending so they can see the handsome doctor Elizabeth doesn t fault them, though, because she can t help but like being in his presence as well, especially because he makes her feel special And even though Elizabeth is attracted to Edward, and vice versa, she knows their relationship can t go beyond a kiss because she can t risk her job and she knows she can never be the wife of a do [...]

  27. The Governess Was Wicked and The Governess Was WantonElizabeth Porter and Mary Woodward, friends and governesses, are ladies who must earn a living Each is resigned to a life of raising and instructing children who are not their own, moving from family to family, subject to the whims of their charges parents While caring for two girls, Elizabeth Wicked falls for a young doctor, Edward Fellows, and debates allowing him than a kiss despite the peril of being dismissed without a character Later, M [...]

  28. This short historical romance was sweet, bold and sexy There was a bit of angst, a short separation, some pushing way from both the sexy beta MMC and the down on her luck FMC, and a nice HEA.There was a lot of potential between Elizabeth and Edward but I think it was all wrapped up too fast All this time spent agonizing over her reputation, and then BAM None of it matters any I was hoping they were going to sail off to America together and start over It made sense since the question of reputati [...]

  29. Publisher s Description This delightfully charming and saucy Regency era romance, is first in the Governess series in which three best friends are employed as governesses for different families, and all find themselves wanting something they can t have.Elizabeth Porter is quite happy with her position as the governess for two sneaky yet sweet girls when she notices that they have a penchant for falling ill and needing the doctor As the visits from the dashing and handsome Doctor Edward Fellows b [...]

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