Aug 15, 2022

Sunset in Central Park

[PDF] Read ✓ Sunset in Central Park : by Sarah Morgan [PDF] Read ✓ Sunset in Central Park : by Sarah Morgan - Sunset in Central Park, Sunset in Central Park In the chaos of New York true love can be hard to find even when it s been right under your nose all along Love has never been a priority for garden designer Frankie Cole After witnessing the fallou

  • Title: Sunset in Central Park
  • Author: Sarah Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780373789238
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Book

[PDF] Read ✓ Sunset in Central Park : by Sarah Morgan, Sunset in Central Park, Sarah Morgan, Sunset in Central Park In the chaos of New York true love can be hard to find even when it s been right under your nose all along Love has never been a priority for garden designer Frankie Cole After witnessing the fallout of her parents divorce she s seen the devastation an overload of emotion can cause The only man she feels comfortable with is her friend Matt but that s strictly platonIn the

Sunset in Central Park

[PDF] Read ✓ Sunset in Central Park : by Sarah Morgan [PDF] Read ✓ Sunset in Central Park : by Sarah Morgan - Sunset in Central Park, Sunset in Central Park In the chaos of New York true love can be hard to find even when it s been right under your nose all along Love has never been a priority for garden designer Frankie Cole After witnessing the fallou Sunset in Central Park

  • [PDF] Read ✓ Sunset in Central Park : by Sarah Morgan
    184Sarah Morgan
Sunset in Central Park

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  1. Sarah Morgan is one of the authors that I discovered only recently I started the series From Manhattan with Love by reading book 3, then I went back to book 1 and now I m reading book 2 and book 4 is already waiting on my kindle I m aware that I m mixing this all up DThe first three books are about three friends that started their own concierge business in Manhattan I love the idea I should maybe think about opening one in the Bay Area Lots of people with NO time on their hands.The premise and s [...]

  2. 5 STARS I ve made no secret of the fact that I fell in love with a new author this past summer How would you call binging on 7 books in a row An author crush I think it s a little than that Sarah Morgan and I are than just a fling you know I discovered her after a friend of mine recommended her if I was in a small town romance kind of mood, I had never heard of her before and it s a wonder, truly, since I now know Sarah Morgan has published over 75 books Yes, I ve got some catching up to do, b [...]

  3. 5 It doesn t get any perfect Stars There is just something about Sarah Morgan s writing and characterisations that draws me in as a reader I think we all connect with certain authors, and this is an author that works for me in every way.Being the second full book in the author s From Manhattan With Love series, if you have read the predecessor, as a reader you are already well introduced to Matt Walker and Frankie Cole, this series is based around three women making it in the Big Apple, and as [...]

  4. 3.5 Learning to Trust and Love Stars 1 2This had the friends to lovers theme but was than that You had a woman who had been crippled and held hostage in her decision to never believe in HEA s that love never lasted and people and relationships are doomed to fail this all due to her horrific experience with parents who behaved so poorly A father who cheated and then dumped the mother when the daughter was only 14 The mother who was devastated, mourning for months the death of her marriage leavin [...]

  5. Sarah Morgan is one of my discoveries of the year and everything about her stories, couples and writing works for me Having loved Sleepless in Manhattan and Midnight at Tiffany s, I was excited to dive into Sunset in Central Park, and it doesn t disappoint The best friends older brother trope is one of my absolute favourites and I always appreciate a story paced to create build up between the couple in question And when you have a heroine who isn t a believer in love or happy ever afters, you kn [...]

  6. uuUUuuUghwomen who don t want marriage women who are emotionally damagedI really like this book, but women decide to not to get married for a million other reasons than daddy issues IT S 2016, JESUS Everything about this book screamed cute and fun , to me I never would ve thought it would be so raw and honest, but I enjoyed it overall DEFINITELY some issues in gonna rant about, but Matt was the saving grace and all that AAAAAND, it reminded me so much of queen Lauren Layne s Sex, Love, Stiletto [...]

  7. Sunset in Central Park is the second installment in Sarah Morgan s adult chick lit contemporary romance series titled From Manhattan with Love I have been thoroughly enjoying this series Ms Morgan offers romance, humor, and very likable characters in a New York City setting which I love visualizing Each book features a different heroine hero and this allows the books to be read in any order Sunset in Central Park s heroine bordered a bit on the depressive side for my personal taste hiding under [...]

  8. I really enjoyed this book It s almost like a friend to lovers story but it s so much than that too You have a girl who has never experienced a relationship that worked well, including with her own parents Yet she does have two best girlfriends and the brother of one of those girlfriends, Matt, which makes up her family.Matt, Matt, Matt Sigh He s known Frankie her entire life and has cared for her for years but has never said anything because he realized how fragile she is He is soooo sweet Thi [...]

  9. I disagree A book can give you most things a relationship can It can make you laugh, it can make you cry, it can transport you to different worlds and teach you things You can even take it out to dinner And if it bores you, you can move on Which is pretty much what happens in real life ARC received from NetgalleyRating 3 Trope Friend s brotherChemistry Low boilOne Sentence Summary A relationship phobe falls in love with her best friend s perfect brotherReview For all those longterm fans of Sarah [...]

  10. Romance has the same effect on me as garlic does on vampires Frankie is such a cynic, who doesn t believe that love lasts I loved her and how prickly she was, how loyal she was to her friends and her love of books and coffee made me love her even Anyone who can understand the importance of reading food is someone I would love to know Because of her parents and how their marriage ended when she was fourteen and also her mother s behaviour since then, has made her believe than no relationship, no [...]

  11. Shelving this as brother s best friend even though it s best friend s brother.envenient.It was a sweet story I don t have too many negatives My major problem was the hero Matt was utterly perfect I think he might ve been a protective jackass of his sister in the prior book, but here he makes no mistakes None He even knew how to handle Frankie s reluctance better than her own best friend He shows her great sex the first time He makes her realize she needs to move on from her past, while simultane [...]

  12. 3.5 starsA nice friends to lovers story, where the hero does the chasing and the heroine is deeply damaged by her parent s past.

  13. Originally posted on This Chick Reads Copy provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review You know how mothers love their babies even before they first lay their eyes on them How the moment they found out they are pregnant their whole world changes and they love that little bump with all their heart THAT is exactly how I feel about Sarah Morgan s books Each new book Sarah writes, I know I m gonna love it the minute I hear about it long before actually reading it How is that [...]

  14. I am loving this series so very much and to say that it has propelled Ms Morgan on to my list of favorite authors is very true I enjoyed the previous book because of the fun and flirty romance, but SUNSET IN CENTRAL PARK has stolen my heart because of the emotions the story evokes There is just something about watching people who have been friends for a long time realize that there is between them and try to figure it out that captivates a reader and I think Ms Morgan captures that poignancy ve [...]

  15. InkvotaryWow, what an amazing novel Frankie does incredible creative things, faces her biggest fears and is willing to learn and change And Matt, what a man Patient, sex on two legs or in other words the man of every womans dream Sarah Morgan has captured me again with a heartwarming, breathtaking and romantic novel where you won t find a single kitschy word or scene Her language is sensitive and the way how she describes New York, the Central Park and some other places is absolutely beautiful I [...]

  16. Sunset in Central Park by Sarah Morgan is 2 in the From Manhattan With Love trilogy It is also linked to her Puffin Island series That said you could read it as a stand alone, but like many a book in a series you would lose the richness and nuances of all the characters.I again really enjoyed the story of Frankie and Matt, they ve been friends for years as Frankie has been good friends with his sister Paige since childhood on Puffin Island Matt I suspect has long had an eye for Frankie but she h [...]

  17. Whenever I get my hands on a newly released book by Sarah Morgan, I know I will be in for an enjoyable read I am also a series aholic , and when I need a fix, Sarah is my go to author But no worries, all of her books are stand alones without cliffhangers There is an instant connection I have with her endearing characters and scrumpous storylines The plot line of this From Manhattan With Love series revolves around three best friends, Paige, Frankie and Eva, who each get their HEA s with the most [...]

  18. Das Cover Das Cover gef llt mir sehr gut und passt zum vorherigen Cover Hier erkennt man einen Parkt und auch damit auch Frankies Leidenschaft Im Hintergrund erkennt man die Skyline von New York Das komplette Cover ist in pink, lila und wei aufgebaut.Meine Meinung Ich finde es toll, dass in diesem Buch Frankie, die Protagonistin spielt Sie ist entwickelt sich rasant und man lernt auch die Insel Puffin Island kennen Ich finde es dennoch klasse, das man die Charaktere aus dem ersten Buch hat, die [...]

  19. Don t read my review, just read this brilliantly written novel Whenever I find a new book by Sarah Morgan I can t wait to read it She is a superb emotive writer, with brilliantly portrayed characters, a well developed plot and plenty of twists to keep the reader enthralled This story was no exception I loved it This is the second book in the From Manhattan with Love Trilogy The first one was Sleepless in Manhattan and the final one will be Miracle on 5th Avenue From Manhattan with Love, 3 to be [...]

  20. I love this series It s sweet, romantic and the characters are realistic This story is about Frankie and Matt and if you read the previous book it s like they skate around one another so of course when I found out they would be getting together I had to dive right in Morgan brings two unlikely characters together which I just loved While Matt is all for relationships, Frankie stays away from them because of her parents history When they started to work on the roof top terrace together I was like [...]

  21. Favorite Quotes She s crying like a waterfall after heavy rain I m starting to understand why they call it a bridal shower.She was the female equivalent of a hand grenade, a small curved object designed to cause maximum destruction.I joke about women being difficult to read but Paige is pretty much an open book and as for Eva she s not just an open book, she s an audiobook Everything she feels comes out of her mouth with no filter.She imagined the autopsy report death by sexual frustration.What [...]

  22. Another good love story The first book in this series, Sleepless in Manhattan, introduced us to Paige, Frankie Eve, three best friends since childhood living working in NYC.Sleepless in Manhattan focused on Paige Jake s love story.Sunset in Central Park focuses on Frankie Matt s love story.Frankie s been scarred by her father s abandonment and her mother s subsequent need to have endless and shameless affairs with married much younger men After watching her mother, Frankie knows that relationshi [...]

  23. 4 StarsI loved this book so much Sarah Morgan is such a fantastic writer and this book was perfect Frankie and Matt were a super sweet couple Frankie is dealing with many issues from her childhood, so this book can get heavy at time There is also a domestic abuse story line, that while very upsetting, was very well written.This is fast becoming one of my favorite series.

  24. Lighthearted Funny sexy read with a healthy dose of romance and likable characters with deep emotions and realistic dreams and problems As usual all Sarah Morgan ingredients are there in this book too.Recommended for those who need a breakie from dark serious book and hectic life.

  25. Matt has been very gently and patiently attempting to date Frankie He s been working away at her for years, but she s skittish and generally oblivious to his interest When he needs her horticultural help on a roof garden he s building, he decides it s time to make a move Sunset in Central Park is the second in Morgan s series about three friends finding love in New York New York is once again the magical and amazing place it should be There s general agreement in fiction and non fiction that fin [...]

  26. I received an eARC from the publisher through Netgalley in an exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.I got this book from Netgalley, but why Well first off, look at that cover That s some serious gorgeousness going on While I was swooning over the cover I also read the synopsis and that made me only excited for this book and thank god I got the eARC to review it And guys, this book was definitely worth it.The main character in Sunset In Central Park is Frankie, however, there are [...]

  27. Book provided by the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Yay, book 2 in the Manhattan with Love series I absolutely adored book 1 and fell in love with the characters In this book it s Frankie s and Matt s turn Matt was my favourite in book 1 already the story kicks off where Paige s and Jake s has ended they have great news as well, but let s focus on Matt and Frankie now Frankie is insecure and shy, especially when it comes to love, romance, relationships and sex it s all b [...]

  28. Reading Sarah Morgan s books gives me joy Whether they are set in New York City which I believe is the most romantic place on earth or small coastal island, her stories are full of swoony romance, amazing friendships and brilliant banter, which have never failed to leave me going back to read them again and again.Sunset in Central Park, the second book in her From Manhattan with Love series, is all those things and The minute it hit my device, I thought that I could get away with just reading a [...]

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