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[PDF] Download ☆ Radiant : by Elizabeth Hayley James Patterson [PDF] Download ☆ Radiant : by Elizabeth Hayley James Patterson - Radiant, Radiant He s worth millions but he s worthless without her It s been a month since her traumatic break up with Derick and Siobhan now lives in Detroit where she can support herself and her painting career

  • Title: Radiant
  • Author: Elizabeth Hayley James Patterson
  • ISBN: 9780316276542
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ☆ Radiant : by Elizabeth Hayley James Patterson, Radiant, Elizabeth Hayley James Patterson, Radiant He s worth millions but he s worthless without her It s been a month since her traumatic break up with Derick and Siobhan now lives in Detroit where she can support herself and her painting career But suddenly Derick s back after flying halfway across the country for her And though Siobhan s body comes alive at his touch she doesn t know if she can trust him againHe s worth millions b


[PDF] Download ☆ Radiant : by Elizabeth Hayley James Patterson [PDF] Download ☆ Radiant : by Elizabeth Hayley James Patterson - Radiant, Radiant He s worth millions but he s worthless without her It s been a month since her traumatic break up with Derick and Siobhan now lives in Detroit where she can support herself and her painting career Radiant

  • [PDF] Download ☆ Radiant : by Elizabeth Hayley James Patterson
    394Elizabeth Hayley James Patterson

324 thought on “Radiant

  1. Ok I m done I picked this up because I was curious after how bad the first one was but now I m done I m tapping out I am not passing go I am not collecting 200 dollars Nope Done If I could give 0 stars I would but just isn t as harsh as I am apparently.

  2. Oh Derickhaven t you learned your lesson by now How can someone so intelligent be so clueless Come on man Not willing to accept that things between them are over Derick heads to Detroit to try to win back Siobhan I was glad things seemed to be working out for them, because for all his cluelessness Derick really is a sweetheart But the back and forth with Siobhan did start to wear on me a bit I wasn t sure if I wanted her to stop waffling and just make a decision one way or the other, or for Deri [...]

  3. Title RadiantAuthor Elizabeth HayleyPublisher BookShotsSeries Diamond Trilogy 2Reviewed By Arlena DeanRating FourReview Radiant by Elizabeth HayleyMy View All I can say is that this read had me coming and going and coming and going again Now, why was this I am not sure who I felt sorry for Siobhan Dempsey or Derick Miller In my wildest dreams I a thought that Derick really cared for Siobhan but by the end of this read I simply wasn t sure It was definitely a fact that he had an horrible obsessio [...]

  4. Radiant was another well written, consuming, and utterly mesmerizing read by Elizabeth Hayley This continuation of Siobhan and Derick s story was one that I could not put down, and through every word, and every turn of that page, I was pulled in and to their intense and all feeling love story Told through Elizabeth Hayley s spectacular writing, Radiant was a continuation of everything I fell in love with in the first part of this trilogy With a love story that I couldn t get enough of, and tw [...]

  5. This is the second book of the Diamond Trilogy I loved the first book, Dazzling Unfortunately, I can t say the same for this book The story became how many places can we have sex instead of having an actual plot The plot was sort of there, but buried under gallons of semen The characters went from interesting to flat Everything I liked about the first book was gone from this installment I am really having mixed feelings about whether or not to read book 3.

  6. I m not even sure what I just read Not realizing this was a second book, I checked it out from the library and started listening to it Thinking I just missed the meeting of these 2 and their first up down part of their relationship, I decided to just keep listening This was a sorry excuse for a romance I wish someone would ve told me it was another one of those erotic short stories There was not any substance to the two main characters I never once felt any love between the two.I would have give [...]

  7. Ugh Siobhan is really starting to drive me nuts Derick is as close to perfect as you can find in any man and yet whenever he does something she doesn t like, she throws a colossal fit and dumps him Every.damn.time It s making me crazy I hope in the last book which I ve already ordered , for once she has to fight for him for a change So far, she is bringing nothing but baggage to this relationship.That said, even as mad as I get at Siobhan, she and Derick are smoking hot together which is why I m [...]

  8. The first two books in the Diamond Trilogy have not been my favorite Bookshots thus far While the series has been entertaining, Book 2 was not very original and seemed like a repeat of Book 1, Dazzling This is a love story between billionaire Derek Miller and artist, Siobhan Dempsey I liked the characters but they never seem to learn from their experiences so this was a frustrating read I will definitely read Book 3 to finish the trilogy and hope for a different ending next time.

  9. Honestly I love the story but I can t help but want a full length 300 page version It just seemed too short, which is the point of Bookshots but I still need time for character development I will definitely still finish the trilogy and I do recommend this for ppl who like Sylvia Day and E.L James.

  10. Segunda parte de la trilog a de Diamante, me esta gustando la historia aunque a veces me desespera un poco Siobhan ya que es demasiado orgullosa, se entiende pero tiene que aprender a acpetar que a veces se necesita un poco de ayuda para salir adelante.

  11. I liked the first one better than this one, but this one was good I just wish he would stop trying to help her Book 3 is soon to be started

  12. No comment Worse than the first Basically no story, just sex scenes and one predictable happening at the end

  13. Sandra review Good job Mr james patterson know I have one to read, hopefully she gets him back They make a good couple

  14. Really enjoyed this book It was slightly better than the first Ended on a bloody cliffhanger, but luckily I have the final instalment ready and waiting to read I look forward to seeing how this trilogy concludes

  15. I thought the book was boring and cheesy I love sex scenes in books but not in every chapter I only bought this book for a 1 so I can t really complain that much.

  16. The continuing story of Siobhan Dempsey and Derick Miller, as begun in Dazzling, the first book in this quick read BookShots trilogy Siobhan has broken up with Derick and fled to Detroit where she is beginning to find success with her art Some of her fellow artists are celebrating success in saving an abandoned building on which a beautiful mural has been painted.And then Derick shows up The Cinderella esque beginning to the trilogy and the opening plotline for this continuation, centering on th [...]

  17. Same romance, different dayContinuing the romance of artist Siobhan and billionaire Derrick, it begins with her now in Detroit He tracks her down and they start over Their relationship is just as spicy, just as hot, but can Derrick accept her desire to make it on her own Can he refrain from meddling and throwing his money around to guarantee her success Or will they part company again The second part of the trilogy requires reading the first to truly appreciate this one, but it is possible to en [...]

  18. This was a pretty good read, better than book 1 in the series I still think Derick is kind of a stalker and super needy He just seems to have a lot of time in his hands whereas Siobhan has to work every minute of the day Though her move to Detroit seems to have been a good decision, of course until Derick shows up again I didn t like Derick as much in book 1 but I started to warm up to him in this book, maybe because I got to see of what makes him who he is Still It doesn t explain his obsessio [...]

  19. I was really looking forward to this book after reading the last one This one did not disappoint I liked seeing Siobhan and Derick reconnect after the last book The question is how long will that last I didn t expect what happen to happen I mean you would think people would learn their lessons I cant wait to see how this continues especially after getting a sneak peak of the next book in this one I m curious how that situation came about I listened to the audio book narrated by Kristin Kalbli I [...]

  20. Siobhan Dempsey has moved to Detroit to become the artist she has longed to be without Derick Miller s influence Derick is extremely wealthy and bought all of Siobhan s paintings at a local show thinking this would please her It backfired and she left but Derick loves her and follows her to Detroit Their relationship is on but tenuous until Siobhan sees her paintings in a New York gallery that she finds is owned by Derick Once again, he is interfering in her life.

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