Aug 15, 2022

The Lexical Funk

Free Download The Lexical Funk - by Daniel Clausen Free Download The Lexical Funk - by Daniel Clausen - The Lexical Funk, The Lexical Funk What if What if words could be put into logical structures called sentences What if these sentences could make larger units of meaning called paragraphs What if these paragraphs were naked with whippe

  • Title: The Lexical Funk
  • Author: Daniel Clausen
  • ISBN: 9780557022304
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download The Lexical Funk - by Daniel Clausen, The Lexical Funk, Daniel Clausen, The Lexical Funk What if What if words could be put into logical structures called sentences What if these sentences could make larger units of meaning called paragraphs What if these paragraphs were naked with whipped cream all over them What if you could own this tawdry collection of whipped cream covered structures of meaning based on words for your very own The second book in theWhat if What i

The Lexical Funk

Free Download The Lexical Funk - by Daniel Clausen Free Download The Lexical Funk - by Daniel Clausen - The Lexical Funk, The Lexical Funk What if What if words could be put into logical structures called sentences What if these sentences could make larger units of meaning called paragraphs What if these paragraphs were naked with whippe The Lexical Funk

  • Free Download The Lexical Funk - by Daniel Clausen
    386Daniel Clausen
The Lexical Funk

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  1. This book is so hard to find Wait a minute, it s not You can read it directly on by simply clicking Read Book below the cover You can even download a PDF copy of the book for free The book is only about 50 pages long It has science fiction, humor, experimental literary fiction, and even an excerpt from one of my novels The Ghosts of Nagasaki So, why not give it a try

  2. I ve read a fair few of Daniel Clausen s shorts stories now and you should know that I have written a book with him, so I guess that makes me biased in this review s opinion , and this collection is the cr me de la cr me of Daniel s wordiness, wisdom and wit In this second edition of The Lexical Funk it seems that the author has taken out any below par pieces from whatever was in the first edition, leaving us only with the very best gold nuggets.This book s only forty pages long, but it manages [...]

  3. When I was in college, I used to love wandering the campus bookstore Occasionally, I would pick up some oddball small press release usually poetry by an author I never heard of These books were invariably weird and wouldn t be anything that you d ever find on the shelves of Borders or BN I never really quite figured out if they were self consciously stylistic or truly avant garde Either way, I felt smugly intellectual for reading them The Lexical Funk reminded me of my college days It s an artsy [...]

  4. I traded books with the author on I never really know what to expect when I do this The best one can hope for is to end up with a book that is readable.Lexical Funk A Triumph of Words goes beyond being readable and lands in the realm of entertaining It s a short story collection and the stories vary in style from anecdotal to confession to silly This is probably where my main criticism lies I m a big fan of flash fiction, but some of the stories in this collection seem to serve no purpose at all [...]

  5. Daniel Clausen seems like a really nice guy He s on my friends list He gave me a free copy of The Lexical Funk OK, anyone can get a free copy of his book by pressing that free download button near the top of this page but it is still cool He even thanked me for placing his book on my to read shelf So how do I repay him I keep his book lingering on my Kindle for months and months feeling lonesome and unloved I am not a good friend.So it is time to rectify the situation I have read The Lexical Fun [...]

  6. I ll be short and sweet like this book Lexical Funk is smart Damn smart The kind of smart that thinks of the answer before it knows the question The kind of smart that thinks twice about four things at once The kind of smart that already knows how this sentence is going to end This book was smart enough to make me want to eat its brains Did this book smart A little Applied some bactine and moved on Is this book book smart Or is it street smart Would that be Main Street, Wall Street, or Mean Stre [...]

  7. This is such an EXCELLENT collection of short stories Each one is based on a different theme, but they each demonstrate Daniel Clausen s talent for creativity He definitely thinks outside the box My favorite in this collection was Rich Jacobs Searches for the Meaning of Life, but I thoroughly enjoyed them all and am looking forward to reading his novel, The Ghosts of Nagasaki, next PS I should say that my husband received a preview copy from the author, but that in no way affected this review.

  8. I had difficulty boxing this book into a genre It is part journal, part memoir, part flash fiction collection, part self promotion, and partly an emerging author s experimentation with anything goes I think the best way to describe The Lexical Funk is that it is an early scrapbook of what could become a unique voice in the literary canon in future, the attempts of an emerging writer trying to discover a new form Those who have succeeded in the past are the ones we remember the most Flaubert, Hem [...]

  9. I like being an independently published author One of the benefits is frequently having the opportunity to swap a copy of my book with other small press self published authors Admittedly, there is a lot of self published stuff that is crap poorly written, bad editing, cliched story line, etc But, on the other hand, there are many self published authors who have the talent and inspiration to put some really good material out there The Lexical Funk, thankfully, fits into the latter category.I swap [...]

  10. The Lexical Funk contains a choice selection of entertaining stories Or stories that entertain choicely Or a choice of stories to entertain This brief collection consists of tales that sometimes confound Is there such a thing as joyful cynicism I know there is and it has its own term but who can be bothered to look it up Probably Daniel Clausen on this evidence I m not even sure what I mean I have a fever as I type this and the details of these stories are replaying in a somewhat disjointed fash [...]

  11. Lordy I don t even know how to rate this book It is best described as a collection of short stories and random thoughts by the author.Interesting That would be one way to describe it I can honestly say I have never read anything else quite like it It reads like an acid trip, and I think a lot of twenty something kids in college are going to eat it up.I am not a twenty something kid Sometimes I forget how hard that stage of life is What is love What is the meaning of life Who am I Why is life unf [...]

  12. I really loved this book So many excellent short stories, in such a diverse assortment of genres.Every story is enjoyable, each in its own right, and in my opinion they work so well together, too.Thank you very much, Daniel, for this book

  13. Such a fun read I love how the author played with words and how witty his stories are I would love to read of his short stories It was so refreshing.

  14. When I set out to review Daniel s short story collection, The Lexical Funk, I jotted down first impressions that came to mind Smart Hip Funny Bold Daring Naughty.Think Douglas Adams, David Mitchell, and Jack Kerouac drinking Jack Daniels and telling stories around a campfire Through five unique tales, Daniel manages to take his place near the flames and channel them all Imitation for Beginners is a cyberpunk story of sorts about an android who studies humans so its flesh and blood counterparts c [...]

  15. More than a book, The Lexical Funk is a collection of stories and ideas The stories aren t meant to be stories, really, from what I understand of them They are meant to be points of thought, evoking questions and ideas that we may not have considered before They are so strange that they disrupt us from our everyday and force us to rethink our own lives One story makes us contemplate our humanity as robots strive to perfectly imitate people Another brings to question the meaning of life Each stor [...]

  16. Daniel Clausen plays with words He intersperses short fiction, short short fiction and author observations and statements in such a way that it s occasionally hard to tell what s in character, what s out of character, and what s author as character Although the fourteen page piece about an android may well be the best piece in the book, in some of his ultra shorts he sketches out a whole world in the space of a few lines.As other readers have pointed out, Mr Clausen is a twenty something writing [...]

  17. Clausen s stories are both honest and searching He s at his best in some of the longer pieces in this collection when his ideas and intelligence have room to shine namely Those Who Imitate my personal favorite , A Necrophiliac s Love Story, and Starlight Terror and the Cappuccino Machine The brief Interludes that separate each story veer into meta territory, and while I m not sure they always succeed, it s at least gratifying to see a writer taking risks and pushing boundaries Better than a lot [...]

  18. The only way I can describe this book is intellectually quirky The great thing is that I m a quirky person who is somewhat intelligent I love the set up of the book which makes it easier to read and digest what you ve read Some of it is thought provoking and some of it is drivel but in a good way, a way where you sit up and think, Oh my gosh, there is actually another human being on this Earth who thinks like I do Don t expect a book full of fluffy bunnies and Vikings beating their chests before [...]

  19. Beyond off the wall but each short story held my imagination and made me think.I love a story that makes me think be it a hidden meaning or just plain weird.It was a short read but needed concentration and I mulled on it for a while afterwards.Something unusual to try to get your head around Prepare to be baffled A triumph of words it calls itself my daughter said A trump of words and I wonder if they spilled onto the page with a similar force

  20. Four short stories are in this collection, and each story is really strong Daniel does some very clever stuff with words, never have I ever read a story with so many words beginning with eu made me feel euphoric The first story is my favourite from the collection, I don t think I have read anything from an androids point of view, it was very interesting and reminded of something Philip K Dick would right.Another great collection from Daniel Clausen that has been a joy to read.

  21. An eclectic grab bag of mixed genre shorts including literary, robot sci fi, meta 50s B Grade, and coming of age flash fiction I m tremendously impressed by Daniel Clausen s ability to switch voices from character to character, and I savored the poetic rhythm of his words.I received a complimentary e copy of this book I can t remember if it was in exchange for a honest review or not, but it s getting one anyway.

  22. It s a good funky read, as the title intimates I felt a couple stories missed the mark, but all in all it s a fun way to spend your time I look forward to seeing what Clausen s next book will be.

  23. The thing about this book, this collection of short stories and prose poems, is that it s honest From start to finish, Mr Daniel Clausen writes nothing that he doesn t didn t believe experience before And he writes with lots of literary tricks He plays with words the way a poet does although he claims he is not a poet, this book says otherwise much like Hawksley Workman s collection Hawksley Burns For Isadora Granted, this books speaks to a very specific generation, nay a very specific age range [...]

  24. I received the Lexical Funk by Daniel Clausen, through the Member Giveaway Program here on Library Thing Reviewers are not persuaded or suggested to give a positive or negative review of the books we receive to review, but to write exactly what we think of the book This book was a short version, only 48 pages of short stories I found the stories to be a little different, but with a very high intellectual quality to them that sometimes I just didn t get People with of an open mind would love the [...]

  25. I d like to thank Daniel Clausen for sending me a copy of The Lexical Funk to read and review.This is the first book of short stories I ve reviewed I wasn t quite sure what to expect past the description I almost assumed it would be a less dry version of the British hit Eat, Shoots Leaves I was quite terribly mistaken It was so much enjoyable than that which is saying a lot coming from an English major.Clausen takes the English language, and in this book of short stories ranging in length from [...]

  26. What an eclectic collection of stories Some narratives seemed like they were from the authors point of view, some seemed like they weren t because they just couldn t be an android , and for some, one might just think, What the heck Daniel has a tremendous appreciation for words That will be obvious to any reader from the beginning As one previous reviewer said, not all stories will appeal to all, but surely there is at least one that you will enjoy greatly I LOVED his little comments found among [...]

  27. Daniel Clausen definitely has a winner with his collection of short stories, The Lexical Funk With just the right amount of humor and emotion, these stories examine unique characters and situations that will tickle your funny bone and break your heart all at once Clausen has a frank but intelligent style that gives the stories a conversational feel, as though you re listening to a bar buddy with an English degree tell you about the woes of a friend of a friend, and it s splendid.In addition to t [...]

  28. Free download I think YES Clickity clicky click it It s FREE YEAH I read the little ebook edition of The Lexical Funk a triumph of words Almost 50 pages of pure fun entertainment Then I read the The Lexical Funk a triumph of words or Scribbling, Dribblings, Rants, and Blather By Daniel Clausen the Vain Glorious I mean it starts out with Don t Panic This is just a book Why wouldn t I like it Witty Humorous Quick It s so random SO TRIPPY I love it Daniel Clausen is a short story genius Some storie [...]

  29. I have to say, I haven t come across any book like this before, and it s rather unique to say the least It took me some time to get into it as I felt that the intrusion of the author s voice made me feel distant at times, but when the characters took over it was hard to pull away What an imagination the author has to come with such a collection that at times make you think you re on another planet.It s original and poem in a sense If I had to sum it up in one word it would be Genius There s a lo [...]

  30. Before reading this short story collection, take all your preconceived ideas on what stories should be and toss them right out the window Daniel Clausen plays with words and emotions, as well as his readers expectations and biases Each story needs to be lingered over and wondered about One of the standouts for me is Mr Brown Still Lives There The words have a poetic rhythm With limited words, Clausen paints a vivid picture and tells a story that goes far beyond the beginning and end of this snap [...]

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