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[PDF] Fractured | by ↠ Catherine McKenzie [PDF] Fractured | by ↠ Catherine McKenzie - Fractured, Fractured Julie Prentice and her family move across the country to the idyllic Mount Adams district of Cincinnati hoping to evade the stalker who s been terrorizing them ever since the publication of her bests

  • Title: Fractured
  • Author: Catherine McKenzie
  • ISBN: 9781503937826
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Fractured | by ↠ Catherine McKenzie, Fractured, Catherine McKenzie, Fractured Julie Prentice and her family move across the country to the idyllic Mount Adams district of Cincinnati hoping to evade the stalker who s been terrorizing them ever since the publication of her bestselling novel The Murder Game Since Julie doesn t know anyone in her new town when she meets her neighbor John Dunbar their instant connection brings measured hope for a neJulie Prentice a


[PDF] Fractured | by ↠ Catherine McKenzie [PDF] Fractured | by ↠ Catherine McKenzie - Fractured, Fractured Julie Prentice and her family move across the country to the idyllic Mount Adams district of Cincinnati hoping to evade the stalker who s been terrorizing them ever since the publication of her bests Fractured

  • [PDF] Fractured | by ↠ Catherine McKenzie
    105Catherine McKenzie

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  1. Hi Everyone This is my new book, coming out in October I am so excited for you to read it and hope that you help spread the word about it by adding it to your to read shelf

  2. Well done Catherine I m convinced this is your best book yet I had a fantastic time reading this story the book is written in such an easy, readable manner, yet the story is a complex web of suspense, emotion, and deceit The amount of effort behind such a flawless execution must have been immensely time consuming and brain melting however, anyone who follows McKenzie knows how insanely brilliant and talented she is, resulting in pulling off a book that few could accomplish Fractured is one of th [...]

  3. 4.5 starsEvery time I pick up a new book, I m hoping for an experience like this one The clever plot, the mixed bag of characters and the frantic need for the truth, had me turning the pages at a rapid pace It was exciting Addicting Unputdownable I loved the entire premise of the story Julie, an author that s penned a popular bestseller, relocates with her family to a picturesque neighborhood in Cincinnati Being in her head and seeing her writing process was so interesting to me I always imagine [...]

  4. 4.5 stayed up all night reading stars .5 This is my second stellar book by,Catherine McKenzie, she is fast becoming a favorite This book sucked me in from the very beginning told from dual viewpoints Julie a successful author who moved her family across the country to avoid a stalker and John the husband and father who lives across the street, who might be a little too interested it is also told from different time periods from before the incident and after the incident the incident that changed [...]

  5. Do you live on a street with rules and regulations Pine Street in Cincinnati is run by one woman, Cindy Sutton, and it has become her own private fiefdom with many rules and regulations to follow She constantly sends emails to all the neighbours on a regular basis with some serious guidelines to follow which seem to become outrageous as time goes by There are several other captivating main characters besides quirky Cindy Fearing a stalker from her past, Julie Prentice has recently moved in with [...]

  6. I would not have lasted in this neighborhood for than two weeks As soon as I received that patronizing and bossy welcome wagon letter, I would have been planning to move Julie and her family have moved here to escape a stalker, an ex college acquaintance that has latched on after the success of Julie s first novel, The Murder Game So the drama begins, a control freak block president, a hypersensitive neighbor whose husband has than a passing interesting in Julie and two young people starting t [...]

  7. 4.5 stars for FRACTURED by Catherine McKenzie This was definitely a page turner and extremely hard to put down.The story was told by John and Julie in alternating past and present perspectives before and after the accident Even though the storyline flipped back and forth it was not a difficult read and was easily followed The anticipation and plot building was done very well by the author which had us guessing the mystery throughout the novel I mostly loved all the characters that were introduce [...]

  8. What can I say about this book Yes it was a page turner, Yes I finished it BUT for me this was a bit all over the place in the beginning It was told in 2 points of view John Julie it took me a while to work out what was going on as everything was fractured pardon the pun I didn t like any of the characters, felt like when Julie, Cindy Susan were in the dialogue I felt a cat fight was about to start they all were flawed had too many issues for me it made me think PEOPLE WHY DON T YOU GET A LIFE j [...]

  9. Fractured is a decent page turner Julie Apple is an author who was being stalked by a reader of her first novel She and her family move to a tight knit neighbourhood in Cincinnati where they hope to find some peace and get away from the stalker But the neighbourhood has its own issues, and it turns out to be harder than expected for Julie to shake off her past What makes this one a page turner is the structure The story is told from the alternating points of view of Julie and her neighbour John [...]

  10. First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Catherine McKenzie Lake Union Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book, which allows me to provide you with this review.WHERE IS THE SIXTH STAR OPTION International bestselling author Catherine McKenzie presents readers with a stellar mystery that unfolds in a highly unconventional manner Julie Prentice and her family arrive in a seemingly bucolic community tucked in the corner of Cincinnati, hoping to put their past behind them Hav [...]

  11. They say that if a butterfly flaps its wings in the ian rain forest, it can change the weather half a world away Chaos theory What it means is that everything that happens in this moment is an accumulation of everything that s come before it Every breath Every thought There is no innocent action Some actions end up having the force of a tempest Their impact cannot be missed Others are the blink of an eye Passing by unnoticed Perhaps only God knows which is which All I know today is that you can [...]

  12. Julie Apple Prentice s first novel, THE MURDER GAME, was a smashing success, but is it fact or truly fictionAfter publication, a terrorizing stalker forces the Prentice family to relocate, but OMGOSH take heed some moves can be dangerous, and living in the Pine Street neighborhood will absolutely shock you with its absurd rules and regulations that change moment to moment according to the whims of Crazy Cindy, but entertain you throughout the entire novel FRACTURED is an intriguing mystery thril [...]

  13. Close Neighbors Make Good NeighborsJulie Apple Prentice has written a best selling novel called The Murder Game Things should be wonderful for her and her family right now, but the reality is that Julie has a crazed stalker, one so determined to insert herself into Julie s world that Julie and her family have picked up sticks in Tacoma and fled across the country to lay down roots in the beautiful Eden Park area, set on the slopes of Mount Adams in Cincinnati.On behalf of the Pine Street Neighbo [...]

  14. This book disappointed me I had high hopes while I was reading it I did like the character development even though it was filled with unlikeable characters The plot was good it kept on going to past to present which was confusing and also it had two different people telling the story It didn t take long when I plunged into it that I got a better understanding of what was going on and I started turning the pages and I was so intrigued to find out what was happening only to find a very bad ending [...]

  15. I feel extremely fortunate to have gotten a sneak peek at an early copy of FRACTURED I m a huge Catherine McKenzie fan, and this is without a doubt one of her best books yet McKenzie does a phenomenal job weaving together the stories of Julie a novelist who moves to Cincinnati with her family to escape a troubled past and John a neighbor who befriends Julie after her arrival while creating an aura of conflict, mystery and romance in this story that unfolds in various time frames There are so man [...]

  16. FRACTURED, a mystery and psychological thriller, was my first book by Catherine McKenzie, and it won t be my last This is a captivating mystery with fleshed out characters, even though I didn t like any of the characters.Julie Prentice, a bestselling author and her husband move across the country to the Cincinnati, to avoid a stalker that has been terrifying them since the publication of her bestselling novel, The Murder Game Since Julie doesn t know anyone in her new town, when she meets her ne [...]

  17. Welcome to the Cincinnati version of Desperate Housewives Wisteria Lane Julie, an author who wrote the book, The Murder Game, moves across the country with her husband to Cincinnati to escape the person stalking her since the book s publication She hopes to live quietly under the radar as she works on her next novel Her first inkling that all is not as it seems is when Cindy, the neighborhood organizer i.e the busybody control freak , sends out the welcome letter this is where I would have been [...]

  18. 3.75 starsA bit too many things go wrong for the main protag for me to give this a full 4 star rating, but it s so close I enjoyed the writing style and there was a good message here that hit close to home for me There is a fine line between friendships that can easily be crossed and lead into an emotional relationship These types of relationships are just as harmful, if not , than physical relationships outside of the marriage I think the author did a nice job of portraying just how innocently [...]

  19. Fractured was a fantastic read The author, Catherine McKenzie, gave little away until the very end It certainly held my interest and kept me guessing throughout It fell just just shy of five stars for me because I never felt fully connected to the characters and I was still left with a couple of questions, though the answers weren t necessary to complete the story Overall, Fractured was enjoyable and I would recommend it.

  20. A mystery writer is forced to move her family to Ohio to escape a stalker after she writes a bestseller Something happens in the new neighborhood, but we, the readers, aren t privy to that info The story is told from her perspective along with that of the neighbor across the street, John It s also told from present day and one year before, when her family first moved in It teases you, giving you clues piecemeal It seems this trick of multiple POV and multiple time periods must be the new hot ide [...]

  21. ARC requested through Netgalley, and kindly provided by Lake Union Publishing in exchange for an honest review And i knew we were broken My initial thoughts after reading this book is people can be so cruel Throughout this story, the two main characters, who alternate points of view, blamed the outcome on mistakes that they made but I, as an outsider, formed a different opinion I held the entire community responsible, based on their mob like mentality when it came to a newcomer not fitting into [...]

  22. Man, this one was a thrilling ride to say the least So much ambiguity, the reader is left with so many questions as to what has happened to the characters before these pages With alternating timelines and characters POVs, it all gets very exciting I loved the whole storyline and premise the author is an excellent a storyteller I m not sure, I may be in the minority here, but the ending fell flat for me I can see how it would be appealing, however and I say this time and time again I fall into th [...]

  23. Julie, an author whose first book, The Murder Game , has made her successful but has also attracted some unwelcome attention, relocates to a seemingly picturesque suburb in Cincinnati with her husband Daniel and young twins in order to get a fresh start Unfortunately, she picks an area that takes Neighborhood Watch and community regulations to a whole new level I kept wondering whether such neighborhoods really exist I just could not imagine living in such an environment But anyway, I m digressi [...]

  24. Thanks to NetGalley, Lake Union Publishing and the author for a free electronic ARC of this novel Fractured is the newest novel by author Catherine McKenzie, one of my favourite Canadian writers In this novel, an accident happens on a quiet street in the middle of the day, and it leads all the residents to accuse each other and point fingers, blaming others and themselves The story is not told in order, but in fact it jumps around, from right before the accident, to right after, and back again I [...]

  25. Another story told in alternating chapters from now to 12 months ago with Julie and her neighbour John as the main characters Something shocking has happened but we are kept in total suspense until almost the end of the book before we find out what actually did occur Throughout the book I wondered which if these characters deserved our trust, some are likeable and some not so much Overall an enjoyable read which kept me turning the pages until the end.

  26. I.Loved.This.Book It got me all confused, so I d think I knew who did what, but I was wrong And I really enjoyed that Not knowing the truth until the author gave the right clues.Julie Prentice and her family move across the country to the idyllic Mount Adams district of Cincinnati, hoping to evade the stalker who s been terrorizing them ever since the publication of her bestselling novel, The Murder Game Since Julie doesn t know anyone in her new town, when she meets her neighbor John Dunbar, th [...]

  27. My actual rating is 3.5 stars for this novel I just could not quite stretch to 4 stars and had to really have a bit of a think why Which I will explain in my review I was eager to read this book, I thought it had some real promise to it with the plot and potential to be a stunner Whilst an enjoyable read that was not boring it did lack some pizzaz and key moments that could have elevated it to a 4 5 star read Missed opportunities I would say.An author moves to a new neighbourhood in a new town w [...]

  28. Julie Prentice, with family in tow, has moved from Tacoma, Washington to scenic Mount Adams near Cincinnati, Ohio Julie, author of the bestseller, The Murder Game , is relocating to escape the harassment of stalker Heather Stanhope, a former law school classmate The idyllic new neighborhood is fraught with curiosities Cindy Sutton, self appointed neighborhood watch coordinator, makes and modifies the neighborhood rules and thereby sets off the many events that suddenly unfold.Julie, unnerved by [...]

  29. I would give this an overall 4 First novel that I have read by Catherine and I thoroughly enjoyed it She definitely knows how to catch the audience and kept me engaged the whole time I really enjoyed Julie and John s character and how you saw both viewpoints throughout the entire novel Catherine was pretty clever adding the Heather twist at the end to the overall story I thought I had the ending pinned for sure and man haha I was totally wrong And what I REALLY loved is how Catherine actually pu [...]

  30. While reading this book I felt as if I were holding a stick of dynamite in my hand as I quickly flipped the pages to see what was happening next Hurry, hurry, hurry before the big explosion There is both great plot and character development Julie has written her first book and because of a stalker she, her husband Daniel and six year old twins move to start over and find the peace and happiness they previously had The Pine Street neighborhood could be your worse nightmare Definitely a wild psych [...]

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