Aug 15, 2022

Killing Kate

Free Read Killing Kate - by Alex Lake Free Read Killing Kate - by Alex Lake - Killing Kate, Killing Kate A serial killer is stalking your home town He has a type all his victims look the same And they all look like you Kate returns from a post break up holiday with her girlfriends to news of a serial kil

  • Title: Killing Kate
  • Author: Alex Lake
  • ISBN: 9780008199715
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Killing Kate - by Alex Lake, Killing Kate, Alex Lake, Killing Kate A serial killer is stalking your home town He has a type all his victims look the same And they all look like you Kate returns from a post break up holiday with her girlfriends to news of a serial killer in her home town and his victims all look like her It could of course be a simple coincidence Or maybe not She becomes convinced she is being watched followed even A serial killer

Killing Kate

Free Read Killing Kate - by Alex Lake Free Read Killing Kate - by Alex Lake - Killing Kate, Killing Kate A serial killer is stalking your home town He has a type all his victims look the same And they all look like you Kate returns from a post break up holiday with her girlfriends to news of a serial kil Killing Kate

  • Free Read Killing Kate - by Alex Lake
    205Alex Lake
Killing Kate

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  1. 1 Star Generously Kate is a typical small town girl living in a lonely world She is back from a girls trip to Turkey to get over the end of a 10 year relationship with her high school sweetheart Now that can be tough on a 28 year old let alone add the fact she fits the exact description of the women in her small town being strangled to death at night Call her paranoid I know I did but Kate starts to suspect that she s being watched and perhaps she s the next victim that caught the eye of our ser [...]

  2. Kate hat sich nach vielen Jahren von ihrem Jugendfreund Phil getrennt und genie t nun das Leben Jedenfalls m chte sie das gerne tun, aber in ihrem beschaulichen Wohnort geht ein Serienm rder um Dieser ermordet mit Vorliebe junge Frauen, die Kate erschreckend hnlich sehen Ihr Exfreund scheint au erdem nicht sehr gut mit der Trennung klar zu kommen Gibt es da vielleicht eine Verbindung Bereits zu Beginn des Buches wird jedoch noch eine weitere Storyline angedeutet Kate geh rte mit 3 weiteren Freun [...]

  3. It was a nice surprise to see this for sale on although after all the hype that surrounded After Anna when it was released, Killing Kate has rather crept in the back door without much of a fanfare I thought that After Anna was a decent enough read so after reading a sample chapter of Killing Kate I downloaded the rest and settled down to read.The thing that attracted me most from the sample was the fact it was set locally to me, around the Warrington area and I m always a sucker for a Cheshire b [...]

  4. Kate Armstrong has just broken up with her long time boyfriend Phil and, together with a couple of friends, goes away on a short break to Turkey Her ex is not taking the split well and develops obsessive stalking tendencies, in the misguided idea that Kate will reconsider and they can get back together.In the meantime, Kate realises that she has the freedom to enjoy her new single status and takes full advantage that is, until she returns home and discovers that women who look just like her are [...]

  5. Kate returns from a post break up holiday with her closest friends as news of a serial killer, dubbed the Stockton Heath Strangler, hits in her hometown all the victims look like Kate Reeling from his breakup with Kate, Phil is drinking and blacking out and once he is questioned in the connection to the murders, Kate wonders if the man she had spent ten years of her life with could be a killer.Killing Kate by Alex Lake is a serial killer thriller following Kate Armstrong was my first experience [...]

  6. I was a fan of Alex Lake s After Anna so I was looking forward to reading Killing Kate and once again it was totally addictive I do love a good serial killer thriller and thats kind of what you get here with an added mystery back story and a clever engaging plot.So women are being murdered they all look somewhat like Kate Kate meanwhile is going through a divisive break up and with this on top its a worrying time Alex Lake weaves a fast moving and highly readable story here surrounding Kate s pa [...]

  7. serial killer is stalking your home town.He has a type all his victims look the same.And they all look like you.Kate returns from a post break up holiday with her girlfriends to news of a serial killer in her home town and his victims all look like her.It could, of course, be a simple coincidence.Or maybe not.She becomes convinced she is being watched, followed even Is she next And could her mild mannered ex boyfriend really be a deranged murderer Or is the truth something far sinister What did [...]

  8. Killing Kate has an intriguing premise, and that is about it for the good things I can say about this book In between the direly predictable plot, and the narcissistic irritant of a main character, there was not much left to enjoy I found myself willing the killer to catch up with Killing Kate pun absolutely intended just so I could stop wanting to do it myself I could write page after page about why Kate is a nuisance, but I will spare anyone who is reading that misery I have a sneaking suspici [...]

  9. Kate has just broken up with her high school boyfriend after a 10 year relationship, and all she wants is to have fun, and figure out what she s like as a single woman Unfortunately, recent murders in her hometown have her on edge When she realizes that all of the murdered women look eerily similar to her, she begins to worry.She especially starts to panic when she can t shake the feeling that she s being watched and followed When he ex boyfriend gets dragged into the investigation, she wonders [...]

  10. I received a copy of this book from Edelweiss and the publisher for my honest opinion Action Suspense Character development All included in Killing Kate by Alex Lake This was a five star read by an author that knows how to write the psychological suspense I m a huge fan of Once you figure out what s going on the action doesn t stop there Great read to the last page.

  11. Review by ireadnovels.wordpressHold your breath 1 2 3 Get set go, start reading Killing Kate, but be warned I did just recommend that you hold your breath before reading If you thought that After Anna was a nightmare of a thriller, then I can a sure you all Killing Kate is much frighteningly better Kate, May, Gemma, and Beth were four best friends, from their first days at infant school Kate had finished with her boyfriend Phil It broke Phil s heart that Kate didn t love him any Kate, Gemma and [...]

  12. 3.5 Stars Short chapters just make books so much readable and I must say that they served this book really well Even though the pace was actually pretty slow, the short chapters kept the suspense up and made it so much easier to say just one chapter long after I should ve stopped reading As for the story itself was ok It was kind of a different angle of a serial killer book and I liked that Kate was not a very likable character I preferred the chapters from her ex boyfriend s POV, Phil A littl [...]

  13. First half of the book was really good Unfortunately second half was not so good and quite predictable It was a shame as it could have been a really good book otherwise.Ok book

  14. Kate and her friends were close growing up, and they were a foursome that no one could split up That was until five years ago when something tragic happened to her friend Beth Kate was the only one who could see what was happening with Beth and her new boyfriend Colin but didn t help till it was too late Five years later Kate is re evaluating her life and has just split up from her high school boyfriend Phil and headed to Turkey on holiday with her friends Gemma and May Kate has a one night stan [...]

  15. RATING 2 Good Idea but Very Predictable starsVIEW I received this book from Harper360 in exchange for an honest review.I m not quite sure where to start I feel a bit lackluster about writing this review because, frankly, the book was lackluster So this may just be a very short review.The overall idea is fantastic I mean, of course it is, I wouldn t have picked up the book and read it if the synopsis and overall idea wasn t intriguing A women notice s that a recent serial killer s victims all res [...]

  16. This is a really good thriller by an author I d never read before My only real issue is that I figured out who the killer was way too soon That didn t really take away from the story but it was a little too predictable.I actually purchased After Anna, the author s debut novel, before this one I m eager to start on it after reading Killing Kate.Overall, a nice thriller The main character, Kate, had a few TSTL moments but it was still an entertaining read.Full review can be found at

  17. Loved Killing Kate Its the 2nd book of Alex Lake s ive read and I wasn t disapointed.There s a serial killer on the loose in your area He s only killing females that look like you That s what happened to Kate She was the main character in the book You could feel a real empathy to Kate While this was going on she was going through a messy breakup with Phil He was finding it hard to let her go Following her at night, turning up where she is She then finds out someone has been hacking into her emai [...]

  18. Well this was just awful The author would continually repeat herself just in case we didn t get it the first time I guessed the killer way at the beginning nothing exciting about this book

  19. Couldn t do it.Kate had zero personality, I was waiting for her killing to begin.Come to think of it, none of the characters really had any memorable qualities.Terrible, amateur writing Hokey, inconsequential dialogue Drawn out small talk Unnecessary repetition yes ALL of us readers remember that someone flashed their high beams while driving behind Kate, we don t need a summary of events each time Kate talks to the police Jesus someone please kill her already Kill them all I was cheering for th [...]

  20. Review to come closer to pub date.Quick thoughts I wanted to LOVE this book It had a great plot, but it just never did grab me completely There were some excellent suspects and the reveal of the bad person was quite good Loved the cover Maybe the cover and summary set my expectations too high.All in all worth a read But I doubt I ll ever re read.

  21. I received an ARC from the EDELWEISS RATING Half STARThis is my second suspense novel by Alex Lake and I think I am now finished with Lake I find that his mysteries are too easy to figure out, and there is no suspense in his psychological thrillers I may be in the minority regarding this book as it has a 3.9 rating on It just wasn t my cup of tea.

  22. Predictable and boring I guessed the killer halfway through the book I also disliked the main character and her actions in the epilogue seemed contrived and fake I am surprised at how many 4 and 5 stars this book received.

  23. Was f r ein Buch Was ist mit Beth passiert Das war die erste Frage, die ich mir schon nach der ersten Seite gestellt habe.Gleich darauf lernt man Kate kennen, die sich von ihrem langj hrigen Freund Phil getrennt hat und nun ihr Leben genie en will Also fliegt sie erst einmal in Urlaub, allerdings wird sie dort schon mit der Mordserie in ihrer Heimatstadt konfrontiert, die sich auch nachdem sie wieder zu Hause ist, weiterzieht Das Buch war durchgehend wirklich sowas von spannend, das aufh ren zu [...]

  24. Kate goes on holiday to Turkey with her best girlfriends as a get away after a rough break up with her boyfriend, Phil, who she had been with for 10 years Upon her return, she learns of a killer in her hometown After the second and then third murder, it becomes clear that the girls look eerily like her Phil is acting erratically as he is not taking the break up well at all His obsession with her and the fact that one of the girls he dated after her was one that was murdered does not bode well fo [...]

  25. Killing Kate kept me guessing right up to the end It is an addictive read that as it continued the tension was continually ramped up until we reach a simply stunning climax There is one incredibly creepy killer on the loose in this book, and as various things are finally revealed you realise just what a sick, calculating and twisted mind the author must have to come up with such a character I completely lost track of time while I was reading this and I am looking forward to reading other books b [...]

  26. This was a really good read I gave it four stars for the epic end in the epilogue I wasn t as ready for that as I was for the rest of the story Good job, Alex Lake It s not often that books take me by surprise any.

  27. I give this 10 stars This book was definitely un putdownable Excellent plot with a bit of a shocking end I sort of figured out who the killer was, since I m a big fan of murder mystery stories But I like where the author took it Highly recommended

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