Aug 10, 2022

Wicked Beautiful

☆ Wicked Beautiful ✓ J.T. Geissinger ☆ Wicked Beautiful ✓ J.T. Geissinger - Wicked Beautiful, Wicked Beautiful A ruthless businesswoman and the playboy who dumped her long ago find themselves embroiled in a high stakes game of love lies and revenge Life coach and best selling author Victoria Price has it all

  • Title: Wicked Beautiful
  • Author: J.T. Geissinger
  • ISBN: 9781945340031
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback

☆ Wicked Beautiful ✓ J.T. Geissinger, Wicked Beautiful, J.T. Geissinger, Wicked Beautiful A ruthless businesswoman and the playboy who dumped her long ago find themselves embroiled in a high stakes game of love lies and revenge Life coach and best selling author Victoria Price has it all a successful career fabulous friends a fantastic penthouse in Manhattan What she doesn t have and doesn t want is a husband Fifteen years ago her high school flame brokeA ruthless b

Wicked Beautiful

☆ Wicked Beautiful ✓ J.T. Geissinger ☆ Wicked Beautiful ✓ J.T. Geissinger - Wicked Beautiful, Wicked Beautiful A ruthless businesswoman and the playboy who dumped her long ago find themselves embroiled in a high stakes game of love lies and revenge Life coach and best selling author Victoria Price has it all Wicked Beautiful

  • ☆ Wicked Beautiful ✓ J.T. Geissinger
    395J.T. Geissinger
Wicked Beautiful

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  1. Only forgiveness will set you free Only forgiveness can heal your scars Forgiveness not only for those who ve wronged you but also for yourself Reading this book was a lot of fun We have a strong heroine, who is in the business of hating men and built a whole empire on it She meets our hero 15 years after being dumped by him and she s out to get revenge on him For breaking her heart and vagina Yep, apparently there are icicles in both So anywhoooo the heroine s awesome plan is to have the hero f [...]

  2. Wicked BeautifCurrently free on GO GRAB YOUR COPY wink Payback s a bitch Named Victoria, who written than half a dozen or Bitch books, on this subject 4 stars Are you ready to become a BITCH Meredith Brooks Bitch youtube watch v bv4q4 Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell no fury as a woman scorned William Congreve, The Mourning BridePrologue Once upon a time, I had a heart.It was a nice one, too, big and wide and tender.Then, when I was fifteen, I met a boy my heart loved e [...]

  3. I have a girl crush on JTG Just putting that out there.This book has one of the funniest, fiercest, heroines, ever Oh my gawd Love it.

  4. 3,75 4 The Revenge of Queen B stars Once upon a time, I had a heart.It was a nice one, too, big and wide and tenderThen, when I was fifteen, I met a boy my heart loved even than anythingI believed my heart was safe with him, that a love so pure and good could never be defiled.I was wrong.The boy taught me a lesson, and the lesson was this love is a fairy tale An illusion A lie Love can wither like an apple blossom killed from frost, and so can hearts Mine did Now inside my chest where my heart [...]

  5. 5 stars multiplied by many Best book of second chances Let me tell you that I rarely like a second chance romance because I need either a very good explanation related to the separation in the past or an epic groveling otherwise, I cannot accept the second chance This book had one of these conditions and it was amazingly written that I can t tell you how much I loved this book I will try to express my thoughts and feelings but no review will do it justice, you should read it It is an experience [...]

  6. This book is really fantastic I had a great time reading this It is refreshing, funny, hot, and with an amazing twist I totally did not expect particularly scenes at the end The author practically killed me with that thing But let s start from the beginning Rule 1 Bitches don t carry their own luggage About the plot Victoria Price is a bitch I mean, she made a career on being a bitch She wants to show that a man can be manipulated according to your needs And behind this is really desire to teach [...]

  7. Title Wicked BeautifulSeries StandaloneAuthor J.T GeissingerRelease date , 2015Cliffhanger NoHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler I had mixed emotions when requesting this book on Netgalley This is my second book by this author and while I found a lot to love in the last one I read, it did not end on a high note It was one of those cases where I was completely immersed in the story in the first half and it slowly deteriorated into a disappointing place by the end So why read another, you ask I see [...]

  8. Honestly, has God actually been listening to my prayers when I asked for wonderful, mind blowing, out of the park books Because I think he has THANK YOU LORD My mind cannot wrap around the FACT that this book has made me use a WHOLE box of tissues Spoiler I don t know Wicked Beautiful by J T Geissinger has absolutely knocked my senses to over drive and give me an absolute headache of the goods Meaning that due to the non lack of crying, my mind cannot take with conformity that this book has wrec [...]

  9. 4.25 better than I expected StarsNot gonna lie I was super skeptical of the premise before starting this book 2nd chance romances where the H leaves mousy h to become a manwhore ain t my usual schtick, therefore I avoided this book a long as I could Fortunately for me this book was sitting in my kindle forever and before I could re read the blurb or even remember my fear of the sketchy premise I started reading it and man I was hooked Everything I was fearful of in the beginning unredeemable, sh [...]

  10. V. PARENTAL GUIDANCE ALERT:A Court of Wings and Ruin is NEW ADULT/EROTICA but Goodreads editors won't tell you

    Update Still free on all markets Plus, Gio,my favorite recommendations ninja,likes this one so don t miss your chance FREEBIE ALERT The always wonderful Anesha Curious Obsessive Bookwormtipped me off THIS IS A FREEBIE I don t know wether it s permanently free or just this week, I also don t have safety info.BUT IT S FREE FOR US AUSSIES and also in other stores Get your freebie d ebook Wic

  11. Bitch noun a woman in control of herself, her life, and her destiny, who always gets what she wants I saw my pal Maria was reading this, then I saw that the series is called Wicked Games , which is coincidentally the name of one of my all time most loved songs, and then I decided to head to the iBooks store and impulse buy the ebook without even reading the synposis Luckily, this book does the song justice Don t let the clich cover fool you, this is a total gem of a read.Victoria Price made a fo [...]

  12. This was such a great book From the intense looks ice cold and fiery hot , the dramatics, the angst, the banter, the secrets All of that was wonderful I felt the unnecessary pain of both Parker and Victoria They endured so much loss, hurt and distance because of his dad s bigotry So senseless.This book had all the makings of a 5 star rating, but I felt that the secrets dragged on for too long Victoria Isabel had many opportunities to come clean and didn t This frustrated me because Parker was be [...]

  13. Well, colour me surprised Ladies and gentlemen, do not judge a book by its cover because Wicked Beautiful is not your typical insta love type of romance genre In fact, it s like insta hate Well, for the heroine, Victoria Price, it is, because the male lead, Parker doesn t even recognize her But then when you ve changed your identify and had extensive plastic surgery that will happen Years ago, Victoria was a young Mexican American named Isabel who fell in love with a rich man s son That relatio [...]

  14. If it was only for the hero and heroine s bff Darcy, this book would be a 5 stars But there was a plot story in the middle that wasn t good Not a tiny bit I ve been updating my progress and making notes Pretty much what I wanted to say is there I m just disappointed I didn t like this book as much as my GR friends who recommended it to me did Honestly, the idea of a strong, badass bitchy heroine was just that an idea IMO, her strength was in reality a weakness I understand what she and her famil [...]

  15. 4 churro starsThis was my first audible and i m SUPER glad it worked for me The narrator was amazing and i loved her voice, intonation and ability to change to different accents I m a sucker for second chance romance and this one was pretty amazing I loved the plot and i think it was executed well Isabelle and Parker meet 15 years later after breaking up Having had a massive makeover and nearly unrecognisable, Isabelle manages to snag Parker s attention again, now as Queen Bitch Victoria Price W [...]

  16. Wicked Beautiful was a wonderful surprise What I really enjoyed about this story was the kickass and fierce as hell females Victoria, Darcy and Tabby were so much fun and represented the ladies in a big way Victoria and Parker s story was filled with meddling, heartbreak and most importantly love Their chemistry was undeniable More like blazing hot and they re cat and mouse game was so much fun I had no idea how the Truth would be revealed and how the story would end which only made me enjoy thi [...]

  17. 4 Crackalicious StarsLIES LAUGHTER This is the foundation of this book It kept me guessing from the beginning and I didn t know where it was going to lead me This story continued to surprise me There were moments when I was laughing and then moments that the FEELS hit me in the gut There is a such a mixture of emotion in this book Victoria has made herself into a new person A Bitch She makes her money on empowering women to be strong and confident and tchy Victoria and Parker have a past When me [...]

  18. ARC received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review thank you I have had a hard time wrapping my mind around this one I loved the writing I loved the premise of this book a woman who was wronged in her past getting her revenge I adored parts of the books Others annoyed the heck out of me.But let me say right away, this wasn t a bad read by all means.Our heroine is Victoria, a 30 successful woman who got where she is because she has been holding on to a grudge, which she has been nursing [...]

  19. I loved this and was hooked from the start I found this mixture of revenge hidden identity extremely entertaining It was funny, sexy, and at the same time sad and heartbreaking This will sound contradictory but I found the premise unique but with some predictable moments, that didn t interfere with my enjoyment at all I couldn t read fast enough, and I believe I was holding my breath through the big reveal This author is new to me, and I love the writing style of back and forth POV The secondary [...]

  20. A funny, wicked story There was a little too much lying going around for my taste, but still a good read.

  21. I read the description of this book and thought Oooh a story about a tough as nails, hot, and self proclaimed Queen Bitch who takes names and kicks ass Sounds like a fun and empowering read about the revenge of an ugly duckling turned swan Hells yeah, sign me up Maybe suggest it for book club I don t belong to a book club.That s what I expected from this book And that s certainly what I got And then some.Victoria used to be na ve and innocent She used to believe in love and rainbows until one gu [...]

  22. 4.5 Stars Victoria s heart was shattered when she was a teenager The moment she was deserted, her life became hell Even her family fell apart So she became a successful life coach so that other women wouldn t make the same mistakes she made There s only this girl left, the one made of ice and vengeance When she crosses paths with her old flame, Victoria plans her plot for revenge She s going to take everything from him Hello, little fly Welcome to my web Parker feels something familiar around Vi [...]

  23. I was expecting this book to be a light, funny second chance romance There were funny moments but this book also was a bit heartbreaking Parker destroyed Victoria years ago and when she sees him again, she wants revenge for how much he hurt her Parker doesn t recognize Victoria as the young girl he fell in love with but he can t deny the chemistry he feels when he first sees her These two had some fantastic chemistry and amazing sexual tension The steamy scenes were super hot I really enjoyed th [...]

  24. Loved it I was a huge fan of J.T Geissinger s Paranormal Romance series and haven t really had an opportunity to dive into her other books until now I m so glad I stopped and read this one because as usual J.T had me turning the pages I love second chance romances and this one managed to both touch my heart and entertain with the unique lifestyles that both of these characters had The opening chapters with Victoria Price as a successful Life Coach was very amusing indeed And, there is an element [...]

  25. Sweetheart, if this is hate, I don t want to feel anything else ever again A second chance romance Ah, the mere mention of one makes my spine tingle with excitement, but when in the process of devouring one of these little nuggets of goodness I find myself discovering a phenomenal new author too, I can t help but feel like I ve just hit the mother lode This book, and then subsequently the next one in the series because I immediately had to read them all even though the stories are only slightly [...]

  26. Second Chance RomanceRevenge PlotTough Maneater Life Coach HeroinePlayboy HeroBanterOTT Tension Hate To LoveAwesome Side Characters MysterySteamy Dirty TalkIntense ConnectionHilariousPlot Twist Keep You On Your Toes

  27. 4 1 2 Oh what a tangled web we weave Stars Hate will devour you Anger, no matter how righteous it feels, is a straight, short path to hell J.T Geissinger, Wicked BeautifulAnd forgiveness can set you free This book had me anxious throughout, but in a very good way The blurb perfectly sets the scene for this story of revenge, lies, and miscommunication You hope from the start everything is not as it seems Parker is just too good a guy to have done all the things Victoria accuses him of The hope is [...]

  28. Short review Dual POV Second chance romance Both whores with their bodies, and protective of their hearts Safe Steamy Misplaced revenge and hate Lies Sex Love Expos Resolution Undertones of deeper messages feminism and racial equalityLong review I saw so many reviews stating they wished Victoria let go of her personal vendetta against Parker sooner earlier in the book No Victoria wouldn t let anything go for her emerging feelings, and the woeful advice of others She let go when she had the concr [...]

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