Jun 25, 2022

The ExFactor

Free Read The ExFactor - by Eva Woods Free Read The ExFactor - by Eva Woods - The ExFactor, The ExFactor Is it possible to freecycle love Modern dating is hard especially when all you meet are liars oddballs men who wear Superman pants and men who live with their mums So why not date someone who alrea

  • Title: The ExFactor
  • Author: Eva Woods
  • ISBN: 9781474046800
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read The ExFactor - by Eva Woods, The ExFactor, Eva Woods, The ExFactor Is it possible to freecycle love Modern dating is hard especially when all you meet are liars oddballs men who wear Superman pants and men who live with their mums So why not date someone who already comes pre approved Just because your friend s ex wasn t right for her doesn t mean that he won t be right for you That s Marnie s new plan for herself and her three bestIs it possible

The ExFactor

Free Read The ExFactor - by Eva Woods Free Read The ExFactor - by Eva Woods - The ExFactor, The ExFactor Is it possible to freecycle love Modern dating is hard especially when all you meet are liars oddballs men who wear Superman pants and men who live with their mums So why not date someone who alrea The ExFactor

  • Free Read The ExFactor - by Eva Woods
    500Eva Woods
The ExFactor

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  1. This is a light hearted and witty outlook on modern dating Have you ever fancied your friend s ex I bet you have, even if you are ashamed to admit it It was an unusual outlook on chick lit and it made for good reading The story revolved around four friends, Marnie, Helen, Ani and Rosa Helen and Marnie have been friends since primary school and they met Ani and Rosa at a university It s definitely a laugh out loud, if you were a fan of Bridget Jones you will love this There are however some serio [...]

  2. Originally posted on This Chick Reads Copy provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The Ex Factor is Eva Woods second novel and though I haven t read her debut, The Thirty List, I was very much looking forward to reading this one The beautiful cover and the intriguing blurb were than enough to make me want to read it While I wasn t exactly disappointed in the book, I have to say I was expecting something bit different Marnie, Helen, Rosa and Ani have been friends for [...]

  3. What a different take on a dating fiction, I think this is the first time I ve ever seen a group of friends encourage each other to date their exes, possibly due to all the issues that such a possibly radical idea would bring up The Ex Factor, focuses on a set of four friends, who are all approaching the dating scene from very different angles, there is Rosa who is just in the process of being divorced and barely dated before meeting her husband, Ani who is a lawyer, who is sick of internet dati [...]

  4. It s been a little while since I have read a contemporary romance chick lit book and I have to say that it was really refreshing This book especially was refreshing due to the fact that finding romance is the catalyst for the book and not really the end game Also, the fact that all four female characters are in there 30 s, I found it relatable The two characters I had particular empathy for were Ami and Helen It was nice to read a book where the characters were slightly older that the usual 20 s [...]

  5. I enjoyed reading this book this was very different and I liked that the theme of this book was friendship with just a dash of romance There are a lot of characters whom you have to remember and keep track of the respective stories, it might not interest people who don t like multiple POVs But if you stick with the characters you will find yourself pleasantly surprised There are a lot of twists and turns and you are deliberately made to make some assumptions which are proved wrong over the cours [...]

  6. 3.5 StarsIt s been a while since I read a chick lit romance but I m bored of the usual style of book I ve been reading for the past few years full of sex scenes and an alpha male hero as they now come across as same old, same old , so when I saw this on Netgalley, I decided to give it a go and I m glad I did.It was an enjoyable read and had some witty dialogue The story is about four friends all in their early 30 s who have been unsuccessful in dating and in Rosa s case, marriage Their friend Ma [...]

  7. All reviews can be found on my blog at thewritinggarnet.wordpressTWG would like to thank the lovely Cara from HQStories for squeezing me on this tour and allowing me an ARC The Ex Factor , what a title As soon as I saw the title I thought uh oh , what could possibly go wrong Your best friend dating your ex, well, one of The ex that may have been sent packing by yours truly, yet gets a chance with YOUR best friend Totally not weird at all, waste not want not I may be a cynic, but recycling a sist [...]

  8. Helen, Marnie, Ani and Rosa have been friends for years.Helen hasn t dated for two years, Ani can t seem to get past the first date, Rosa has just been dumped by her husband for a twenty year old intern and Marnie has just returned from South America As they are all single Marnie comes up with the idea of them all setting each other up with one of their exes Project Ex Factor.This book is a lighthearted look at the perils and pitfalls of the dating world and the potential advantages of dating pr [...]

  9. I found this quite a hard book to get into, and in return a difficult one to review Whilst I didn t hate it, I can t say that I especially liked it either It s a light hearted read, with somecomedy moments, and I did chuckle out loud once or twice The concept behind the story was interesting but it did take a while to get into what was going on and who was who I can t say that I felt much connection or liking towards the characters so this made it harder to be invested in the story from my persp [...]

  10. A light hearted look at dating ever fancied your friend s ex Personally I ve never been tempted but have been on a couple of blind dates which shudder were worse Thankfully now 20 years ago but it didn t take long for the memories to come flooding back.Marnie and Helen have been friends since primary school and would do anything really for each other Ani and Rosa met at Uni, and the four have been inseparable ever since Marnie returns from an overseas trip she s been away for 2 years and suggest [...]

  11. This was my first book by Eva Woods I liked it a lot and found the writing and plot really captivating I wanted to keep reading yet had to go back to real life Marine was such an annoying character, it seemed as though she thought the world and everyone around her owed her everything I wish we could of heard the males and if happened that would of been cool too.Thanks goes to net galley and the publishers for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

  12. I loved the fresh, original concept in The Ex Factor Four single women all aware, at least, that dating a friend s ex is against all kinds of girl code get caught up in a somewhat crazy scheme where each friend picks an ex of theirs for their chosen friend to date What ensues is a frantic, whirlwind tale of chaos, drama, friendship, disastrous dates and maybe just a bit of romance Helen, Rosa and Ani are all single but at very different stages in that aspect of their lives Helen is basically mar [...]

  13. Ich habe Gib mir deinen Ex, ich geb dir meinen im Rahmen einer B chertauschrunde gelesen und muss gestehen, dass dieser Roman nicht so ganz das gehalten hat, was ich mir von diesem Roman erhofft hatte Ich hatte mir einen turbulenten Roman rund um verzwickte Liebesgeschichten erhofft Turbulent ist dieser Roman in jedem Fall, jedoch leider so sehr, dass man sp testens in der Mitte des Romans nicht mehr durchblickt, wer grad mit wem anbandelt bzw wer urspr nglich mal zusammenkommen sollte Das minde [...]

  14. Kurz zum InhaltHelen, sie datet seit dem Fiasko vor 2 Jahren nicht mehr nie wieder.Ani erlebt tagt glich die Folgen einer gescheiterten gro en Liebe auf der Arbeit.Rosas Mann hat sie f r ein M dchen verlassen Seitdem ist sie am Boden zerst rt.Und die wilde vor Leben spr hende Marnie ist wieder da Marnie, die vor 2 Jahren spurlos verschwunden ist.Die vier schlie en einen Pakt Jeder besorgt einer anderen einen Mann und zwar muss dieser ein Ex Freund sein.Zitat Als w rde sie langsam leichter werden [...]

  15. The story revolves around a tight knit group of four female friends the one who disappeared for two years without saying goodbye Marnie, the anxious Helen, the recently divorced Rosa and the one with the miserable dating life Ani.While meeting together and discussing their love life or the lack of it and how they are not really optimistic about the whole thing because of the miserable reality of the dating scene So, Marnie comes with a really crazy idea that s just chaos personification Every gi [...]

  16. Ich gebe zu Hier hat mich vor allem der Titel neugierig gemacht, weil ich mir nicht vorstellen kann, mit dem Ex einer Freundin verkuppelt zu werden oder selbst zu verkuppeln Und die Geschichte zeigt auch, dass das nicht unbedingt eine gute Idee von Marnie war.Grunds tzlich dreht sich das Buch um die vier Freundinnen Helen, Rosa, Ani und Marnie, die alle irgendwie kein Gl ck in der Liebe zu haben scheinen Sie sind alle sehr unterschiedlich und trotzdem fiel es mir w hrend des Lesens schwer, alle [...]

  17. This was so funny I loved this book, couldn t put it down Really worth reading I got it as a gift, not something I would normally pick for myself but I really enjoyed it I would recommend this book to everyone.

  18. A fantastic, funny and fresh view on romance Much better than I expected, the quirky characters really make this such a relatable book Love love love.

  19. I was desperate to read Eva Woods story for a long time already, I have her previous novel on my kindle, patiently waiting to be eventually read, so when The Ex Factor whizzed its way to me I quickly started reading it The title had me incredibly intrigued, I love anything about exes, probably because I myself don t have too many of them and am feeling a little inexperienced in that matter Nah, but altogether, the book had such a great vibe and I was really excited to start it.I loved the idea o [...]

  20. 3.5 stars.I have to admit to being a bit of a sucker when it comes to books about dating I m obviously a romantic at heart as I love stories about internet dating, blind dates and other weird and wacky schemes to find your perfect match It s safe to say I ve read a lot of them but this one was definitely something a bit unique as rather than the usual ways to meet someone a group of four friends agree to date each other s exes This makes for a fun and lighthearted read as the experiment has some [...]

  21. I really enjoyed this book, it was unusual Marnie and Helen have been friends since primary school, they met up with Ani and Rosa at university and all have been close friends ever since, and all are around 30 For various reasons they have all been unlucky in love Ani, a solicitor, seems to scare men off, Rosa is married but her husband has left her for a twenty year old They both work for a newspaper, so she sees him every day which Rosa finds very upsetting Helen is suffering from unrequited l [...]

  22. Fast rising women s fiction star Eva Woods has done it again After her sensational debut published last year, The Thirty List, Eva is back with a sassy, hilarious and addictive novel you will not be able to resist The Ex Factor The dating scene is a jungle full of liars, weirdos and oddballs who still have a penchant for superheroes and live with their mother and nobody knows this better than Marnie, Helen, Rosa and Ani The four friends have had their fair share of entangled attachments, romanti [...]

  23. Can I just start this review off by saying that for me the real star of this book was Karl Absolutely hands down, no contest at all Woods had his character down to a fine art The introvert with a sideline of extroverted geekiness.The premise or the free cycling your ex concept is the kind of idea you tend to read in a fashion or women s magazine Is it feasible Realistically I don t think so, because there will always be feelings of some kind attached to an ex Handing them over to a girlfriend wi [...]

  24. I started reading this during the final two days of my trip in Berlin And I didn t stop I was glued to my kindle and didn t really take any notice of what was going on around me The usual sweat faced and back aching, return journey was a dream Eva Woods aka crime author Claire McGowan writing is swift, twisty and enticing Its a hilarious account of four thirty somethings dating life in London It got me grinning like a loon on holiday, and even so when my brother thought I was reading A History [...]

  25. This review originally appeared on BrizzleLass.After two years away Marnie has returned to London, she is always the life and soul and her friends welcome her back knowing she will embrace life and bring an air of excitement to their lives which have been devolving into boredom and sadness.Helen has lost a lot of weight but has also become filled with anxiety and barely leaves home, especially as she managed to find a job working from home She s never had a boyfriend and has spent years pining o [...]

  26. I don t quite know where to start with this one A story primarily about a group of four friends and their love life or lack of possibly would be relevant I was intrigued by the concept of sharing an ex in some ways I guess it could work depending on the friendship Anyway I digress the internet dating attracted me and I could envisage a basis for a tale.Once I got used to the writing style and gathered who was who, it made for a very light entertaining read There were the inevitable fall outs, e [...]

  27. Circa 1996 2003 I read a lot of so called chick lit A lot Jill Mansell, Fiona Walker,Jenny Colgan et al should be thanking me for a considerable portion of their royalties But at some point I became very disillusioned with the genre and suddenly was reading books with serial killers and psychos galore No there wasn t a bad break up I just became suddenly bloodthirsty So when I saw this on Netgalley I think my attention was caught by the title than anything I wasn t sure but I fancied something [...]

  28. A fun story about a group of four female friends who decide to try and pair each other up with one of their exes Naturally things don t go to plan and there are misunderstandings and fall outs along the way that keep things interesting It s an entertaining, lighthearted read but a bit too cliched for my liking the large girl who only starts to get noticed when she loses weight for example The Comicon scene was embarrassingly bad , how many preconceptions and stereotypes can you fit into one chap [...]

  29. Copy from NetGalley in return for an honest review Gave this 15 percent but it wasn t working for me so I skipped to the end There s nothing wrong with it, just as it turns out it wasn t for me.

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