Jun 26, 2022

Georgia Rules

[PDF] Read á Georgia Rules : by Nanci Turner Steveson [PDF] Read á Georgia Rules : by Nanci Turner Steveson - Georgia Rules, Georgia Rules Perfect for fans of One for the Murphys and The Penderwicks this poignant and moving middle grade novel tells the story of a girl who moves to a new town and meets an unforgettable family one that wi

  • Title: Georgia Rules
  • Author: Nanci Turner Steveson
  • ISBN: 9780062374592
  • Page: 356
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Read á Georgia Rules : by Nanci Turner Steveson, Georgia Rules, Nanci Turner Steveson, Georgia Rules Perfect for fans of One for the Murphys and The Penderwicks this poignant and moving middle grade novel tells the story of a girl who moves to a new town and meets an unforgettable family one that will change her and her mother s lives forever Magnolia Grace never wanted to leave Georgia She never wanted to move with her mama to the farm her daddy owned before he died BPerfect for f

Georgia Rules

[PDF] Read á Georgia Rules : by Nanci Turner Steveson [PDF] Read á Georgia Rules : by Nanci Turner Steveson - Georgia Rules, Georgia Rules Perfect for fans of One for the Murphys and The Penderwicks this poignant and moving middle grade novel tells the story of a girl who moves to a new town and meets an unforgettable family one that wi Georgia Rules

  • [PDF] Read á Georgia Rules : by Nanci Turner Steveson
    356Nanci Turner Steveson
Georgia Rules

355 thought on “Georgia Rules

  1. LOVE THIS BOOK Really, everything about it The characters are so real, so funny, each one with distinct personalities, all so touching, I feel as though I know them personally There are some seriously funny moments, many surprises, gorgeous settings, and very real, contemporary problems Magnolia Grace Maggie and her Mama move from a country club type lifestyle in Atlanta to a rural farm in Vermont after Maggie s daddy dies and leaves her his farm Mama wants to sell it, but they have to live ther [...]

  2. I was sucked in immediately by Maggie s voice, and wanted to stay forever in the beautiful Vermont town where she hopes to find a fresh start Young readers will connect easily with the lovingly drawn and diverse cast of kids in this unforgettable story.

  3. I can t remember the last time I read a book cover to cover in one day What a way to kick off summer vacation I loved how Magnolia Grace came into her own by finding and accepting the love of the people surrounding her A compelling read

  4. A tender, lovely book about understanding your parents, finding yourself in a new place, and making new friends Steveson excels at crafting adult protagonists that jump off the page that mother , almost demanding their own stories, as well as keenly capturing the inner conflicts of the middle school set I felt completely transported to this charming rural Vermont town.

  5. Loved this story For those who love heartprint books, you ll want to make sure this is on your list

  6. This book made my heart happy This is an amazing story about discovering who you really are and where you belong The main character, Magnolia Grace, and her mother are forced to move from their home in busy Atlanta, to a small town in Vermont Magnolia, Maggie, finds out that her father left her his thousand acre farm when he died, tragically, a few months before Per her father s will, Maggie and her mother have to live at the farm for a year before they are allowed to sell it Very quickly Maggie [...]

  7. Georgia Rules is a heartfelt story about family, loss the power to preserve Maggie is caught between her old Georgia Rules and her new life in Vermont where everything is different Finding out who she is where she came from is at the heart of this beautiful story Nanci Turner Stevenson has created characters that leap off the page right into readers hearts Loved this story the hope it brings into the world.

  8. I loved this sweet coming of age story After her father s sudden death in a car accident, Maggie inherits his farm in Vermont, on the stipulation that she must live there for a year before she can sell it Maggie and her newly divorced mother move to Vermont where Maggie struggles to fit in The Parker family, a ragtag mix of kids and their two Moms who definitely don t follow the Georgia rules that Maggie is familiar with, help her adjust and she begins to learn just how much she doesn t know abo [...]

  9. You were told to not judge a book by its cover that universal platitude, true in its lesson to not judge people by appearances, does not always apply any in the world of new literature Cover art is everything and in this case a cover can lead a reader to a remarkable find For an author, choosing the image that represents a story s face is complicated and nuanced and very,very subjective I compare watching my artist sister unveil my Jeremy from my as of yet unpublished novel Jubilee to those earl [...]

  10. Magnolia Grace will steal your heart as she navigates through many changes in her life After losing the father she hadn t seen in years and inheriting a large farm in Vermont, Maggie and her mother newly divorced move to fulfill their one year residence as stipulated by her father s will Readers will love getting glimpses into not only Maggie s family, but also the Parker s blended family Readers will struggle at times trying to understand Maggie s mom, but they ll see her come through in big wa [...]

  11. I really enjoyed this gentle, warmhearted story with its imperfect but goodhearted characters, their journeys through some very difficult situations and eventual triumphs over them, and even a bit of ongoing mystery that is tastefully revealed at the end to pack both a wallop and huge dose of understanding and compassion I can honestly say I didn t see it coming, but when it came it fit so perfectly that everything suddenly made sense It s a good reminder that things, and people, aren t always w [...]

  12. Georgia Rules is the second novel from Nanci Turner Stevenson and if you loved her first book Swing Sideways, you re going to love her this one as well Nanci s writing transports you to a beautiful scene in Vermont where Maggie has just moved after the unexpected death of her father who left her his farm Georgia Rules tells the story of a girl who is discovering the type of man her father was while also trying to understand who she is The friendship and family Maggie creates in Vermont along wit [...]

  13. An advance reading copy was given to me in exchange for an honest review You will fall in love with this story Magnolia Grace Maggie moves from Georgia to Vermont with her mother the summer after her father, who she barely knew, dies in an accident They live on his farm and Maggie begins to unravel some of the mysteries of who her father was, while getting to know the quirky rural town in which he lived Everyone seems to know about her father than she does, including the Parker family, a lively [...]

  14. An advanced copy of this middle grade novel was shared with my BookReads Twitter group, and I m so excited that I finally had my turn to read it I loved this book, because it creates such a beautiful portrait of what a family really is, and all the wonderful things that it can be And I love that the definition doesn t stop with the last page of the story, but it leaves it clear that the love of a family has no limits The book shares with readers an inclusive and expansive notion of family and be [...]

  15. Behind on reviewsis week I finished these two great books set in VT _ _ _ _ _ for GEORGIA RULES by nanciturnersteveson is about a girl named Maggie who moves to VT from Georgia with her mother after her reclusive, artist father dies and leaves the house to her She befriends an eclectic family with two moms, adoptive and foster kids and a pony named Sassy Pants In her year there, she discovers that VT is the perfect place for her, but can she convince her southern mom I don t love the cover, but [...]

  16. You know a book is good when it makes you laugh and cry And truly understand the mind of a 12 yr old girl Magnolia Grace Maggie never really knew her artist father, as she grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, but she gets an earful when Mama abruptly moves her to her dad s farm in Vermont It s only been five years since he died in a an accident, but everyone speaks of him with reverence and awe The unusual Parker family helps Maggie deal with her grief and her stormy relationship with her Southern Belle [...]

  17. Read this book in a day and it is definitely a heartprint book for me.This is a story about love, family, loss, and finding that your home is where your heart feels at peace Magnolia Grace, also called Maggie, moves from Georgia to Vermont, when her mostly absent father dies and leaves her his family farm As part of the will, Maggie and her mother must live there for one year before being allowed to sell it With the intent of fulfilling the expectations of the will and moving on after the year i [...]

  18. A girl from Georgia moves to Vermont to live on her deceased Dad s farm with the understanding that her mom will sell it after a year I expected this to be the typical fish out of water story about a girl not liking a new place and dealing with her less than stellar parent But turns out Georgia LOVES Vermont right off the bat And her mom, while not very sympathetic or mature, turns out to have good reasons for some of the big choices she made and is a pretty impressive person in her own quirky w [...]

  19. I enjoyed this book The writing s smooth, the story warm I admit that some of the characters blurred together for me, probably because they were introduced at the same time The mother s character is really interesting and complex, sometimes unpredictable but in a believable way I think some of Maggie s resurfacing memories are too clear and specific, considering she d totally forgotten them for so long but it enhanced the sort of ghost relationship between her and her daddy I liked the setting a [...]

  20. Although not very exciting or intriguing, this is a sweet story about a girl who learns about her late father, her eccentric mother, and in turn about herself The characters are colorful with the exception of the protagonist who I just couldn t get a grasp of who she is and I never really related to her Though the descriptions of the landscape grew to irritate me, I did end up enjoying this book and I think the ending has a lot to do with that change of heart I do think the author is a little ou [...]

  21. Magnolia Maggie Grace s mother is divorcing.n Her stepfather left them for another man and now they are leaving Georgia to live on the farm in Vermont that Maggie s real father left for her after he was tragically killed Devastated to leave, she soon finds out what it means to be home and what it means to be a family Slowly she discovers the father she never got to know and the mother waiting to break free from Georgia Rules I found myself sucked right into this charming story and the rich chara [...]

  22. Mama s needs were always requiring my sensitivity I grew up understanding that her needs were first and foremost in our lives Magnolia Grace Austin Maggie doesn t remember much about her father, Johnny Austin After Johnny and her mama separated, he lived in Vermont and Maggie lived in Georgia Mama got remarried to Peter and Daddy rarely came to visit Mama never wanted to answer any questions about her daddy, either It was just something that Maggie knew not to bring up But all that is about to c [...]

  23. I couldn t stop reading Every second I was hoping and praying for such a positive outcome for Maggie This is a beautiful story of family, love, understanding, and grief Perfect for all middle grade readers Keep some tissues handy.

  24. Judging from the other reviews, I seem to be in the minority that I did not love this book I really enjoyed the book until last part It got much too sappy for me The character of Mama also did not ring true for me She was 33 years old, but to me she came across as someone much older.

  25. This is a bittersweet story that I read on vacation while in Vermont, where most of the book is set I loved the storyline, but felt it ended too soon and the main conflict between mother and daughter was resolved too easily.

  26. A lovely book about making family and discovering yourself, so really touching moments and engaging characters.

  27. Read in one sitting A heartprintbook that will leave you thinking about Maggie, the Parkers and the impact of family friendships I recommend not reading in public, there will be tears.

  28. Wow, beautiful story about a girl who moves to Vermont after her father s death She learns so much while she is there Some fun accents to read.

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