Jun 27, 2022

A Necessary Evil

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ A Necessary Evil : by AbirMukherjee [PDF] Unlimited ✓ A Necessary Evil : by AbirMukherjee - A Necessary Evil, A Necessary Evil India Captain Wyndham and Sergeant Banerjee of the Calcutta Police Force investigate the dramatic assassination of a Maharajah s son The fabulously wealthy kingdom of Sambalpore is home to tiger

  • Title: A Necessary Evil
  • Author: AbirMukherjee
  • ISBN: 9781911215127
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ A Necessary Evil : by AbirMukherjee, A Necessary Evil, AbirMukherjee, A Necessary Evil India Captain Wyndham and Sergeant Banerjee of the Calcutta Police Force investigate the dramatic assassination of a Maharajah s son The fabulously wealthy kingdom of Sambalpore is home to tigers elephants diamond mines and the beautiful Palace of the Sun But when the heir to the throne is assassinated in the presence of Captain Sam Wyndham and Sergeant SurrendeIndia

A Necessary Evil

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ A Necessary Evil : by AbirMukherjee [PDF] Unlimited ✓ A Necessary Evil : by AbirMukherjee - A Necessary Evil, A Necessary Evil India Captain Wyndham and Sergeant Banerjee of the Calcutta Police Force investigate the dramatic assassination of a Maharajah s son The fabulously wealthy kingdom of Sambalpore is home to tiger A Necessary Evil

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ A Necessary Evil : by AbirMukherjee
A Necessary Evil

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  1. Really really good, and wonderful book Full of atmosphere of of the 1920s India, story tells of a British gentleman and policeman in India I enjoyed the first book, enjoyed this second one equally as much Wow what a read Loved it Thus, five stars Can t wait for the next one Highly recommended Read this series Here s the story this is the second book about Captain Sam Wyndham I can really recommend the first book, A rising man see my review A necessary Evil India 1920 The fabulously wealthy kingd [...]

  2. 4.5 Stars This one shines Prince Adhir of of Sambalpore has been assassinated and Captain Wyndham and Sergeant Banerjee of the Calcutta Police were in the prince s car with him when it happened In spite of their best efforts, the assassin escapes and the chase begins Who would have wanted the highly intelligent, forward thinking heir of the Maharaja eliminated Was it political, personal or religiously motivated Is someone hoping to gain control of the enormous riches of Sambalpore A Necessary Ev [...]

  3. An excellent detective novel, streets ahead of the first, which was damn good itself The writing is stellar, the atmosphere and setting of the last days of the Raj vividly depicted, and I totally did not get anywhere near guessing whodunnit, which is pretty rare for me One of the great features of this series is the narrator Sam Wyndham, a war traumatised policeman with an opium habit Wyndham is a white man of his time and the author doesn t spare us that he is by most lights progressive but we [...]

  4. Some books you savour long after you have read them because of the way they connect with you For me last year s breakout crime hit A Rising Man was one of those books I love India based fiction, and in this, the second in the series, Mukherjee once again evokes 1920s India in all its humid glory This time his protagonist Captain Sam Wyndham is on the trail of the murderer of an Indian prince Mukherjee uses the plot as a means of taking us back to the time of the nawabs, showing us the excesses, [...]

  5. Royal shenanigansWhen the son and heir of the Maharaja of Sambalpore is assassinated in front of him, Calcutta police captain Sam Wyndham quickly manages to catch the assassin, but unfortunately the man dies before he can be questioned Although the authorities and even the Maharaja are willing to let the matter rest as the work of a fanatic, Sam isn t so sure, so he manages to get himself and his sergeant, Surrender not Bannerjee, invited to the prince s funeral so he can do a bit of investigati [...]

  6. Sam Wyndham and Surrender Not Banerjee are back For the readers of A Rising Man this will be enough for you to know that this is a must read book The rest of you need to discover the joy that is Abir Mukherjee s writing It is a discovery that is worth making.The story begins with the assassination of the Yuvraj, Crown Prince Adhir Singh Sai, heir to the princely state of Sambalpore at the start of the festival of the Lord Jagannath This is the festival that gave English the word juggernaut becau [...]

  7. As in the first book, the location is the star here We don t spend as much time in Calcutta this go around but into the kingdom of Sambalpore, where the British do not have jurisdiction It s been about a year since A Rising Man Sam and Surrender not are still living together, Sam is still smitten with Annie who is rightly having none of this or is at very least playing coy , and our boys witness an assassination Of the Maharaja s son, who was pushing reforms They end up investigation anyway even [...]

  8. The assassination of an Indian prince sends Captain Sam Wyndham and his second Sergeant Banerjee known as Surrender Not to his associates to the wealthy kingdom of Sambalpore, which they discover to be seething with plots and a multitude of suspects.This is the second in the series featuring the team and set in 1920s India as the Raj is declining in power and facing the upsurge in nationalism that will lead to its fall Wyndham, a broken veteran of the Great War and mourning the death of his youn [...]

  9. Following the inclusion of Abir Mukherjee s debut A Rising Man in my Top 5 of 2016, obviously I was as keen as mustard to read A Necessary Evil, the next in the series This time our indomitable duo of Englishman Captain Sam Wyndham, and his right hand man Sergeant Surrender not Banerjee of the Calcutta police are transported from their usual locale to the opulent kingdom of Sambalpore, following the assassination of its crowned prince And be sure that there is trickery afoot Instantly, I was dr [...]

  10. It was good to meet up with Wyndham and Banerjee again This time it s the murder of a Maharaja s eldest son that has the two frantically searching for his killer before they have to return to Calcutta It s a great mystery, love the characters and the venue.

  11. Thank you Netgalley and Pegasus Books for the eARC.A wonderful book I spent my last 3 highschool years in Mumbai and am always eager to read books set in India This one is so atmospheric, you can practically feel the humidity and inhale the smells described.Police Captain Sam Wyndham, formerly of Scotland Yard, now working in Calcutta, and his Sergeant, Surrender not Banerjee are driving the Crown Prince of Sambalpore when an assassin shoots and kills the Crown Prince Not able to catch the perpe [...]

  12. Abir Mukherjee sets out to write something slightly profound than your regular paperback thriller What he comes up with is an above average crime novel with some feeble attempts at atmospherics Sam Wyndham could have been an interesting protagonist if his creator had spent some pages telling us a bit about him Not everyone may have read your first book, Abir His underling Surrender not fares a bit better in terms of character depth All the sundry Indian characters are mere cutouts What then sa [...]

  13. Oh my days, this one has left me with such a huge BookHangover It was a novel that consistently engaged my interest and ticked all the boxes, of my favourite themes in the historical fiction genre I am now left with the lonely, possibly lengthy wait for the next in this fabulous series dabs tears with tissue The novel is set in 1920 India with Captain Wyndham and his faithful police partner Sgt surrender not, hot on the heels of another complex case Surrender not is requested to visit the Crown [...]

  14. British crime novelist Abir Mukherjee has published his second mystery, A Necessary Evil It follows his first book in the series, A Rising Man , and features Captain Sam Wyndham and his aide, Sargent Surrender not Banerjee The books are set in 1920 Calcutta now Kolkata , where Wyndham a former officer at Scotland Yard has moved to for a change after his war time service and the death of his wife Mukherjee gives the reader a fascinating look at the post Great War years in the waning years of the [...]

  15. I would like to cut a 3.5 star rather than the highest remark, as the theme could grow lavishly if Mr Mukherjee would have infused historical facts in the body of the noir rather than marking lightly just in the epilogue This is a fine crime novel of the early 20th century, plotted on the background of a native royal family A british captain,former scotland yard detective and a WW1 warrior, plays the lead role assisted with a Bengali sergeant I noticed mild aversion towards the British by the [...]

  16. Not much time has elapsed since the first book of this series In the background is the unrest generated by the Indian independence movement To assuage the growing clamour for Home Rule, the British government in India has come up with the idea of an Indian House of Lords called the Chamber of Princes All the native princes are being invited to join, and it is important that the wealthiest did so The Maharajah of Sambalpore, even though the state is amongst the smallest, is billed as among the we [...]

  17. Calcutta, 1920.India is going trough an agitated period.The Congress Party is having and supporters and even non followers believe that the British Rule is past its use by date In these confusing times Prince Adhir,crown Prince of Sambalpore is murdered after an official ceremony with the Viceroy Soon after this,the killer takes his own life Captain Wyndham and his Indian sergeant Surendranath a Harrow and Cambridge man no less and a friend of the murdered prince find that all tracks lead to S [...]

  18. A very good follow up to A Rising Man, though I think I liked Rising Man a little better maybe for the newness to me of the Calcutta setting Most of Necessary Evil takes place distant from Calcutta, though still very interesting to see the interplay of British Native people customs there Wyndham Surrender not still make for a great duo, and something I think the author does really well is put us in the detective s shoes I was never quite sure if the character of Arora could be trusted or not I l [...]

  19. The second book starts, like the first, in Calcutta and at first seemed a bit dull, but the action soon takes Sam and Surrender not to one of the princely kingdoms , the fictional Sambalpore The luxurious world of the maharahja, the maharanis and concubines in the zenana were enough of a contrast to the first book to keep my interest in the murder investigation A reasonably entertaining read.

  20. Wonderful Thank you Netgalley and Pegasus Books for the eARC.I loved this book, set in India in the 1920 s a country I was lucky enough to live in for 3 years , with wonderful atmospheric descriptions that make you feel like you re there.I hadn t read the previous book I will remedy that shortly , but enjoyed it immensely as a standalone.Can t wait for the next in the series

  21. A Rising Man was a witty, historically interesting and exciting thriller last year and A Necessary Evil is a decent sequel that can never match the freshness of its predecessor It is still exciting though, and contains one truly horrific scene with elephants, that will linger in the mine for some time.

  22. Stylish, witty sequel to A Rising Man, this novel is even better than the predecessor Sam Wyndham and his partner in crime solving, Surrender Not Bannerjee, are despatched to the provinces to help solve the assassination of a crown prince Clever plotting, the rich atmospheric setting and Mukherjee s trademark dry humour make this a must read

  23. Following on from The Rising Man I found this book better than the first The writing brings the era to life I can really engage with the main characters It was an intriguing plot and was fast paced Gets a thumbs up

  24. Characters have developed from the first novel As a side line, interesting study in the casual racism of British imperialism.

  25. This is both a great slice of history but also an intriguing story with lots of twists and good characters I like this author a lot

  26. Wonderfully atmospheric, full of humor and an intricate plot with twists and turns Even better than the first one, already hoping for a third installment

  27. A solid followup to his excellent debut novel, instilling confidence that Mukherjee can take this series much further.

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