Jun 27, 2022

Local Girl Missing

Local Girl Missing Best Download || [Claire Douglas] Local Girl Missing Best Download || [Claire Douglas] - Local Girl Missing, Local Girl Missing The old Victorian pier was once a thing of beauty It s also where twenty one year old Sophie Collier vanished eighteen years ago Francesca has spent the last twenty years haunted by the disappearance

  • Title: Local Girl Missing
  • Author: Claire Douglas
  • ISBN: 9781405926393
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback

Local Girl Missing Best Download || [Claire Douglas], Local Girl Missing, Claire Douglas, Local Girl Missing The old Victorian pier was once a thing of beauty It s also where twenty one year old Sophie Collier vanished eighteen years ago Francesca has spent the last twenty years haunted by the disappearance of her best friend But when she receives a phone call from Sophie s brother saying that a body has been found she knows she can t keep hiding from what happened With her oThe old V

Local Girl Missing

Local Girl Missing Best Download || [Claire Douglas] Local Girl Missing Best Download || [Claire Douglas] - Local Girl Missing, Local Girl Missing The old Victorian pier was once a thing of beauty It s also where twenty one year old Sophie Collier vanished eighteen years ago Francesca has spent the last twenty years haunted by the disappearance Local Girl Missing

  • Local Girl Missing Best Download || [Claire Douglas]
    129Claire Douglas
Local Girl Missing

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  1. I bought Local Girl Missing in Tesco for 2 when you purchased a daily newspaper and I have to say it was an excellent deal I d heard a lot about this book from online book clubs and was really looking forward to reading it It s atmospheric, dark and at times spooky and perfect for a lazy Sunday read or a sunny afternoon in the garden.The story is told in the first person alternating between two best friends Francesca in the present time and the missing girl Sophie back in 1997 relating both of t [...]

  2. Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas is a 2017 Harper publication Eerie and tense Sophie and Frankie were best friends during their teenage years, until romantic entanglements came between them, but they eventually reconciled, and were trying to resume their friendship, but, one night, Sophie disappeared from the old Victorian, Oldcliffe on the Sea , pier Her body was never recovered Until now When Frankie gets the call from Sophie s brother, Daniel, that his sister s remains have been found, he [...]

  3. About Local Girl Missing is a psychological thriller written by Claire Douglas It will be published on 7 4 17 by Harper Paperbacks, an imprint of Harper Collins, 352 pages The genres are fiction, psychological thriller, suspense, and mystery.My Experience I started reading Local Girl Missing on 5 30 17 and finished it on 6 5 17 This book is the best mystery I have read so far I love everything about it This book is so good that often I could not tear my eyes away The story is very fascinating an [...]

  4. Francesca Howe is a wealthy businesswoman when we first meet her She lives in a nice house, in London, and helps run her parents hotel business She is also in a rather dead end relationship and so, when the past intrudes on the present, she is convinced to return to Oldcliffe on Sea, the small seaside town where she grew up.Francesca or Frankie as she was known as a teenager receives a call from Daniel, the brother of her childhood friend, Sophie In 1997, Sophie went missing all that was found w [...]

  5. Twenty one year old Sophie Collier had vanished The only thing she left behind was a trainer on an old pier Her friend Francesca was broken hearted.A body has now been found and Francesca has come back to the seaside town she s tried to forget.Francesca wishes she had not returned as everywhere she goes there are ghosts from her past.Will the truth about what happened to Sophie finally be solved I loved this book.I would like to thank Net Galley, Penguin UK Michael Joseph and the author Clare Do [...]

  6. The Sisters was one of my favourite books of last year and I admit I couldn t wait to see what Claire Douglas would follow it with and if it would be just as good.I needn t have worried Local Girl Missing is absolutely brilliant,very gripping,worth far than five stars and I am very disappointed that I have finished reading it.Frankie and Sophie have been best friends since primary school when Sophie moved to Frankie s school after Sophie,her Mum and Sophie s brother Daniel moved to Frankie s ho [...]

  7. Borderline 3 star really Good premise for a story but simply unconvincing to me In full I like the idea of this story A local girl goes missing, apparently falling off the local closed old pier and friends and family from the time go their own ways Then 18 years later the girl s brother phones the girl s best to say that part of a body has been found wearing a trainer that was the same as the one she had on when last seen The book is written in two voices in fairly simple language Frankie, the b [...]

  8. Local Girl Missing is the second novel from author Claire Douglas whose first, The Sisters, received the Marie Claire Debut Novel Award in 2013 Despite the unprepossessing title which does nothing to whet the appetite, I was interested by the premise of a woman returning to her home town to confront the demons after her best friend went missing eighteen years ago The discovery of twenty one year old Sophie Collier s trainer quickly caused the public to lose interest in her disappearance, only to [...]

  9. I read The Sisters by Claire Douglas last year and while I enjoyed it I hadn t found much to rave about in it.unlike Local Girl Missing which I have just this moment finished and thought it was stunning Told in two timeframes, we first meet Francesca when she has a phone call to say that her best friend, who went missing 18 years ago, has been round up body has been washed ashore She is devastated and goes back home to be with Sophie s brother Daniel while they await an official identification T [...]

  10. Dual review with Swedish first and then English SWEDISH REVIEWI Ung kvinna saknad f r man l sa om hur Francesca ker tillbaka till Oldcliffe on Sea efter att f tt ett samtal fr n en barndomskamrat om att kvarlevor av en kropp har hittas, men man f r ocks parallellt f lja det som h nde Sophie genom hennes dagboksanteckningar B de den nutida handlingen och barndomsanteckningarna r intressanta att f lja De b sta psykologiska thrillers r de som f rbryllar, f r en att tvivla p vad som p g r och misstr [...]

  11. I like books that explore small town secrets and for most of this book I was on board with where it was going then it takes a downward turn and ends with one of the most ludicrous twists ever, one that had me giggling out loud at the ridiculousness of it Douglas conjures up the atmosphere of a slightly seedy seaside town well, and there are some unexpected twists that took me pleasantly by surprise But, gosh, that ending No spoilers, of course, but we do have to suspend a massive amount of disbe [...]

  12. I can t work out if I love the ending or hate it I really enjoyed reading this book, it was twisty and unpredictable and had me on tenterhooks the whole time Yet the ending was unexpected but felt a little implausible Plus the explanation needs you to suspend disbelief.Yet I still really liked reading this and thoroughly enjoyed the writing style Can t wait for the next novel from Claire

  13. A gripping page turner about revenge, secrets and love Narrated by Sophie who died 18 years previously and Frankie the best friend who has returned to find out what really happened to Sophie, this is full of twists and turns and red herrings Kept me guessing throughout.

  14. Apparently I am in the minority here in thinking this book is dreadful The writing was clunky and ridden with clich s, the characters were unlikeable and the twist at the end was so obvious I was surprised and disappointed that it wasn t a red herring.Just a taste of the prose that had me raising my eyebrows The hot guy who was with Frankie last week is called Leon McNamara He s half Irish, like me, but with chocolate brown hair and the most amazing blue eyes I ve ever seen They are the exact sa [...]

  15. Another fabulous psychological thriller from Claire Douglas The descriptions of places are so well described you feel like you are in that very place Frankie and Sophie were best friends growing up They were really close joined at the hip Frankie moved away to London to escape the memories Sophie went missing nearly nineteen years ago Now her remains have been recovered, Sophie s brother invites Frankie to come back to Oldcliffe on Sea to help Daniel find out who killed his sister on the old pie [...]

  16. I ve just finished reading this book and all I can say is WOW It s just brilliant I ve been running from my past Now the past has caught up with me Francesca Frankie Bloom is a successful businesswoman working in the hotel industry in London One day she receives a call that drags her right back to the very past she tried so hard to forget She s informed that after eighteen years missing, her best friend Sophie s body was recovered from the sea by the seaside town of Oldcliffe On Sea, where they [...]

  17. Frankie and Sophie were best friends from early childhood.Sophie Collier came to Oldcliffe On Sea with her mother and brother when they ran away from Sophie s abusive father Francesca Frankie Howe lived with her affluent mother and father in the seaside hotel that they ran Frankie had never had a close relationship with her mother and preferred the company and attention of her dad, Alistair Howe The beautiful, entitled, and popular Frankie took the less popular and plain Sophie under her wing an [...]

  18. 4.5 stars Una bomba di thriller, dove niente come sembra.In Local Girl Missing troviamo la storia di Francesca e Sophie Erano migliori amiche da ragazze, poi Sophie misteriosamente scomparsa senza lasciare nessuna traccia, apparte la sua scarpa sul pontile Che cosa successo a Soph I capitoli sono alternati, Frankie al presente, ormai una donna adulta e matura che torna nella cittadina natale dopo una chiamata di Daniel, il fratello di Sophie, che le dice che hanno ritrovato dei resti e che potre [...]

  19. Claire Douglas first caught my attention last year, when I read her debut novel The Sisters, as part of my book club s theme on twins Douglas has done it again with her gripping new release, a psychological mystery titled Local Girl Missing.Local Girl Missing is a story split in two distinct time frames Twenty years ago, Sophie Collier, a young woman of twenty one, with her whole life ahead of her, vanishes after leaving a local club The only indication of her final whereabouts is a single sport [...]

  20. School best friends Sophie and Francesca Frankie managed to catch up again for the summer after they graduated, almost twenty years ago Over that intense summer they each went through emotional turmoil Just before they both left for jobs in London, Sophie fell to her death from the remains of their seedy hometown s derelict pier Now Frankie, a successful businesswoman, is called back to Oldcliffe on Sea by Sophie s brother Human remains have been washed up nearby and he wants Frankie to help him [...]

  21. Told from alternating perspectives of best friends Sophie and Frankie, this is an interesting quasi thriller documenting Sophie s disappearance in nineties Somerset Some of the writing comes across dated and immature, particularly in Sophie s chapters, but perhaps that was the authors intention I enjoyed the authors debut than this I found that mid way this story became a little repetitive and drawn out The climax comes very late in the book and the ending is abrupt Having said that, it s an ea [...]

  22. This book is a prime example of why you should never judge a book by its cover I fell instantly in love with the cover but the book was a let down.Sophie went missing from her home in 1997 and the investigation at the time ruled death by misadventure after her shoe was found at the end of the local derelict pier Some twenty years later, a body part is washed up and it is believed to be the foot of Sophie, found in the identical shoe Her brother, Daniel, contacts Frankie to ask her to come back t [...]

  23. Thanks to Netgalley and Penguin UK Michael Joseph for giving me the opportunity to read thisW AVAILABLE IN THE UK if you really want to bother though most people seem to love this DNF at 31%I can t I just I just can t Reasons 1 All the characters are very immature Frankie just looooves talking and thinking about boys, especially Daniel, and would rather keep her reputation than do everything that she can to work out if her best friend was murdered She s also really passive aggressive, especially [...]

  24. Oh my God What have I just read This book left me speechless, completely numb and emotionally destroyed It was nothing what I d expected it to be I bonded with the leading heroine and I ve been completely cought off guard in the end My jaw dropped while reading the ending This is what a good thriller should be like It s shocking, dark, twisted, leaves you wondering, but the truth that is going to be unraveled is nothing what you think it will be Wow, just wow This is a great material for an amaz [...]

  25. 3.5There were plenty of twists It just went on a little too long I still enjoyed the story for most of the book.I received a copy from Edelweiss for my honest opinion.

  26. I received this as an arc from net galley in exchange for an honest review Twenty years ago 2 1 year old Sophie Collier vanishes one night She leaves nothing behind but a trainer on the old pier and a hole in the heart of her best friend Francesca Absolutely fantastic read Devoured in 2 days Gripping and thrilling read It wasn t who I thought it was There was nothing that I disliked about this book Definitely highly recommend this 5 from me.

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