Jun 28, 2022

Shielding Lily

↠ Shielding Lily ↠ Alexa Riley ↠ Shielding Lily ↠ Alexa Riley - Shielding Lily, Shielding Lily It s Lily Parker s first day at a new high school She s a senior finishing her last semester and all she wants to do is graduate and get out of town Her home life is a secret hell and she s trying t

  • Title: Shielding Lily
  • Author: Alexa Riley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Kindle Edition

↠ Shielding Lily ↠ Alexa Riley, Shielding Lily, Alexa Riley, Shielding Lily It s Lily Parker s first day at a new high school She s a senior finishing her last semester and all she wants to do is graduate and get out of town Her home life is a secret hell and she s trying to find a way out But everything changes when Ren says hello and sees right through to her truth Ren Hendrick s succeed s at everything he touches including football But hIt s Lily Park

Shielding Lily

↠ Shielding Lily ↠ Alexa Riley ↠ Shielding Lily ↠ Alexa Riley - Shielding Lily, Shielding Lily It s Lily Parker s first day at a new high school She s a senior finishing her last semester and all she wants to do is graduate and get out of town Her home life is a secret hell and she s trying t Shielding Lily

  • ↠ Shielding Lily ↠ Alexa Riley
    281Alexa Riley
Shielding Lily

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  1. 4 Sticky Sweet Smut Scale StarsSomething that I love about Alexa Riley is that you always know what you are going to get Overly possessive alpha male Innocent usually virgin heroine No cheating Over the top sweetness Over the top SMUTAnd I really love that whenever I am in the mood for any of those things I can always count on an AR book to deliver as promised I m not looking for Alexa Riley to write War and Peace, or to improve, or to become refined, as they start to write and books All they [...]

  2. 1 2 Shielding Lily stand alone Fairytale love hits two lonely high school students takes them on detour towards epic love Please, Ren I m so close Me too, babe I m about to cum just eating your pussy Shielding Lily stand alone opens up to high school senior Lily Parker s first day in a new school after having lost her mom and relocating with her alcoholic father for the up tenth time.High school senior and football star Ren Hendrick walks to the beat of his own drum staying focused on school, sp [...]

  3. My absolute favorite AR story to date Of course, it hit me right in the feels because I was fortunate to find my love young Ren was going through the motions in school until he met Lily and found his passion Together, they discover the sweetness of tender love Add the signature AR OTT goodness that make these shorties so darn irresistible and you ve got a wonderful read The plot was interesting and touched on the sensitive subject of physical abuse with tact I enjoyed the epilogues immensely esp [...]

  4. It s Lily Parker s first day at a new high school She s almost 18 and ready to be out on her own In her first class she sits down next to Ren Hendrick aka popular football star One look at Lily has all Ren s protective instincts on high alert What ensues between these two is toothackingly sweet I love you, Lily Parker, I say, looking into her big blue eyes She smiles at me so sweetly it makes my heart ache The second I saw you, I fell, babe I fell hard and fast I want to spend the rest of my lif [...]

  5. Shielding Lily was a great read This book was something new and for me it was by far the sweetest story from my favorite smut duo It was so much than what I was expecting and a nice change of pace comparing to other AR s books because the characters are both eighteen years old high school students, and both virgins I m not usual someone who love teenage romance but I loved this one Lily Parker is starting a new high school for the fourth time in the past two years Alcohol is her father s reason [...]

  6. Solid 4 stars All I can say is thank God for AR and her smut books, that know how to bring me out of one of my worse book slumps ever I haven t read anything in the last two weeks or so and I was seriously giving up hope to get into reading again, because I tried, unsuccessfully, to read than a page per day of a book that I ve been reading now for than a whole month and still haven t finished And then I saw that a new AR book was coming out and obvioulsy I had to get it And boy, the best decis [...]

  7. IT S LIVE OMG Talk about knocking it out of the park Yes, just when I thought I couldn t love these authors , Alexa Riley managed to leave me speechless They completely knocked me out on three fronts First and biggest, everyone who knows me, knows that YA is definitely not one of my fav genres, and that I tend to stay away from me, but this book, and specially this hero, blew my predefined ideas, because it really made forget that I was reading this genre, and for the very first time, I m adding [...]

  8. 5 stars So I know others may find it strange that I rated an erotica novella a full 5 stars when I rarely give anything that rating in fact, this is only the 3rd book this year and I have read 148 books so far But when I read a book that made me giddy with romantic happiness start to finish and where I didn t wish some things were omitted or changed.well then, it warrants a full 5 stars I do rate many books 4.5 or 4.75 BTW and of course round up Anywayahis was awesome When AR does a virgin hero, [...]

  9. 4 The Dream Comes True Stars IT S LIVE If you thought Alexa Riley was a one note wonder you haven t been paying attention to the developing career of these two women who write with this pen name Yes, they are infamous for Smutty, Dirty, Raw, OTT Alphas and their women They have conquered all types of genres in their books with this formula yet there is something else happeningWith their tongue pressed firmly in cheekey have decided to touch on some softer, sweeter themes In Shielding Lily, we ha [...]

  10. 3.5 Perfectly Happy starsYou know that moment when you read the perfect book and you say to yourself, NOTHING WILL EVER TOP THIS BOOK This is that type of book Yes it was an insta love book filled with sweetness and tender moments but it was almost like it too much for me I LOVED THIS BOOK don t get me wrong and I will reread it However, there was very little conflict and the story was light I really felt like I was in high school again with the drama of bitchy cheerleaders thinking they are bet [...]

  11. 4 sugary guilty pleasure stars Is it me or was this longer than normal It felt a bit longer, took a bit time to push through, or maybe I was enjoying myself than usual Oh and the book was longer too 143 pages rather than the normal 90 ish I think that s why Shielding Lily is one of their best works to date I was finally able to feel a better connection with the MCs, well than usual usual being zip, zero, nada, nill You get the picture This was a bit emphasis on bit layered in the sense that [...]

  12. 4 call your dentist STARS I don t remember when the last time I read super sweet romance Yeah, Alexa Riley promised this book will be like that Whatever she writes, I always read it Like it or not And I m surprised that I quite enjoyed Shielding Lily I m gonna kiss you, Lily Parker Because you re the sweetest and most beautiful girl I ve ever met, and if I don t I might die But once I do, you re gonna belong to me Lily Parker has to survive her last year in new school She recently moved with dru [...]

  13. 3.5 yaaaay finally a AR book to love stars Well well look whose writing a GOOD review about an AR book.I have read than 3 books of Alexa Riley and all were a bummer for me, some was good but i have never ever given a AR book than 2 stars, So this is a first.Whenever we pick a AR book, some things are a MUST in that book An Alpha asshole hero with a big heart for her lady Total caveman A virgin Blackmailing No Solid plot line well i little bit story but not a solid one A naive heroine Full on S [...]

  14. 4,5 Shielding Lily stars This was so sweet and hot at the same time I really enjoyed it I liked the blurb since the first time I read it and I couldn t wait to get it in my greedy hands When I got it I was likeNo, kidding It was like thisI love AR s books and this one was about two high school student finding their way Ren had everything but something was missing from his lifehis real passion for something or someoneLily was shy and a loner She had very little things to make her happy so Ren ca [...]

  15. This book was just what I needed A sweet, safe, romantic story with some hot, steamy scenes I loved that Ren and Lily were each other s firsts for everything This is my favorite type of romance Ren was so sweet and loving for a huge tough football player and Lily was a total sweetheart This book was pure enjoyment for me and I loved the numerous epilogues

  16. 4.5 Lily s Shield Stars It s been a while since my last book by these two amazing ladies and I do have to say I really enjoyed this sugary sweet and sexy love story It felt fresh because we have two young main characters and I loved it to the last page Definitely recommend it if you enjoyed AR in the past

  17. This book deserves than a 5 star rating I love it It s perfect The kind of story I won t get tired re reading And I m glad I chose this as my first read this year A great start for me.The story is about Ren and Lily.It s her first day in school She s a transfer student A senior and in her last semester She wanted to move out after high school, away from her alcoholic and abusive father.Ren plays center and got a full scholarship in college He s smart and he s not your typical football player He [...]

  18. What a Hero When do you find a man that helps his parents and is grateful for the life he leads This is the manHe s such a gentleman and a sweetheart I love to read about a man that is a virgin, but that does not ever in any way takes his masculinity This is a real value to portray for a man, and not a slutty, teenage manwhores you are becoming so familiar, its becoming scary how young people approach sex these days, with no regards to safety and morals Alexa Riley on the other hand, gives you a [...]

  19. Complimentary Copy Provided by the author Alexa Riley In exchange for an honest reviewThank you TITLE Shielding Lily AUTHOR Alexa RileyGENRE YA CONTEMPORARY ROMANCECHAPTERS RELEASE DATE September 13th 2016MY RATING 4 STARS SHIELDING LILY Spoken in Dual Perspectives Lily Parker Ren HendrickWith it being Lily s first day at her new school she s feeling all kinds of trepidation and is hoping that she can be as invisible like she normally is That s so not the case in this instance, Ren sees her, as [...]

  20. Absolutely beautiful and fantastic It s a little different than usual in the Alexa Riley world, but thanks to that, fresh and even better Ren Hendrick is eighteen year old A student and a high school football star But he isn t a typical jock He is quiet and a loner Doesn t care about the girls until he saw her Lily Parker immediately had his attention Lily moved from school to school She prefers to be invisible and dream about turning eighteen and getting out of abusive home But on the first day [...]

  21. 4 Guilty Pleasure starsIf I think about it rationally, I should hate this book Seriously, the amount of ridiculousness in it not the LOL kind, but the WTF was sky high Yet, I loved it Hence the guilty pleasure.So, Lily is this sweet, frail girl whose father beats her while she s is trying to wade anonymously through high school to be able to save some money and move out to go to college What she hasn t planned is Ren He s depicted by other people as this asocial football star, who we learn has n [...]

  22. 2.5 Huh so I really dont know what to write here This one didnt do it for me I guess i was expecting too much Again I have to stop idealizing books The first day in new school was way too long for me and i was even thinking about skimming which is kind of weird when its short story I didnt feel connected to any of them, even when it was longer than usual, and although i like sugar sweet stories with both MC being virgins, this one wasnt working for me Also I didnt like that heroine was the one w [...]

  23. 4.5 starsI ve only read a couple AR books, but this is probably my favorite one to date I loved it from the very beginning, and no, I m not talking about the first sentence, I m talking about the dedication This book is for those that found love when everyone thought they were too young to know what it was We should all be lucky enough to find our forever so soon One of the things I love about AR is that the characters own their insta love Ren in particular here he knows 100% how he feels I d ra [...]

  24. 4.5 Is there always an empty seat next to you Not any Stars Awwwwww, I absolutely adored this sweet and sexy offering from the dynamic duo, is there no trope that they cannot take to their imaginations and deliver an outstanding story from Our story started out a little shaky, but there s so much ahead of us I personally haven t discovered one as yet, and the younger couple in Shielding Lily offered up just the right amount of innocence before going Mach 4 on the horny teen scale.Ren the loner f [...]

  25. 3 sweet stars This was enjoyable book, but a little too sweet for me.I am not a big love of angst but I kinda wish there was conflict or something because on the moments it felt flat to me He was sweet alpha and everything but I didn t feel that I could say book boyfriend.I just didn t have that connection with either h or H.I wanted But it fulfilled my sweet smutty AR dose.___________________________________________________________ Before reading I neeeeeeeeeed thisI am ordering a muscled be [...]

  26. A Rose by any other namewould smell as sweetThough this book is nothing so lamebut Cinderella with bare feetHere we have sweet Lilyand Ren who is hotter than chilliTwo virgins, two peas in a podwho thought babies only came from godThough it wasn t the almightywho lifted Lily s nightieand made her bloom like an Orchidwith acts that were sordidThey wanted to be discreetBut after one roundto my pleasure I foundthey wanted to repeat and repeat and repeatIt wasn t all bangingand hours of shaggingthe [...]

  27. This was so sweet it gave me toothache and I bloody loved it I absolutely love seeing a hero all in from the get go and Ren sure was ALL IN.A great little read that didn t feel rushed at all Did I say I loved it

  28. Absolute perfection Sugary sweet, delicious perfection Some sexy times and a beautiful love story And can we just pause here in honor of those fabulous MULTIPLE epilogues Like I saidabsolute perfection.

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