Jun 25, 2022

The Studying Hours

✓ The Studying Hours ✓ Sara Ney ✓ The Studying Hours ✓ Sara Ney - The Studying Hours, The Studying Hours CRUDE ARROGANT A HOLE No doubt about it Sebastian Oz Osborne is the university s most celebrated student athlete and possibly the biggest douchebag A walking talking clich he has a filthy mouth a

  • Title: The Studying Hours
  • Author: Sara Ney
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Kindle Edition

✓ The Studying Hours ✓ Sara Ney, The Studying Hours, Sara Ney, The Studying Hours CRUDE ARROGANT A HOLE No doubt about it Sebastian Oz Osborne is the university s most celebrated student athlete and possibly the biggest douchebag A walking talking clich he has a filthy mouth a fantastic body and doesn t give a sh t about what you or anyone else thinks SMART CLASSY CONSERVATIVE Make no mistake Jameson Clarke may be the university s mostCRUDE ARROGANT A

The Studying Hours

✓ The Studying Hours ✓ Sara Ney ✓ The Studying Hours ✓ Sara Ney - The Studying Hours, The Studying Hours CRUDE ARROGANT A HOLE No doubt about it Sebastian Oz Osborne is the university s most celebrated student athlete and possibly the biggest douchebag A walking talking clich he has a filthy mouth a The Studying Hours

  • ✓ The Studying Hours ✓ Sara Ney
    316Sara Ney
The Studying Hours

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  1. 4.5 stars How to Date a Douchebag The Studying Hours is one of those books that has been on my TBR for FOREVER It s been recommended to me so many times, but I never found the time to fit it in Thankfully, it became available on audio, so I got to it right away I m kicking myself for waiting so long to read this book It s been a while since I ve read a great NA college romance and this one really hit the spot Sweetheart, Oz is a nickname Haven t you googled me yet Amused blue eyes roll I m sure [...]

  2. 4 STARSI m finding it harder and harder to invest myself in college romances and YA in general , unless the story is exceptionally unique I m not sure why that is, maybe it s because I ve read so many of them Or maybe Anyway, I didn t pick this one up because it was a college romance I picked it up because of the douchebag Love me some jerks and all that.This book is so clich it s ridiculous A popular manwhore jock falls for a nerd who is actually a little badass in disguise after a DARE.Forget [...]

  3. 4.5 Jim Oz STARSThe hilarious title cleverly sums up the storyline for this book The hero, Sebastian Oz Osbourne, who will slowly fall and see the heroine, Jameson Clark, as his everything by the end of the book It may sound simple yet it takes our hero a while to catch on Taking one arrogant, sex driven, college wrestler, and have him become interested in the sarcastic, cardigan wearing girl in the library, makes for one seriously entertaining love story Sebastian Oz Osbourne is a self centered [...]

  4. 5 Stars College romance, what is it about these books that I love so much Well let me tell you, this book was THE perfect example of what one should be It had tension in spades, a gorgeous as all get out hero, who let s face it, is a douche with a capital D, and a heroine who had the absolute best snarky banter No lie, she was amazing, and I was crushing on her big time.Jameson AKA James, favours cardigans and pearl necklaces, loves to study a lot, and is a bit of a plain Jane on the outside On [...]

  5. 3 StarsOverall Opinion This was ok, but I think it could ve been better Even though I did enjoy them it never really got all that deep into the characters Anything of substance about their family life or background came in the form of short mentions in inner dialogue of past conversations I think it would ve been better if we experienced some of those conversations, instead of just being told about them Otherwise, it was an enjoyable read It was a pretty low drama, slow burn, friends to lovers s [...]

  6. Loved loved loved I freaking LOVED Why did it take me this long to read this glorious book I read it in one fantastically giddy sitting with a goofy smile on my face the entire timeIS is what NA romance is about and why I love it It was pure, slow burn, delicious perfection.Review to come laterybeFind me on

  7. College NA Deliciously slow burn romance.Hilarious banter.Perfect sexual tension and chemistry.Awesome characters and story so well done.Loved it You ve got yourself a new fan Sara Ney Looking forward to the next one.

  8. 3.5 4 stars Review at Of Pens and Pages.As far as new adult sports romances go, How to Date a Douchebag The Studying Hours doesn t have the most unique plot out there In fact, it s pretty clich The douchebag athlete, the surprisingly non nerd nerd, a dare, sparks But Sara Ney wrote it in a way that made it refreshing and a delight to read She made her characters likable, the banter witty and hilarious, and the sexual tension sizzling and well written.Meet douchebag 1 Sebastian Oz Osbourne, the t [...]

  9. I m not entirely sure what kept me away from reading this series for so long Ok, let s face it there are just too many books T.T bloggerproblems But I ve been doing a lot of catching up on older releases lately and I ve stumbled upon these audiobooks, picked this first one up and the rest is history I don t even know what to say about these Lately I ve been sucking at this reviewing business, so bare with me ok, here goes It s been AGES since I ve read a great college romance Rachel Van Dyken s [...]

  10. 5 unbelievably good starsAttention at around 56% don t give up Loved, loved, loved it The Studying Hours How to Date a Douchebag, 1 was drama free, very funny, a lot of sexy, and sweet Exactly what I needed to get out of my book funk.A pearl necklace and cardigan wearing heroine, who was sassy and snarky and gave as good as she got A star wrestler with commitment issues who turned out to be a perfect example for a book boyfriend Those two couldn t have been awesome They were perfectly compatibl [...]

  11. Now that is how you write a college sports romance Oh my god I feel like I have been wandering the desert looking for water waiting to read this book All the ones I have read recently have been so hit and miss and sadly miss than hit that by the half way mark of this book I was almost scared to keep reading incase it was all going to go to shit because I am sure I would have broken down into huge, ugly, fist wailing sobs not pretty people but damn did Sara Ney nail this so hard.I don t even kno [...]

  12. Get it here US UKI m equal parts kicking myself for not reading this sooner and grateful to my friend for talking me into giving it a shot I have no clue why I thought this series was set in High School but that s what was keeping me away and I was so wrong Yes, I can admit when I m wrong I ended up really liking these characters and their stories James kind of proves that what you see isn t always what you get Oz took one look at her and assumed she was some dowdy girl that rarely leaves the li [...]

  13. Even though I enjoyed this book and found some parts quite funny, it felt like it was missing something pretty much the entire way through The characters felt very immature and over the top crude and were severely underdeveloped the author only ever touched the surface, never showing any real depth The writing was pretty good ignoring the good amount of editing issues I noticed , I found the chapter quotes very funny, and there were some rather sweet moments But for me it really lacked the wow f [...]

  14. 4 Oswald and Jim StarsSo I m going to admit that I ve waited to read this one because the rating on GR was below 4 I know that might make me seem a tad ridiculous to some but when there are so many books published every day, I have to set some a standard in which to choose books But with book 2 coming out and several of my trusted reviewer buddies being so excited about it, I said heck with it and dove in I m SO GLAD I did The Studying Hours was witty and fun and different and so well written I [...]

  15. I know I KNOW What was I thinking Seriously did I have my brain replaced with piss PossiblyJust look at the fucking title I should be running awayI apparently thought it was a great idea to read the damn thingI do not know if this is normal However, sometimes I get this incredibly violent and disturbing thoughts You know those of aggression and insane frustration which makes me want to force the other person to understand the extent of my feelings like this idiot or authors who blatantly display [...]

  16. Amazing omg I couldn t stop laughing and it was sexy I loved this couple so much 333 REVIEW TO COME

  17. I realize I m once again in the minority here I really really wanted to love this book The characters really grabbed hold of me The cover was cute and different enough that it caught my eye immediately The story had great appeal and it was one of those books where it felt like it coulda, shoulda, woulda been one of those off the chart 5 star reads The banter and sexual innuendoes were quite witty and entertaining But yes, I had some bigger problems Main thing was the rush to the end and just fel [...]

  18. I need some study time with Oz I ve seen this book around over the last few months and seen some of my friends luv it so I just had to read it The title is just brilliant and grab me straight away Once I started the book it was hard to put down I luvd the lil quotes at the start of every chapter they were so good I was dyin to see what the author would write next haha The story was really good I enjoyed seeing these characters get to together and see there feelings grow Even though they were ver [...]

  19. DNF 15%DNF Explanation I know the title should be a clue but having read the author s Three Little Lies series which has the most swoonworthy heroes, I had high hopes for the hero in this one But Oz gets blow jobs and has sex with other girls all in the same heartbeat that he s also intrigued by the heroine, encounters that the h either sees or can infer Specially, when Oz acted like a total ass at 15% saying, Instead of a blow job, I fuck the shit out of her OW against the wall Because I don t [...]

  20. Yeah, yeah, I loved the Douchebag by the endI was just whining today, that it frustrates me that the hero has to start out as a douchewaffle Ok, I kind of get it How bloody awesome is it when you get to see the finished product and you can t help but love him I really enjoyed The Studying Hours Yes, I initially had issues with Sebastian Oz but I understood where he was coming from I was literally experiencing the same dumbfounded surprise that James was suffering from Could a wrestler be famous [...]

  21. 5James OzStars What s it about Two people met in a library One is a cocky, over confident, extremely good looking, indulgently horny, campus douchebag The other is a sassy, sarcastic, cardigan wearing, highlighter obsessed, sexy librarian look alike They have nothing in common They constantly argue.And piss each other off.They should absolutely hate one another Except she just kissed him With tongue.Passionately And nothing will ever be the same again The best bits The male point of view here is [...]

  22. 4.5 starsI really enjoyed this college rom com It s the first sports romance I ve read about wrestlers Personally, I ve never been a fan of wrestling Big sweaty guys, grabbing each other in headlocks like elementary kids in a playground fight, rolling around on mats, and pinning each other down Meh And those unitard thingies they wear I don t care how much junk they show, they just aren t sexy to me I guess I m in the minority because all the girls on campus get lady boners over the wrestlers Th [...]

  23. 5 Stars Mouse, meet cat Meow OzLoved this one Enemies to lovers vibe and best friends to lovers Oz was a cocky, sexy, sex obsessed wrestler full of tats.Jameson was a cardigan wearing, sassy, sexy, studying, highlighting fool who was not falling for the douchebag Oz Well.I guess she s aloud to change her mind lol A little friendly advice Her pouty lips part and I m drawn to them as they mutter, Never judge a girl by her cardigan, just loud enough for me to hear JamesonLoved the beginning of ever [...]

  24. I won t rate this book Because I knew that it wasn t safe and I knew what happened at 15% would make me mad But I was curious.Well, I must admit the book is brilliantly written, really really captivating the writing itself deserves 5 stars But not the story, btw not the male character.He was a douchebag Ok, it was clear from the title , but also an a shole and jerk The heroine was very likable, sassy bright girl NOT a virgin My only issue with her was her attraction to the hero, but it was a ma [...]

  25. 4 starsLOVED the banter and friends to lovers story Seemed a bit annoying at one point when they both kept ignoring their feelings, but hey, they re 21 Also if you re not a fan of reading about the hero getting jiggy with other girls, best to stay away from this book as he does A LOT of that while keeping an eye on the heroine Overall, a fun read Had a few laughs and was otherwise well written

  26. 4 stars This is a book I ve been seeing around the interwebs, lots of book friends have loved this one I thought this book was an excellent escape from reality and a quick and fun read I m not going to write an official longer review, but I highly recommend this if you are a college sports romance reader, this will check all of your boxes I am so excited for the next book coming out soon

  27. The banter in this book was hilarious Jameson and Oz had fantastic chemistry together, from the first moment they meet Oz is a douchebag, cocksure and a womanizer There were a couple things he did that really annoyed me at first but he really grew on me and I loved who he was in the 2nd half of the book Jameson is the classy, studious girl who wears cardigans and pearls but underneath her librarian clothes she is sassy, funny and sexual This book had some great great sexual tension and steamy sc [...]

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