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Miracle Detective

☆ Miracle Detective ✓ Randall Sullivan ☆ Miracle Detective ✓ Randall Sullivan - Miracle Detective, Miracle Detective In a tiny dilapidated trailer in northeastern Oregon a young Mexican woman saw a vision of the Virgin Mary in an ordinary landscape painting hanging on her bedroom wall After being met with skeptici

  • Title: Miracle Detective
  • Author: Randall Sullivan
  • ISBN: 9780751530223
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Ebook

☆ Miracle Detective ✓ Randall Sullivan, Miracle Detective, Randall Sullivan, Miracle Detective In a tiny dilapidated trailer in northeastern Oregon a young Mexican woman saw a vision of the Virgin Mary in an ordinary landscape painting hanging on her bedroom wall After being met with skepticism from the local parish the Catholic diocese officially placed the matter under investigation Investigative journalist Randall Sullivan wanted to know how exactly one miIn a tiny

Miracle Detective

☆ Miracle Detective ✓ Randall Sullivan ☆ Miracle Detective ✓ Randall Sullivan - Miracle Detective, Miracle Detective In a tiny dilapidated trailer in northeastern Oregon a young Mexican woman saw a vision of the Virgin Mary in an ordinary landscape painting hanging on her bedroom wall After being met with skeptici Miracle Detective

  • ☆ Miracle Detective ✓ Randall Sullivan
    419Randall Sullivan
Miracle Detective

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  1. For a while this book was freaking me out The author begins as a non believing editor for Rolling Stone who takes an assignment to investigate supposed miracles around the world What follows is a gripping narrative, many bite sized history lessons about the most violent war town areas in the world, and honest interviews with all the principal players in the biggest mysteries in modern history This is non fiction, but like The Rite by Matt Baglio stranger truths are reported than any fiction Holl [...]

  2. What most impressed me about this book was its unflinching honesty This could not have been easy to write, but Sullivan s integrity makes it worth reading, whether you think the Virgin Mary appeared to modern Slavic children or not It s not lectio divina as we old school Catholics call purposefully spiritual reading , but it IS the kind of thing that Flannery O Connor and Graham Greene would have been proud to write, had they thought of it.

  3. I was really hoping to enjoy this book, and a look at Church miracles, but, alas I didn t all that much.The author starts off by saying he s going to look into miracles and try to see if they are real He then goes off telling about miracles that happened in Northeastern Oregon, Croatia, Bosnia Serbs , Scottsdale AZ, Yugoslaviawhat seemed to lots of obscure places and cultures It got really bogged down in minute details.Finally, ab out 2 3 of the way through the book, the author interviews a Prie [...]

  4. This Book is the kind of book, that once you are finish there is a melancholy that it is finished, at the beginning, I thought oh gosh, here we go another secular book but the honesty which the writer is describing his journey and encounters are so vivid and real This book, is the kind of book you need to read in breaks because once you put it down you have to digest what you just read I loved it

  5. I actually published a slightly edited version of the following review in the Catholic Sentinel my claim to fame Reported apparitions of the Virgin Mary run from the sublime At Fatima to three Portuguese children in a pasture to the silly In Florida to a jewelry designer on a grilled cheese sandwich It was news reports of a Boardman, OR Marian apparition in the winter of 1994 skewing toward the silly which first piqued Portland author Randall Sullivan s interest and sent him on a ten year journe [...]

  6. Author Randall Sullivan investigates modern day Marian apparitions in this long but surprisingly gripping book The word apparitions had, for me,a pejorative feel to it prior to reading The Miracle Detective but I don t mean it that way I just mean appearances that may or may not be objective, that at the very least have a mystical element to them.He starts, of all places, in Boardman, Oregon where in 1994 it was reported that the Virgin Mary was appearing in a gaudy painting hanging in a dilapid [...]

  7. This is an excellent introduction into the process and politics of how the Catholic Church declares something miraculous and finds certain people to be saints It also delves into the whole field of alleged apparitions The book started with a Mexican farm worker in a broken down trailer in Oregon, who suddenly sees the figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary in a cheap landscape painting decorating her bedroom Sullivan read a newspaper article about the incident, and from that, spun the book idea to hi [...]

  8. In the war torn country of Yugoslavia, late 1980 s, a cluster of children ages up through 16 began seeing the Virgin Mary and reporting her words Medjugorje, if you ve ever heard of the place, appeared protected from the war by the madonna.The Miracle Detective describes Sullivan s trip into the world of miracles and the investigation of these miracles by the Catholic church By the end of the book, even Sullivan has been deeply affected by his brush with the supernatural, and it is this personal [...]

  9. The Miracle Detective purports to be an investigation of holy visions Although the book contains some information on Lourdes, Fatima, and other past miraculous claims, the bulk of the text is devoted to Medjugorje, the town in Bosnia Herzegovina where six young people, ages 10 16, began seeing daily apparitions of the Virgin Mary in 1981 Author Randall Sullivan, a contributing editor for Rolling Stone, begins the book in a brisk reportorial style reminiscent of Jonathan Krakauer s Into Thin Air [...]

  10. Hmm, this is a tough one It begins as exactly what it says it is, an investigation Sullivan interviews the people involved, gives a survey of different opinions and studies created and conducted around it, the mythology and facts of Medjugorje etc It should also be said from the get go that Medjugorje is RIVETING, believer or not, the story is unbelievable and Sullivan paints the picture remarkably well There are two major downfalls though The first is that the second half of the book devolves i [...]

  11. Fascinating Investigative reporter Randall Sullivan sets out to investigate how the Catholic Church investigates Holy Visions In the process, he investigates these visions for himself as he was also wanting answers to the great mysteries The modern visions, in Medjugorje , and in Scottsdale, Arizona, I had never even heard of Sullivan was able to interview various of the visionaries, and many of the priests involved with the seers It was fascinating learning about these visions, and the Church s [...]

  12. This was of a travel journal history than an exploration of the validity of miracles There was plenty of miracle discussion, but it was somewhat lost in the place history setting On the plus side, the author was very non biased Personally I found Will Storr vs The Supernatural One Man s Search for the Truth About Ghosts to be enlightening.

  13. There are times where Sullivan seems to veer rather off trackon the other hand, much can be considered on topic when discussing miracles Apart from facilitating my first introduction to the apparition site of Medjugorje,what I appreciated most about this book was Sullivan s honesty and vulnerability with his own investigation of miracles and the divine It was refreshing to read a piece where the author shares his own doubts, convictions, and bewilderment I would have appreciated references for [...]

  14. This story was really interesting The first part was a quick read, and the beginning of the author s conversion was compelling The last 2 3 of this book became incredibly bogged down in what could have been generously edited It was not crucial that he add every little bit of conversation and gossip he could remember from his stay in Medgegorje sp And yet another non fiction book loses a star because of no maps or photos C MON An entire chapter delves into the complex geo political history of on [...]

  15. Odd book I had thought at first it was going to be about how a miracle is investigated in the modern age It s a bit about that, but also about how it effects people s lives, and how the author went through his own spiritual journey while researching the book.It had it s interesting moments, but veered less from fact and into spiritual than I was anticipating Worth the read, but not quite what I had thought from the review I read that got me interested.

  16. An extraordinary book, in which a very bright journalist sets out to investigate Marian apparitions in Oregon and centrally in Medjugorge Fascinatingly informative on how extensively the Roman Catholic Church investigates possible miracles and theophanies Drags a bit toward the end as Sullivan teases out his own conversion story But overall an excellent piece of work and an altogether entertaining and painless way to learn a lot about the close study of mystical experience.

  17. this was a fairly large book and it took me a while to get through it the book was suppose to be about marian visions and apparitions, but turned out to be a wonderful journey with the author from questioning agnostic to an almost catholic believer he offered some very interesting insight into how the vatican handles these things

  18. The strengths of this book are the depth of research done by Sullivan and the writing style, which is engaging The weaknesses are that it needs some heavy editing The parts about the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina droned on and on, and I forgot that this was about a spiritual journey and not a war narrative.

  19. Really fascinating story of a Rolling Stone reporter who heads to Medjugorie to investigate the case of seven children who claim to have spoken to the Virgin Mary You may or may not believe, but his tale is pretty interesting none the less Creepy scene in a small Italian plaze does as good a job as anything of reminding us that evile truly exists.

  20. The writing feels very scattered and there is much too much detail, so that it gets hard to focus because of all the minutia I did read halfway through and decided to put it down life is too short for a book this ridiculously long.

  21. reread This book encompasses history, science, medicine, parapsychology, Catholicism, Marian visions sightings, an extensive examination of the Balkan wars, faith, doubt, and ultimately mystery.It s an intense and very detailed read, one that has a permanent place on my bookshelf.

  22. Great book for the subject matter covers some good historical context for the area and similar examples of Marian apparitions Certainly a good jump off point for those interested in this fascinating social phenomena.

  23. I don t know what to base my rating for this book on, so I m not going to give it one I didn t LIKE it per se, but that s because my religious views differ.But, I did like the journey of the author itself and I found it really interesting not to mention batshit scary and freaky at times.

  24. After reading, My Cousin, the Saint I was curious about the people who have the role of investigating miracles This book really delves into what a difficult task it is to separate an event or occurence that is supernaturally peculiar from what people want to believe.

  25. This is actually a rather disturbing book in many ways but it is also one of the most compelling books I have read.

  26. Really great book, except the Author seems to think I m interested in him than the people he interviews.

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