Jun 25, 2022

How to Be a Supervillain

Free Download How to Be a Supervillain - by Michael Fry Free Download How to Be a Supervillain - by Michael Fry - How to Be a Supervillain, How to Be a Supervillain Victor Spoil comes from a long line of famous supervillains and he s fully expected to join their ranks one day But to his family s utter disappointment Victor doesn t have a single bad guy bone in h

  • Title: How to Be a Supervillain
  • Author: Michael Fry
  • ISBN: 9780316318693
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Download How to Be a Supervillain - by Michael Fry, How to Be a Supervillain, Michael Fry, How to Be a Supervillain Victor Spoil comes from a long line of famous supervillains and he s fully expected to join their ranks one day But to his family s utter disappointment Victor doesn t have a single bad guy bone in his body He won t run with scissors he always finishes his peas and he can t stand to be messy Hopeless As a last ditch effort before they give up and let him be a gasp Victo

How to Be a Supervillain

Free Download How to Be a Supervillain - by Michael Fry Free Download How to Be a Supervillain - by Michael Fry - How to Be a Supervillain, How to Be a Supervillain Victor Spoil comes from a long line of famous supervillains and he s fully expected to join their ranks one day But to his family s utter disappointment Victor doesn t have a single bad guy bone in h How to Be a Supervillain

  • Free Download How to Be a Supervillain - by Michael Fry
    261Michael Fry
How to Be a Supervillain

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  1. I love this book But then again I wrote and illustrated it So I might be biased Yes, there are tips on how to be a Supervillain evil laugh, monologue ing, etc , but there s so much At its heart this is story about how good and evil are two sides of the same coin And it s got space planes and two alien rock monsters named Bob and Dave You can only say their real names with a mouth full of peanut butter And pie Lots of pie Who doesn t like pie

  2. Victor is a disappointment to his supervillain parents He s polite He eats his peas He s tidy His parents arrange for him to be the apprentice of the supervillain The Smear, hoping that he ll learn to be bad because even though superhero vs supervillain fights are scripted now, you still have to be a convincing bad guy That s right the battles are fake, as fake as the WWE The real fights were causing too much damage to civilians and their property so The Authority took over and starting regulati [...]

  3. ARC from publisher at ALAOther books about super heroes villains Anderson, John David Minion 2014 Bacon, Lee Joshua Dread 2012 Boniface, William The Adventures of Ordinary Boy 2006 Carroll, Michael The Awakening 2006 Cody, Matthew Powerless 2009 Ferraiolo, Jack Sidekicks 2011 King, Wesley The Vindico 2012 Kraatz, Jeramey The Cloak Society 2012 McCullough, Kelly School for Sidekicks 2014 Moore, Peter V is For Villain 2014 Can you see why the following this felt kind of five years ago to me Victor [...]

  4. This was such a fun read Victor Spoil really doesn t fit in with his family Both of his parents are supervillain Actually, looking back over his family tree, it is filled with supervillains going back for generations The problem is that Victor really has a hard time being bad He tries, but he just doesn t have it in him He either feels guilty or he plain old likes good things vegetables and cleaning up his room Of course, his parents love him, but they really don t understand him In the hopes of [...]

  5. Victor Spoil has supervillain parents called The Spoil Sports But Victor is too good They want him to be evil so he will be a supervillain too They hire the villain The Smear to teach Victor how to be bad The Smear s super power is making stains that won t come out He takes Victor to a fight he has scheduled against MegaMole Along the way, Victor meets Octavia who is traveling with MegaMole to learn how to be a superhero Octavia s parents think she s too bad to be a good superhero Just like Vic [...]

  6. I truly did laugh and smile while reading this book.I think there is very little difference in being a hero or a villain.Most of us do have some good and bad and when we aren t too extreme with what we do they even out.But taken to extremes is what causes us to be seen as a hero or a villain.Victor and Octavia just happen to be the ones caught up in the deciding age group.Their parents come to realize that by working together things can get done faster.The Smear really helps Victor since he let [...]

  7. This is a laugh out loud kind of book I read this book to my son at night and he loved every minute of it It has comicstrip pictures on almost every page Any kid who loves super hero and super villains will enjoy this book It has a few twists and turns and a lot of action I m so glad my son and I got to read this book and hope to read of Michael Fry s stuff soon.

  8. I just remembered I wasn t born to be a VILLAIN,I was born to be Creative Creature But if you do want to be a villain, this book might be good for you, but not for me.

  9. Why I Think Boys May Enjoy ThisThis book is along the lines of other modern illustrated chapter books eg, Diary of a Wimpy Kid with what are essentially comic panels inserted into written text Instead of simply being illustrations, the panels themselves continue the narrative It s a good elementary school middle grade bridge book, with enough fun pictures to break up large chunks of text but without relying solely on the images to keep attention.The book is full of random based humor Sometimes i [...]

  10. Victor Spoil is the son of the Spoil Sports, a pair of minor super villains in a world seemingly overpopulated by superheroes and villains Problem is that Victor s a nice kid His disappointed parents apprentice him to another villain, The Smear While under his tutelage, Victor meets Octavia who is a rotten kid born to superheroes They, along with a cast of villains and heroes make their way through a number of battles, which have become scripted and fake due to civilian casualties I seem to be i [...]

  11. A fun read with illustrations that are akin to a comic book frames inserted into the story to enhance the action.So, what makes us good or bad, villain or super hero Is it genetics, family upbringing, our choices Victor Spoil is trying to figure it out His parents are super villains and they are very disappointed with their too nice, too neat, too GOOD kid So they are going to have him become an apprentice to an aged super villain who will sort him out, teach him the ropes and produce the villai [...]

  12. Quirky and playful with crazy illustrations and just enough soul searching and pondering to enhance the flavor What makes someone good or bad How closely do we have to play the roles expected of us Is it OK to go off script or must we conform A perfect summer read with the kids pg 4 Being bad requires a lack of imagination You can t allow yourself to imagine what might happen if you do a bad thing You have to not care And there within the first few pages of a goofy children s book lies the impor [...]

  13. I really enjoyed this book even though I m 20, I still love these kinds of books I really liked how the story played out It wasn t predictable or non predictable When you think one thing will happen, the opposite will most likely happen If you like books about superheroes, and of course SuperVillains , then I d definitely recommend it The point of the story, or at least to me, is don t always act the way people expect you to act Also, don t always go by the script, choose your own path, when pos [...]

  14. A funny, super hero adventure, that follows a young super villain child discovering his super powers and where he stands o the Good vs Evil spectrum It s cute Definitely a Captain Underpants knock off If you have a kid who desperately wants to read Captain Underpants but Mom Dad Grandma just ain t having it this book would be a good compromise Introduction to graphic novels Superheroes for younger readers Not a good read aloud, too many visuals that you have to see to get the joke.

  15. Poor Victor He s a good kid in a family of Supervillains He gets sent on a road trip with The Smear to teach him how to be a supervillain I loved The Smear He s like that weird uncle everyone has and doesn t talk about He has evil hench mice who only eat lasagna.The illustrations are great and there are plenty of them Several of the pages actually read like comic strips to add to the story I absolutely loved this book and can t wait for the next

  16. Science Fiction This was an interesting mix of short chapter book and graphic novel It was a very creative plot that definitely entertained me and made me laugh There were some plot twists that kept it exciting but character development was hard because it was so short It had a good ending and overall was a fun read.

  17. Cute, fun a little predictable and not wholly original in a genre that has been a little flooded that said there is something about this book that will appeal to my 6th graders it s just enjoyable And you have to intentionally love the lame hero and villain characters I look forward to seeing what a sequel looks like now that the universe has been made

  18. I laughed out loud multiple times during this book It is silly humor, but humor nonetheless Kids who enjoy humor and or Diary of a Wimpy Kid will really enjoy this one I won t be able to keep it on my library shelf.

  19. Super cute story about a boy trying to learn what his super power is Unfortunately for him he comes from a super villain family and he just wants to be a good kid His parents find him a teacher that at first helps him find his way but then evil takes over.

  20. Victor tried to be a supervillan but he could not be one because he could not be bad Victor leaned how to be bad, there were two main characters and there are many cool pictures in the book I liked the book because it was super funny.

  21. So funny, really engaging for all readers but will engage reluctant readers as well, love how the illustrations comic panels tell part of the story it switches back and forth from text to illustration very well.

  22. Have we talked about your evil laugh asked Mom.Annnnnd that about sums it up Hilarious in exactly the way you d expect Way cuter than I anticipated.I am super into this whole idea of not so bad guys being expected to be bad guys love this trend JB kidlit

  23. So adorable Full of life lessons and messages and makes you feel good on the inside It has pictures along with the words and adds to the wonderful world created.

  24. Fun quick read Great for middle grade readers They ll understand both Victor and Octavia s parental problems grass is always greener and how everyone changes and matures a bit in the book.

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