Jun 27, 2022

One Night with Hemsworth

One Night with Hemsworth Best Download || [Eden Finley] One Night with Hemsworth Best Download || [Eden Finley] - One Night with Hemsworth, One Night with Hemsworth Cole Turner s ex wife is getting remarried No amount of alcohol can drown that out but taking home the hot brunette at the bar is a good enough distraction That s all Paige is meant to be a distracti

  • Title: One Night with Hemsworth
  • Author: Eden Finley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback

One Night with Hemsworth Best Download || [Eden Finley], One Night with Hemsworth, Eden Finley, One Night with Hemsworth Cole Turner s ex wife is getting remarried No amount of alcohol can drown that out but taking home the hot brunette at the bar is a good enough distraction That s all Paige is meant to be a distraction Paige Minor is too busy studying for her law degree and getting over a bad breakup to care about finding another boyfriend All she wants is one night of careless fun witCol

One Night with Hemsworth

One Night with Hemsworth Best Download || [Eden Finley] One Night with Hemsworth Best Download || [Eden Finley] - One Night with Hemsworth, One Night with Hemsworth Cole Turner s ex wife is getting remarried No amount of alcohol can drown that out but taking home the hot brunette at the bar is a good enough distraction That s all Paige is meant to be a distracti One Night with Hemsworth

  • One Night with Hemsworth Best Download || [Eden Finley]
    387Eden Finley
One Night with Hemsworth

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  1. 4 stars ARC kindly provided byXpresso Book Toursvia Netgalley in exchange of an honest review This is the story of Paige and Cole Two persons wanted just a hook up that became so much The story is nice and fast moving The plot has a couple of twists and surprises on the right places The writing was good and direct The story was told by a dual POV and it s nicely done So, why not 5 stars Well, there is a very serious subject in the book and I didn t feel that it was taken very seriously, at leas [...]

  2. 4 Paige and Cole StarsI really enjoyed this book Cole is a 27yr old divorcee who has just been informed by his ex , Reece, that she is marrying her new boyfriend Cole is not keen on a new guy being with his 7 yr old son He is well over Reece but he hates the thought of another guy being with Cody, his son, than him He drowns his sorrows in a bar and ends up hooking up with Paige, a 20yr old Law student Both are stunned at their attraction but this is just a one night stand Isn t it When Cole di [...]

  3. You now how some books capture you with their titles, this one caught my attention as I was like mmmm Hemsworth Australian Hemsworth Brothers What I got though was an Australian fiction about a guy named Cole Turner whose ex wife and the mother of his son is getting remarried and wants her son to call the new guy Dad This has driven Cole to the pub, and he has a bit too many to drink During this outing, he meets Paige who is willing to flirt and looking for a one night stand to get her mind off [...]

  4. I loved it The plot was written very well, but yet it had a balanced and controlled amount of sex it had in it I personally loved this one It s the first time I m reading anything from this author, and I would say I would and will definitely read her other works.The characters of the story were written very well Each character were unique Sometimes authors have to consider how many characters they need to contribute to the story without it being crowded By the end of the story I was questioning [...]

  5. Sometimes a one night stand should remain just that In the light of day, without the haze of alcohol, Paige should have seen that she could do a lot better than Cole.Doesn t he seem like a catch 1 He has a drinking problem.2 He has anger issues, including a domestic violence record.3 Became a father as a teenager, and has an acrimonious relationship with his ex wife who s the mother of his child.4 Only sees his son two weekends a month and yet sometimes he dumps him on Cole s mom so he can go ou [...]

  6. Great book I found this book for free on this week and decided to give it a try I loved it Laughed a lot and loved the characters The only point I had trouble reading was how Paige almost begged for them to be together, of course, there s a reason for that explained in the book, but, stillAnyway, the book was a great read, I read it in one day It was funny, romantic, light and really easy to read I recommend.

  7. Cole goes out to a bar to drink away his misery his ex wife just announced her plans to remarry While he isn t miserable because he still has feelings for her, he is disappointed because some guy that she is marrying will see his son than Cole does When Paige catches his eye, he knows he should walk away from her but the attraction they feel is too strong for him to ignore Against his better judgement he takes her back to his apartment for what they both agree will be a one night stand Paige sn [...]

  8. I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.One Night with Hemsworth by Eden Finley is the story of Cole Turner and Paige Minor Cole s ex wife is getting remarried and although he does not love her any the marriage is bothering him because they have a young son together Cole is having a hard time knowing that his son will have another father Cole goes out for a night on his own to have a few drinks but has no intention of picking anyone up Since he is d [...]

  9. This is a sweet,sexy love story with some big truths There are pitfalls for Paige and Cole from the start But they keep trying for their HEA These characters are so real and human that I felt myself fall a little in love with Cole, myself And Paige could have been my best friend The character development is first rate.At times in the beginning I just wondered why these two kept finding roadblocks and then would find a way around their own rules But it became clear as the story progressed The pl [...]

  10. Cole and Page have a very unusual start for a relationship This is why the first pages of the book kept me devoted to the story and characters The idea is very interesting and even after you taste even the first 3 chapters Funny, good characters, good plot, great author the best combination for a great book.Cole is ready to do what it takes not to affect his relationship with his son Still, the beautiful and surprisingly bold Page steels his attention Even if he will try hard to put the attract [...]

  11. I read this book through Kindle Unlimited It is my first book by this author and the writing was really good Paige and Cole meet one night at a bar and hook up for a one night stand She is in college and he is 6 years older than her The next night he arrives at his ex wifes new house for dinner with his son and her new fiancee when Paige opens the front door to let him in His ex is marrying Paiges father and they had no clue.They realize that the situation is not good and they need to leave thin [...]

  12. ARC was provided by Xpresso Book Tours via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I really did enjoy the book I thought the characters were pretty realistic even with the plot of Cole and Paige meeting each other at a bar and then hooking up and the next day Cole goes to have lunch with his ex wife, Reece, and her new fiance, Paul, and meets up again with Paige who happen s to be Paul s daughter As expected the villain of the story was bitchy two faced Reece and possibly her narrow minded be [...]

  13. I picked this book up on the recommendation of a friend It isn t something I d usually read, I like innocent romances, but I m glad I did While this book contains explicit love scenes between Cole and Paige, there was enough of a story throughout that kept me interested enough to read on The author provided serious moments and humor throughout that I enjoyed I liked the interaction between the two main characters and I think their personality flaws and demons were well handled You follow Cole a [...]

  14. I liked the characters and enjoyed reading Cole s side of things I enjoyed Hunter and the way he lives his life Paige is sweet and strong and helps Cole in ways he can not imagine The problems that are faced are even frustrating Reece I really despised I did not like her one bit She was something elseI tell youI wanted to tell at her Good readwhat is next in this series Hunter Sarah Danny I guess we will see.I received this ARC from the publisher via Net Galley fur my honest review.

  15. Cole and Paige meeting at a bar and having sex with each other not to realized that they are closer to each other Paige is Cole ex wife s stepdaughter but not only that Cole has a son name Cody Cole ex wife uses Cody as leverage to take Cody away from Cole Cole has a bad drinking habit and every time he gets drunk he is abusive Cole and Paige really try to make things work between them considering their circumstances but Cole s ex wife end up finding out that Paige has been sleeping with Cole ma [...]

  16. 3.5 starsCopy received courtesy of NetgalleyThis is a book filled with angst and drama I take a half point from the rating due to the characters Cole s ex wife is manipulating his life She is vindictive and hateful to him I understand her feelings but her actions are shady He lets her manipulate him out of guilt I didn t like how he just gave up without looking for options legally and personally These two were married and had a child together Paige is 7 yrs younger than they were but was mature [...]

  17. This one was good A little light on depth at times, but not to the point where it was skipping anything or brushing things aside The series looks like they are 5ea which is a little dear for my cheapskate standards for the light read it is, but I enjoyed it enough that I will probably cave and try the next one.

  18. Loved itReally loved how real these people characters felt, how real the situation felt, and how the story moved along Cole Hemsworth sounds like a real doll, and Paige has her act together, is smart, and the kind of heroine that s easy to like Just a perfect romance And at the end you can get a peek at the other side of the story

  19. A must read This is the best book I have read in a long time,totally recommend you read it.Was hooked from the start to finish The twists and turns of events were very clever.Kept me thinking about what would happen next Found myself thinking how it would all end,I wasn t expecting the way it did.Fantastic storyline

  20. Loved this book I was not a fan of Reece at all, but the end made up for thatof course she s going to have her own book, and I ll probably end up liking her, but not right now Paige and cole were awesome together Great writing, story developmenteverything loved it

  21. I loved this book I loved the characters, the main characters were great and the storyline kept me engaged I also really liked the introductions of the other characters I can t wait to read of this series

  22. Good light readThere was a lot going on in this storyline We had drama, humour, sex, passion I really liked both leading characters Cole and Paige.This was a good light read and I d recommended this to all romance lovers

  23. Good story that thinkingI enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone looking g for some light reading I would recommend it

  24. What What, I did not just sleep with my stepmothers ex Not only did I ,it was the best sex I have ever had I can t forget it and can t wait for the next time.

  25. Short and easy readA quick ish one to get through All about second chances, the forbidden love and easy banter Easy characters to like and a good story line.

  26. Excellent read Wow, love, love this book It was incredibly funny and a great story, unique than most I can t wait to read the next book.

  27. Sweet and funnyReally enjoyed this book, it was sweet and the dialogue enjoyable to read Enjoyed the dynamic between Cole and Paige It was lovely

  28. This was okay I don t care to read any of the follow up books, but I d check probably this author out again for a different series.

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