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[PDF] Anaconda | by ↠ Lauren Landish [PDF] Anaconda | by ↠ Lauren Landish - Anaconda, Anaconda They say size doesn t matterFootball star and internet sensation Gavin Anaconda Adams is the biggest celebrity our little town has ever seen But I had no idea who he was when I accidentally walked in

  • Title: Anaconda
  • Author: Lauren Landish
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle

[PDF] Anaconda | by ↠ Lauren Landish, Anaconda, Lauren Landish, Anaconda They say size doesn t matterFootball star and internet sensation Gavin Anaconda Adams is the biggest celebrity our little town has ever seen But I had no idea who he was when I accidentally walked in on him naked I was shocked seeing all of him a cocky grin on his face I didn t know what to do So I ran Now I m in a world of trouble No matter what I do I can t geThey say size doesn t ma


[PDF] Anaconda | by ↠ Lauren Landish [PDF] Anaconda | by ↠ Lauren Landish - Anaconda, Anaconda They say size doesn t matterFootball star and internet sensation Gavin Anaconda Adams is the biggest celebrity our little town has ever seen But I had no idea who he was when I accidentally walked in Anaconda

  • [PDF] Anaconda | by ↠ Lauren Landish
    310Lauren Landish

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  1. This is one of the worst titles I ve read this yearThis book has two obnoxious protagonists A heroine who is dumb to a fault and overreacts for no apparent reason and takes things out of context just for the sake of the weak plot.And a hero who tries the whole dark, troubled and brooding while being famous and adored thing, but just comes off as a grumpy and annoying character for 95 percent of this bookAnd anyone who knows me knows that I m never down with any type of slut shaming Whatsoever.Th [...]

  2. Title AnacondaAuthor Lauren Landish Gavin Anaconda Adams is Football star internet sensation Few years ago Gavin earned his nickname by accident no matter what he does he can t not live it down So when his agent gets him an acting gig in the offseason, he takes it in the hopes of rebuilding his image Brianna is going to college to be a Business Management, And works at a hotel to make end meat Brianna has been on her own for years since her parents got divorced moved out of townAs you can imagin [...]

  3. So did he really have an Anaconda Well, yes Yes he did However, I m happy to report that this story was about than what was swinging in the man s pants.Gavin Adams was a pro NFL athlete when an accidental flashing made him famous in an entirely different way, earning him the nickname of Anaconda A name he hated and was eager to distance himself from When he was offered a role in a movie, he took it in hopes of repairing his image Brianna was the maid at the hotel where he was staying on locatio [...]

  4. SPOILERISH SPOILERISH Through my fault, through my mostly naive fault lolI got caught by the cover and the blurb And the way the author promoted the book Stupid me One of the things that makes my skin crawl, one of my biggest pet peeves is stupid, weak, dumb, lacking in intelligence and lacking of common sense heroine This one here takes stupidity to another level Besides being one of those who suddenly loses capacity of walking and talking in the presence of the male, you can only assuming that [...]

  5. Football star Gavin Adams is trying out a little acting in his off season in the hope it will improve his playboy image and to get away from his nickname Anaconda that he acquired during a filmed slip up that showed the world his junk While he s filming he is staying at a local hotel where Brianna is working her way through business college as a maid, when Brianna accidentally walks in on a naked Gavin in his room one morning sparks fly between them and she gets to experience the anaconda first [...]

  6. This book was such a fun, light hearted read It had plenty of steamy moments but, it was also had some great one liners that you can t help but laugh at.Football star Gavin is in a small town for a week during the off season trying his hand at acting Gavin s notoriety doesn t just end on the football field due to a leaked video from the locker room he s known for his anaconda then his football skills When hotel maid Brianna accidentally walks into his room while he s getting out of the shower B [...]

  7. It took forever to finish this very short read cause my mind kept wandering I actually started planning my cleaning and laundry schedule for the weekend No lie That s all I have to say about this book Please read Rejane s review for info.

  8. The super hot cover and the blurb made me pick up this book A sexy romantic comedy Count me in Always.Sadly, except for Mindy and her inappropriate sense of humor, I wouldn t put this book in the comedy category And to be honest, the romance part didn t convince me either, I even found myself skipping paragraphs every now and then So it was just okay for me, but it may be your cup of tea if you give it a chance.Gavin and his instant obsession with Bri was one thing, but what really put me off w [...]

  9. The verbiage and writing was awkward and weird and did not work for me You may love it Reading is subjective.

  10. Loved it Brianna goes to college and works at a hotel, with an AWFUL boss She s cleaning rooms when she comes across Mr Anaconda himself, Gavin He hates that nickname, btw Well they go on a couple dates and have a VERY good time but nothing can come of it since he s just there to shoot a movie Though that s not going so well, since she has him all distracted, it s pretty sweet actually Her bff Mindy offers some comic relief and there are definitely some parts in this book that cracked me up Ther [...]

  11. What a sexy and fun read It had plenty of steamy moments along with humor and angst that kept the book popping Football star Gavin is in a small town for a week during his off season trying his hand at acting He is known for his locker room notoriety than his football game There is a leaked video from the locker room of his anaconda then his football skills Brianna s at work cleaning hotel rooms and she is cleaning Gavin s room when she comes face to face well eyes to crotch with Gavin just as [...]

  12. I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book Brianna and Gavin, the maid and the movie star well he s a professional footballer who s in town to film a movie with hopes of launching an acting career anyway Brianna s at work cleaning hotel rooms when she comes face to face well eyes to crotch with Gavin aka Mr Anaconda himself he s just come out of the shower, he s in the buff and she gets than an eyeful I think it s safe to assume you know what his Anaconda nickname is in reference t [...]

  13. I just finished Anaconda and absolutely loved it I must say when I heard the title, my first thought was , Oh no Not another alpha male flaunting his umze I was SO pleasantly surprised with the storyline It happened, by accident, and he wishes everyone would just STOP about it, and respect him for his talent and athleticism, not his attributes His inner turmoil of wanting out of life, career, and someone who understands him, and loves him for himself shows through He just keeps making mistakes [...]

  14. 1.5 starsI wanted to like this book I really did Buuuuuut I should have known just by the title that it wasn t going to move mountains for me The two main characters are the most OTT caricatures of a hotshot football player actor and small town beauty that I may have ever read There was just no connecting with the dialogue or descriptions I hate to be mean or hurtful, but this read like a 15 year old girl trying to write for the first time and just coming up with misunderstanding after RIDICULOU [...]

  15. Gavin Anaconda Adams dear sports lords of hotness This was one HOT listen The story was great, kept my attention and the narrators did any amazing job bringing these characters to life A little hint TURN THE VOLUME DOWN AT STOP LIGHTS Can t wait to start Bri s bff Mindy s story.

  16. 4 Stars 5 Heat Level a impressive Anaconda I will admit I read this one out of order and knew the final outcome, but that said giving Gavin and Brianna their time to shine was well worth it Gavin is the star athlete looking to try and change his image, well Brianna is just trying to complete her Master s degree They are from two different worlds at the present moment, but the traits that make them who they are couldn t be similar The chemistry and connect that you see with these two is off the [...]

  17. Arc review For honest review Galician on a movie set and Brianna works in the hotel he s in their soul mates and fate has brought them together Very good.

  18. I never get tired of reading Lauren s books They re all different and always HOT I voluntarily received and reviewed an arc of the book Gavin is a celebrity footballer and is attempting to make his way into acting When he gets to the little podunk town he s to be filming in, all he can think about is getting back out of thereen he meets Brianna She immediately runs away and he s perturbed to say the least No one has ever ran from him Especially after seeing the anacondaeven if that name does twi [...]

  19. Anaconda by Lauren Landish a huge five star read This book was so good, I couldn t out it down and haven t done any of the jobs I had planned today, my day off has been spent loving a certain football movie hottie with a large package It s funny and entertaining, but it also makes you think and you can t help but want to punch a certain little hitler boss and want to go grab coffee with one of the girls.Gavin Anaconda Adams seems to have it all, a good career, money, good looks, women throwing t [...]

  20. Poor Gavin A.K.A Anaconda he may be a cocky know it all football star with bigger physical attributes than most, but he does have qualities, well at least he thinks he does A couple of accidents, paparazzi photo ops, temper tantrums, and misunderstandings have given him a label that will not go away So when his agent gets him an acting gig in the offseason, he takes it in the hopes of rebuilding his image The small town this movie is being filmed in doesn t have much to offer Or so he thought Un [...]

  21. Gavin Anaconda Adams is a football star and he has come to this small po bunk town to make a movie and he is finishing his shower and finds the most curvy beautiful house cleaner and he is naked but he wants to see her again and take her out on the town sparks fly yeah Great funny exciting spicy book just like Lauren Landish writes she is so awesome love her book MichelleBri is a housekeeper in the big motel chain and her best friend works in the coffee shop she has left cleaning the pent house [...]

  22. Gavin Anaconda Adams is the perfect book boyfriend as he s got the perfect package.I really enjoyed reading this book and I couldn t put it down so I read it in one morning.This book is well written and has a sweet and sexy vibe throughout.It s a fun read you really need in your kindle collection Gavin Adams is a pro football player who decides to try his luck at some acting in closed season.He gets dragged to a small town and meets a beautiful small town girl who changes his outlook on the worl [...]

  23. This was a fantastic, nasty, raunchy and laugh out loud romantic comedy, and I loved it Gavin earned his nickname after his rookie year of sowing wild oats, but he s since regretted his impulsive behavior, and has been wanting to tone things down He hasn t done much for his self image, but the paparazzi eats him up alive anyway I loved Bri and Mindy s dialogue, and when Gavin and Bri get together, it s hot, sexy, funny and holy smokes There are misunderstandings and misgivings, which made this s [...]

  24. Brianna Gavin have a very lovely, romantic tale to tell Small town girl, struggling to put herself through college, Bri works as a maid at a hotel One day, a movie set comes to town to film an upcoming movie The whole production stays at Brianna s hotel Gavin is a famous footballer turned movie star Brianna meets him and is swept away by his assets and charm but his notorious reputation causes her to be cautious Delightful story of two people from two different worlds learning to share their pas [...]

  25. This book is hilarious I had a blast listening to this on audio I laughed so hard on a couple parts I should ve read this boom sooner Briana is having it kinda rough She is very smart, but she lost her dream job because of her school She is now a housekeeper trying to make ends meet She accidentally runs into Gavin who is completely naked Gavin got into some trouble because of a little accident Now he has the name Anaconda Poor guy lol He is in a small town making a movie After the incident with [...]

  26. Gavin Adams is a successful professional football player but is best know as Anaconda for obvious reasons Gavin is fed up with all the talk about his personal life and his agent has an idea about acting while he s not playing football Brianna is a college student who is struggling and works at a hotel to get by and her life gets better when she meets Gavin his anaconda in the flesh The connection between Gavin Bri is undeniable but what happens when Gavin has to leave Really good funny read espe [...]

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