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Free Read Auctioned - by Mia Ford Free Read Auctioned - by Mia Ford - Auctioned, Auctioned She s broken and scared She thinks it is easy to walk away What she doesn t know is how HARD those curves are making me Her seductive eyes lock with mine and its GAME OVER It s decided I am buying her

  • Title: Auctioned
  • Author: Mia Ford
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read Auctioned - by Mia Ford, Auctioned, Mia Ford, Auctioned She s broken and scared She thinks it is easy to walk away What she doesn t know is how HARD those curves are making me Her seductive eyes lock with mine and its GAME OVER It s decided I am buying her V card today The problem Seems like I wanna spend than one night with her This is my first time participating into this kinda thing There must be a reason they call itShe s broken and scare


Free Read Auctioned - by Mia Ford Free Read Auctioned - by Mia Ford - Auctioned, Auctioned She s broken and scared She thinks it is easy to walk away What she doesn t know is how HARD those curves are making me Her seductive eyes lock with mine and its GAME OVER It s decided I am buying her Auctioned

  • Free Read Auctioned - by Mia Ford
    113Mia Ford

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  1. 4 Nicky was Hot Stars Me likie this one To short wish it was longer Nicky D Angelo was a very nice guy Hot, Rich, and sweet too

  2. One Love Feeds The FireTwo Hearts Feel DesireCute, short and sweet story about a young virgin, Katrina , who must auction herself off to the highest bidder One man, Nick, is a upstanding CEO of his own business, the other man, his cousin Tony, is a gangsta playa who owns a strip club, and runs the auctions In the middle of this is Katrina s father, a loser who has gambled EVERYTHING away on the ponies and is into debt for 75k.Katrina finds out he even blew through her college savings, and decide [...]

  3. Love and Money A titillating read with a big punch A lot of heat and steam and a very likable H h, he is sexy and dominant she is beautiful and sheltered, both looking for a way out Both believe in family loyalty She has something for sale and he definitely wants to be the buyer A good read that s layered with surprising twists and plots I love this book from beginning to end Their new lives was the start of their HEA

  4. Okay This was a short read, and there were multiple stories inside, too There were some things I liked in each story, but there was always something that made me go, wait, what Did s he just say that o_O So that stopped me from rating it higher.For the story Auctioned itself I wanted to feel that connection between the H h, not told they had it.I wanted to know why they were attracted to each other, not be told they were I think my problem was largely that even though they had sex, the getting t [...]

  5. Review Rating 4.0 out of 5 stars.Anything for familyI received an Advance Reader Copy for AUCTIONED written by Mia Fox and voluntarily reviewed this book Katrina Donovan knew that ever since her mother died, her father went back deep into his vices So badly, in fact, that they couldn t run from it now, and this time, he was warned they were going to make him pay in ways than one Katrina, with zero savings left now, a hand me down bar already mortgaged to the hilt, and her dreams of attending MI [...]

  6. I had the privilege of reading an ARC copy of Auctioned by Mia Ford A great family story about how a young girl can become a woman and save her father at the same time and find love too Nicky didn t want to be part of his families business so he went to college and opened his own business, but family bonds are strong and he was still friends with his cousin Katrina s life was tough after her mother passed away from cancer and her father hit rock bottom, drinking, and gambling He informs Katrina [...]

  7. Katrina finds out that her dad has a gambling problem and tries to come up with a way to pay off his debt Her best friend tells her about a virginity auction that she can make a lot of money So Katrina decides to go through with the auction.Nicky decides to go to the auction with his cousin He doesn t plan on bidding on any of the women until he sees Katrina He knows that there is something about her that makes him want her so he bids on her Little did he know that he would be bidding against th [...]

  8. EroticThis starts out as one book but has several others packed at the end The stories are erotic and fairly explicit Although the storyline is good the females in the stories tend to blame the male characters for their actions, as though they have no brain or character strength of their own In auctioned the female behaves wantonly but she s constantly thinking that she can t help it because he makes her behave that way Hmmmm not buying it That carries throughout the other stories as well but no [...]

  9. Unconventional way to start a relationship, but Katrina needs the money to pay off her fathers debt to some very bad people, and unfortunaltey Nicky is related to them The virginity auction Katrina feels this is her only choice, she is embarrassed, and completely out of her element How can she do this, but her choice is gone.The auction begins, and the one man that already helped her has bid on her She is his The money is hers, or is it After Nicky already helped her once, will he save her again [...]

  10. Katrina, a virgin is desperate to help her Dad pay off his gambling debt to the mob so they won t harm him A friend tells her about a way she can make some quick money auctioning off her virginity at a gentleman s club When they mentioned BDSM, she did not know what it was She ends up being bought by wealthy Nicholas who only does one night stands Their chemistry is instant Well written and an easy to read story, but be forewarned it is very short Lots of steamy scenes No spoiler but there is an [...]

  11. This one was not for me at all I liked the premise a lot, but wow, what a canned delivery I don t know if this is one of those word mill pen names where they just hire ghost writers to pump out trope books, but it sure reads like one Stilted dialogue, tedious, predictable scenes, no real connection between the couple, and the book ends even sooner than it seems like it s going to because there s other stuff at the back of the book.

  12. I liked this Fun romantic story Reminds me of a fairytale Billionaire buys virgin to save her from the bad big Russian Her wishes come true Then everything falls apart The billionaire is such a good guy he fixes it all and they end up happy together It s acute story Read it you ll like it

  13. I got this book in exchange for a voluntary review Katrina needs money to save her father s life so she enter s the virgin auction The author approaches this a little different Nicky wins the bid and saves her life too This is an erotic love story where what s right actually does win out in the end The characters are so real that the reader can imagine Katrina at the auction.

  14. AuctionedI liked the original story but the stories after that were filled with editing errors Made things a little hard to read Reading went slower because of the errors and I had to backup all the time to figure out who was talking at that time.

  15. Proof readingSpell checker makes sure words are corre cty spelled not if they are the correct tense, correct gender or even used correctly It really spoils the flow of story when you have to figure out what should really be included in the sentence.

  16. I received this book for my honest review.Not what i expected but then again my expectations were blown out of the water.Beautiful story line, hot and sensual with just the right amount of emotions to keep it real.Loved it

  17. This book was steamy Nicky may have been born into a crime family, but he was as good a guy as you can get Katrina just needed a break from her miserable life These two had chemistry from the first time they laid eyes on each other.i didn t see the ending, end like it did, but I was smiling.

  18. This was an enjoyable shorter book I enjoyed that the plot was something I had never read before and the characters were well developed in a short time I look forward to reading books by Mia Ford

  19. WeakIt was just sort of weak and boring The writing was average, but the dialogue was just so corny I didn t feel a connection between the two main characters And she acted like the way they met was totally normal She did show any humility.

  20. Good premise, but wished for Good premise for a plot line I was intrigued to read, but once I got into the book I felt it feel flat with the details and descriptions that would make the reader understand the depth of characters .

  21. WowWhat a story People will do anything for their families She didn t want to but she needed to save her father They both were different They feel in love

  22. I received an arc of this book in return for a honest review.This book had a good story and kept you turning the pages It was an easy read and written well.

  23. Well writtenThis is a collection of stories that give you a glimpse of different aspects of different plots and characters Can t go wrong with a Ford

  24. A good collection of stories This collection has some great romances and so hot and steamy they will steam up your kindle Enjoyable reads that are definitely entertaining.

  25. This one was not for me Didn t feel a connection to any of the characters, the dialogue didn t work just didn t enjoy it at all.

  26. Katrina Donovan s father owes 75,000 to a loan shark for gambling debts To save her father and also to get money for college Katrina decides to auction off her virginity Nick D Angelo went to the auction because he was bored and he had no plans on bidding, until he sees Katrina Will Katrina and Nick s auction bid lead to a real relationship I loved Nick and Katrina together They had great chemistry Mia Ford creates characters that are real and honest This is an addictive, fast paces book with a [...]

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