Aug 10, 2022

My Husband's Wife

Þ My Husband's Wife à JaneCorry Þ My Husband's Wife à JaneCorry - My Husband's Wife, My Husband s Wife Til death us do part When young lawyer Lily marries Ed she s determined to make a fresh start To leave the secrets of the past behind But then she takes on her first murder case and meets Joe A convi

  • Title: My Husband's Wife
  • Author: JaneCorry
  • ISBN: 9780735220966
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback

Þ My Husband's Wife à JaneCorry, My Husband's Wife, JaneCorry, My Husband s Wife Til death us do part When young lawyer Lily marries Ed she s determined to make a fresh start To leave the secrets of the past behind But then she takes on her first murder case and meets Joe A convicted murderer whom Lily is strangely drawn to Whom she will soon be willing to risk anything for But Lily is not the only one with secrets Her next door neighbor CarlTil death us do

My Husband's Wife

Þ My Husband's Wife à JaneCorry Þ My Husband's Wife à JaneCorry - My Husband's Wife, My Husband s Wife Til death us do part When young lawyer Lily marries Ed she s determined to make a fresh start To leave the secrets of the past behind But then she takes on her first murder case and meets Joe A convi My Husband's Wife

  • Þ My Husband's Wife à JaneCorry
My Husband's Wife

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  1. My bum hurts from sitting on the fence I ve been here a while On one hand, this book was enticing and the plot was very well thought out The characters went on long personal journeys and that made me feel satisfied However, there was always something off I can t tell whether it was the writing style, which for me wasn t something to write home about, or whether it was that none of the characters were relatable or likeable The book is cut into two halves, beginning in the year two thousand with L [...]

  2. This is a superb dark psychological thriller, how could it not be with the title it has The story is populated with flawed characters and is told from the POV of Lily and Carla Lily and Ed get married, she is starting as a criminal lawyer and he is an artist Carla is a manipulative child, who along with her mother, is befriended by Lily Ed comes to find success through his picture of Carla, The Italian Girl Lily has a client, Joe, who is convicted of murdering his girlfriend, a scenario which le [...]

  3. 3.5 starsA new marriage shouldn t be fueled by secrets and lies, but alas secrets and lies are the foundation for the marriage of Ed and Lily Lily and Ed get married after a whirlwind romance On their honeymoon, something happens that creates cracks in their new union Lily pushes her qualms aside and focuses on her new job as a solicitor for which she has taken on the case of a convicted murderer whom she happens to form an attraction Ed and Lily s marriage continues to quickly diminish Meanwhil [...]

  4. My Husband s Wife by Jane Corry is a 2017 Pamela Dorman Books publication The title of this book is certainly intriguing and led me to believe this novel would most likely be the kind twisty domestic thriller I can t seem to get enough of However, for me, at least, this book seems like it is one part family drama and one part domestic thriller The story is centered around Lily and Ed, who marry after a brief courtship When the honeymoon is over, Lily, who is a solicitor, gets a nice promotion up [...]

  5. This thriller begins with the news of a crime in the present day and then backtracks to fifteen years earlier, to unravel the events which led to murder This is very much a book of two halves, beginning in London with Lily as a newly qualified solicitor She is just back from her honeymoon, after a whirlwind romance, and sudden proposal, from artist Ed Both are just starting out in their careers with Ed working in advertising while he aims for success and Lily moving into criminal law Lily s firs [...]

  6. While thus seemed like an interesting plot it seemed to drag forever Almost too many twists to the point that I wanted to pull my hair if one came along Every single character was completely damaged but not to the point that it made them disturbingly endearing, just quite irritating I did like the insertion of a bit of a look into raising a child with Aspergers Tho linked to the immediate story it still felt as if it was thrown in there half assed.

  7. A great marriage is not when the perfect couple comes together It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences Dave MeurerJane Corry, an English author, pens her debut psychological thriller, My Husband s Wife that narrates the story of a couple who goes through ups and downs in their newly marital life, through many years, but their past mistakes and their involvement in the life of a notorious and sly criminal and a sweet little girl, comes haunting back at them ages later, an [...]

  8. About My Husband s Wife is a thriller written by Jane Corry It was recently published on 10 31 17 by Penguin Books, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group, 400 pages The genres are mystery, thriller, suspense, and fiction This book is the author s debut thriller.My Experience I started reading My Husband s Wife on 10 25 17 and finished it on 11 04 17 This book is an exciting and addicting read because it s full of secrets, lies, and deceptions If time was on my side, I would have plowed through [...]

  9. I thought this was really awful.The book is called My Husband s Wife What the plot is, I m not really sure The part where the story might actually come into play is page 460, but then it s over very fast Before that the book covers around 13 years, very much in the vein of this happened, then this happened, then this happened with absolutely no emotional involvement for the reader I stuck to it because I was waiting and waiting for something to happen that would make this void book make sense.Th [...]

  10. I ve been wanting to read this book ever since I first saw the cover on a shelf probably at least a year ago Why I didn t pick it up, I have no clue Eventually, I had to have it I read a few reviews, saw that most people thought it was pretty good, and figured it was finally time Long story short, I should ve picked this one up ages ago For some reason I love domestic thrillers There s something so close to home about the relationship between the protagonist and antagonist and how they coexist t [...]

  11. The title to this book is what made me want to read it Everyone was full of secrets, lies, and deception Quite enjoyable

  12. With a clever title, this dark psychological thriller is a perfect example of a new wave of the genre which has excited readers for the past couple of years think Girl on a Train, Gone Girl etc This is very much a story of two halves, told from the perspective of Lily, a newly qualified lawyer desperate to leave her mark on the world as she struggles to adapt to her young marriage to Ed, the self confessed artistic genius Meanwhile, across the hall, lives nine year old Carla and her mother Itali [...]

  13. 3.5 Stars I won this in a giveaway The plot was intriguing and the cover immediately caught my eye, but something just fell short Perhaps it was that I found none of the characters to be likable or relatable Or that the book felt like it tried to do too many things I felt uncomfortable reading this and kept wanting to rush through to move on to other books, but, despite my complaints, this was an enjoyable and speedy read.

  14. Is it possible to write a readable novel that will keep you turning pages, yet about unlikable characters This book shows that it is It was strangely compelling reading despite the fact there is not one likable character in it The story is told from two points of view One is that of Lily newly married to Ed The other is that of the child Carla and her Italian mother who live on the same floor of the apartment building Each of these characters feels unloved at times Their behaviour reflects the w [...]

  15. I have never read so much drivel in my life I only persevered with this book as it was recommended to me by a friend I will choose my friends a bit wisely in future.Psychological thriller It was neither psychological or thrilling This novel is merely an undramatic unfolding of events surrounding two main characters Lily and Carla and their relationships with others Characters I neither cared about or related to at all The twisty plot is based on the good old, and overused, foundation of secrets [...]

  16. Um thriller psicol gico inteligente, chocante cheio de segredos e mentiras Um livro que fala de complica es nas rela es, as imposs veis e traumas familiares Adorei de in cio ao fim Alerta nos tamb m para o facto de n o podermos confiar em ningu m hoje em dia, s vezes as pessoas que nos s o mais pr ximas s o as que nos magoam mais.

  17. Gostei bastante deste livro e da forma como foi escrito Manteve me em suspense at ao fim e s n o foi perfeito porque o final n o me satisfez, foi cor de rosa demais para o tipo de livro que Mas leiam, v o gostar sem duvida

  18. 4 StarsNice debut fiction book A mystery thriller that touches on murder, prison, a new attorney, a new marriage and discontent The book changes midway through to a later date in time, once one of the young characters has grown into an adult Lily and Ed are married But should they be Lily has a number of secrets, that she has not shared with Ed Ed is also sitting on a secret Ed is temperamental and starts to be very controlling Lily, being a young attorney, is working later and later on freeing [...]

  19. Lily marries her husband, Ed, only six months after they meet Lily s adolescence has been marked by family tragedy, and she s determined to move on But as soon as she and Ed return from their Italian honeymoon, Lily is thrown into her first murder case as a solicitor She meets her strange client, Joe, accused of murdering his girlfriend Lily feels an odd affinity for Joe Soon she is consumed by his case and Joe himself Meanwhile, Lily s neighbor, Carla is struggling to find her footing at school [...]

  20. There are secrets and there are lies And every lie means lies have to be said Secrets can stay secret forever, until guilt steps in.Lily is a brand new lawyer, married to Ed, an artist but one that is not known as yet The marriage is not a solid one, there are secrets that Lily has, and it seems like Ed has his own secrets as well.Taking on her first murder case, she is strangely drawn to this man He s going to play a very large part of this story.Francesca and her 9 year old daughter, Carla li [...]

  21. A whirlwind romance and a proposal on the second date a recipe for disaster for sure Lily meets Ed at a party She is an up and coming Lawyer and he is an inspiring artist.In the same building as Lily and Ed live is Carla and Francesca Carla was just 9 years old when they met her.Francesca was disowned by her family when she discovers she was pregnant and the Father was a married man.Soon the cracks start to appear in Lily and Ed s marriage and Lily now regrets getting married.Another fantastic d [...]

  22. My Husband s Wife Written by Jane CorryI think this is a unique novel of the thriller genre It is told by the point s of view of both Lily and Carla Lily and Ed are a married couple who sometimes babysit a young manipulative Carla who is known as the Italian girl Carla and her mother live in the same apartment complex as Lily and Ed Carla s mother asks Lily and Ed to babysit Carla while Carla s mother goes to work every Sunday Carla s mother is really secretly meeting Larry with the shiny new ca [...]

  23. My Husband s Wife by Jane Corry Rating 5 starsPairing Gin Tonic I love dark and twisty psychological thrillers and My Husband s Wife delivered on that promise This book pulled me out of the worst reading slump I ve been in for awhile The story is full of the deeply flawed characters you would want to see in a psychological thriller I mean we are talking serious moral instability and contradictions galore It also tells the story from multiple POVs which I personally love There are two parallel an [...]

  24. So I am struggling a bit to review this book Didn t love it, but didn t hate it In fact, the last 25% of the book, I really liked However, it took me a while to get there.Ed Lily meet at a part and are engaged very quickly She s a lawyer He s an artist Just back from their honeymoon, and things already seem off Lily get a client named Joe, on trial for murder, and there s a strange attraction there We learn a bit about her brother and how Joe is similar, but we don t learn much A neighbor girl, [...]

  25. I gave up after 140 pages The child s voice was age inappropriate and the meandering storyline held no appeal I will pass on to guest reviewer to see if it was just me

  26. 3.8 engra ado o que aprendemos com os livros de fic o O livro respira drama, incerteza, culpa, meias verdades Diria eu, terreno f rtil e prometedor onde qualquer escritor de thrillers gosta de trabalhar.Para mim o livro divide se em 2 partes, o ponto que divide os dois planos de f cil assun o Digo dois planos porque para mim discern vel dois patamares diferentes de escrita.E a mim estas quest es t cnicas da escrita deliciam me.Lily uma personagem na qual facilmente nos revemos Conseguimos ver um [...]

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