Jan 29, 2022

Rough Touch

[PDF] Rough Touch | by â Willow Winters [PDF] Rough Touch | by â Willow Winters - Rough Touch, Rough Touch Alternate cover and retitled edition for ASIN B IGNJBRU I m not a good man but I m damn good at what I do I was raised to be ruthless and as muscle for the Petrov mafia that s all I am Then she go

  • Title: Rough Touch
  • Author: Willow Winters
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Rough Touch | by â Willow Winters, Rough Touch, Willow Winters, Rough Touch Alternate cover and retitled edition for ASIN B IGNJBRU I m not a good man but I m damn good at what I do I was raised to be ruthless and as muscle for the Petrov mafia that s all I am Then she got caught in the crossfire and when it was over she was mine given as a temporary gift Once a mafia princess now just a bargaining chip she wasn t a part of my plans S Alternate cover a

Rough Touch

[PDF] Rough Touch | by â Willow Winters [PDF] Rough Touch | by â Willow Winters - Rough Touch, Rough Touch Alternate cover and retitled edition for ASIN B IGNJBRU I m not a good man but I m damn good at what I do I was raised to be ruthless and as muscle for the Petrov mafia that s all I am Then she go Rough Touch

  • [PDF] Rough Touch | by â Willow Winters
    310Willow Winters
Rough Touch

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  1. If I take myself out of the equation and just review base on the author s writing, storyline and romance its a five star read Good Girl is fast paced and the characters are well developed.

  2. Willow Winters is a relative new author to me This is only the third book I have read of hers I have to say that she really had done a great job with Vatelli crime family I have read and loved all three books and the good thing is each book just gets better and better To me that shows the sign of a very good series I will have to say that this one, Good Girl really touched me in a way that the other two did not I actually cried reading this one I think it is because of my studies in the Criminal [...]

  3. I absolutely adoreddddd this one It was damn adorable and not Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here s my dick, and you have no choice but to marry me God that was horrible, but I couldn t think of anyway to put it Damn I m so tacky sometimes snort Whatever I really liked the pace in this particular short smut story It wasn t so much about the sexy times but about love, about wanting to get better for your significant other.It was badass and sexy and sweet all at the same time I need [...]

  4. 5 sexy mobster stars This book would not let me put it down Kane lost everything, all because his uncle was a rat He took out all of his enemies though and is fighting his way back in But he may have got himself in a little deeper then he wanted The Russians Kane goes to his first meet ready to get this started and over with but it doesn t go as he expected When he lays eyes on a sad woman with a collar on her neck and shackles on her wrists She is a sex slave and his to babysit for a little whi [...]

  5. Good Girl Valetti Crime Family 3 By Willow WintersBoth come from similar backgrounds both suffered losses in their family completely losing their families positions Eva was an ex Mafia princess that was turned into a sex slave by the man who killed her father Kane was the muscle money maker in his family his whole family was demolished after a Rat uncle turned in most of his family to FBI Whoever was left in his family was hunted down killed Kane is now trying to hide in the Russian Mafia He nee [...]

  6. Kane De Rocca is a rogue without the protection of familia Kane knows nothing but the life in the mafia For Kane, being in the human trafficking unsettles him until he meets Ava Ivanov Ava Ivanov is a mafia princess turned into sex slave by her enemies Ava s had many encounters yet the one that sears her soul is Kane with his gentle ways and touch Kane doesn t like the plans his temporary boss Abrams Petrov for Ava and the rest of the human trafficking ring Will Kane remain a rogue Can Ava let g [...]

  7. I was lucky again to receive an ARC of this book from Willow Winters She is fast becoming one of my favorite authors, her writing is inspiring and her imagination is delightful I love Mafia books they are my favorite sub genre and Willow knocks it out of the park every time.I was raised to be ruthless, and as muscle for the Petrov mafia, that s all I am Then she got caught in the crossfire, and when it was over, she was mine given as a temporary gift Once a mafia princess, now just a bargaining [...]

  8. Be My Good Girl Stars After reading and thoroughly loving Willow Winter s His Hostage, I had high expectations for this one Ms Winters exceeded those expectations with a dark, dirty and sexy read Kane and Ava s story deals with some very dark elements such as human trafficking and rape, but it is written with class and compassion Now to backtrack and read the first Valetti Crime Family, Dirty Dom I was gifted an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review

  9. This is an extremely dark book, absolutely not my cup of tea But if you like this kind of thing, the story could be wonderful with a caring hero with extreme strong wills and feeling who d move heaven and earth for the love of his life It s just absolutely not my thing Now that I ve read it, I ll have to really concentrate on forgetting everything about this book.I think it s unfair to rate the book down simply because it wasn t something for me, because as I said the writing is excellent.

  10. I m officially in a mob romance kind of mood This is the 2nd one I ve read today and I read it all in one sitting This was super sad in parts but it had a fantastic happily ever after so it balanced out the misery in the beginning Apparently I m really into romances where the hero is a ruthless, cold hearted killer but is super sweet and protective when it comes to the heroine Willow Winters gets 5 thank God it had a happy ending stars.

  11. If you are a fan of dark romance with violence, abuse, heart break, revenge, suspense, deception, corruption, and a filthy talking possessive bad boy who will do whatever it takes to get the woman he wants then Good Girl is the book for you A page turner from the very first page to the very end.I was given a courtesy copy for an honest review.

  12. Note for me the heroine is rape in front of her dad and abused horrible to become a sex toy slave Not for me at all.

  13. That s right I m back to read another mafia book and I so happy Rough Touch tells the stories of Ava and Kane Ava had suffered what no one should Not only all her family was murdered but also she was raped in front of her dad After that she was used as a human toy being raped and beaten to submit to those guys dark desires All the time the abuse endured she sworn vengeance to every single one of them When she sees the enigmatic Kane she wishes that he could set her free but what will happen Can [...]

  14. I found this book to be a unusually dark intense and at times heartbreaking yet it is a interesting book to read and I utterly and completely enjoyed reading this book This story cover two broken people who find their way into caring for each other Ava Ivanov, was the daughter of a Russian mafia boss who s family gets murdered and she is grabbed and forced into sex slavery She was raped, brutalized, beaten and conditioned into submission Kane De Rocca, family gets murdered but he survives the hi [...]

  15. Ok, I ll be honest Starting out I was battling, but not because the story wasn t interesting but because I didn t know where these people came from and how they fit into the Valetti Family It takes about a chapter or 2 to figure that out and then its just addictive smooth sailing from there LOLThis story is heart breaking and full of triggers But if you read anything and can disconnect yourself from the story, its very interesting and addictive Ava and Kane s love story is not your conventional [...]

  16. The h was severely abused by a few men She just tells the story at some point in the book She was sex slave and was put under the hero s care before being taken overseas But the hero wasn t in no way into this sex traffic He also had his whole family slaughtered and ended up working for this Russian mafia He took the heroine under his care and got help from a rival m fia italian and they killed the russian Her horrors were not in the book per se She told what happened And , fyi, what I understoo [...]

  17. DIDNOTFINISH first, let me say this is a written story I enjoyed the author s writingbut I m not a fan of mafia stories the basis of thisI just couldn t get into it I read 8%.

  18. O.m.g This book brings out every emotion, you feel like you re right there with the characters I love this series and can t wait to read

  19. SUMMARY OF GOOD GIRL BY WILLOW WINTERSKANE De Rocca AVA IVANOV They hunted us all down because of my fucking coward uncle And I can t do shit to change any of that Abramn Petrov new boss Marzano Cartel Vadik 2 command underbossI have earn a position mob take in nephew of a rat.KANE TOOK DOWN THE ARMENO FAMILY 1 NIGHTThat shit with my uncle had nothing to do w my family They fucking came for us all the same Those fuckers left me alive And they paid the price Even if were only people I had in this [...]

  20. Thank you to author Willow Winters for giving us a story with such depth, dimension and so much deep emotion and heart.I ll start off by saying a great big Thank you to author Willow Winters for giving us a story with such depth, dimension, and so much deep emotion and heart I don t think there s an emotion I didn t come across while reading this book I ve loved each book so far in this series but this one is by far my favorite There s been one other book that has stayed with me like this one an [...]

  21. This is my favorite book of the Valetti Crime Family Series The storyline is a big issue in today s world human trafficking It s a rough book rough story Now the biggest complaint I have is Kane is a character that came out of nowhere, you don t meet him in the first two books I understand why the character was brought in You don t find out till the end Now all the these books are all instant love themes I really liked Ava she has survived horrible things that no human should, even with that she [...]

  22. DNF I had a hard time with this one because of the lead female, Ava She s endured some of worst things a female could deal with, being brutalized used as a sex slave So enter Cain, the hero I didn t really have an issue with him It was her How can someone who was used abused like she was still manage to think about sex She gets turned on wants to bone Cain Seriously You still don t know the fate of your life, you ve been brutalized in horrific ways you can still manage to want to get sexual with [...]

  23. Mafia princess and made man no Ava has lost everything, she is now a slave to her captors Once the Princess of a Russian Bratva she is now just a play thing for the criminals who killed her entire family.Kane was once a part of the Ano familia But he father turned rat Kane has had to kill his entire familia to avenge the deaths of his family and now has no one Looking to become part of Petrov s crew he takes on what a job with them But it is not what it seems So when the boss gives Ava to him f [...]

  24. This was just OK for me, I didn t hate it nor did I overly love it I thought the narrative was addictive but found that there were a lot of repetition in some areas For example, the amount of times Kane s inner monologue says he doesnt like being involved in the slave trade started to get old I also didn t feel the connection between Ava and Kane And thought that it was way too easy the way Kane was excused from his obligations to the Mafia What made this audio enjoyable was Lance Greenfield and [...]

  25. It s another hot heated Mafia story of Valetti Crime Series by Willow Winters Here we re meeting stand alone Vance who had been called in by the New Russian Mafia Boss to bring in some new cargo but he also wants The Valetti Family involved, which does start to give Vance some warning bells but that INTENSIFIES when they see what or should I say who this cargo is Vance can t GET OUT or he ll be dead This Cargo is no other than Ava, the Daughter of the old Russian Mafia Boss who had been kidnappe [...]

  26. Just as good as the others This couple made me cry, scream, say HELL YEAH than once and made me fall in love What Ava had to go through was devastating But thank you Willow for making sure she was stronger enough to take care of it And Kane was a total badass I m glad that we got to see exactly how much family meant to him Can t wait to read the next story

  27. 4 solid stars The story was very well written, it was fast paced, and I must say I really enjoyed it I had a little trouble connecting with Ava, which is also why it took me over a month to complete the book I wanted to know her story but I didn t NEED it, if you get my point Will i recommend Yes, this was was dark, gritty, and seemed legit.

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