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Sharing Beauty

Free Download Sharing Beauty - by Madison Faye Free Download Sharing Beauty - by Madison Faye - Sharing Beauty, Sharing Beauty Twice the Prince Charming twice the happy ever after Right They re rich gorgeous and dominantly possessive Their name is Charming and they re actual honest to goodness royal princes Oh and they

  • Title: Sharing Beauty
  • Author: Madison Faye
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download Sharing Beauty - by Madison Faye, Sharing Beauty, Madison Faye, Sharing Beauty Twice the Prince Charming twice the happy ever after Right They re rich gorgeous and dominantly possessive Their name is Charming and they re actual honest to goodness royal princes Oh and they re twins It s every princess s fantasy to think about finding her prince charming but what happens when she finds two of them Literally They both want me And they ve Twice the Prince C

Sharing Beauty

Free Download Sharing Beauty - by Madison Faye Free Download Sharing Beauty - by Madison Faye - Sharing Beauty, Sharing Beauty Twice the Prince Charming twice the happy ever after Right They re rich gorgeous and dominantly possessive Their name is Charming and they re actual honest to goodness royal princes Oh and they Sharing Beauty

  • Free Download Sharing Beauty - by Madison Faye
    229Madison Faye
Sharing Beauty

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  1. Princess Ilana and Cade and Caspian Charming, the twin princes of Marland King of Avlion has finally agreed that it was high time for Ilana, Imogen, and Isla to start finding suitable matches for marriage Thus the King Lucian s suitor s ball has been organized Eligible men of the right means and pedigree will attend the ball in order to marry his daughters There will be also were a number of eligible princesses that were now at marrying age who d be joining the princesses.All the stories in this [...]

  2. 3rd book in Madison Faye s modern day fairy tale series is the Prince Charming twins and Princess Ilana This is a quick, hot menage story with no cheating or abuse and a happily ever after There is a small part of other woman drama, but it is quickly extinguished I m not sure which fairy tale this one is based off of sorry, don t know all my fairy tale stories but it was just as good as books 1 and 2 ARC provided by author.

  3. Here we have the eldest sister of Princess Isla and Imogen, Princess Ilana She doesn t just have one prince pining for her love, no she has two Ilana is already super lucky and I m kind of jealous but then you realize that the two guys falling for her are twins Not that I have anything against their romance because it is a book and I loved every second of it I m just jealous.I was kind of surprised that her parents just let her marry the twin brothers, Caspian and Cade Charming AND YES CHARMING [...]

  4. It s a pretty good story This is not a book I thinks this story is 20 pages long But it s is really written well I was thinking it was another over the top prono book.we have 2 alpha twins that have fallen love at first sight with the princess The sex is pretty amazing Wowsers

  5. ah well wasinsta sight.a attraction.a fucken it all went to shit for me cause i simply don t dig insta lovehd it could have been soooo good or even better

  6. 3.5 Stars Another good story but I didn t love it There were some things I didn t like but overall, it s still good.The story is about Cade, Caspian and Ilana.Cade and Caspian are identical twin brothers They re the Princes of Marland Ilana is the eldest daughter of the King of Avlion.All three of them had been burned in the past and never thought they d find love the night of the royal suitor s ball It has an epilogue and like book two, it s of a HFN for me view spoiler They just got married t [...]

  7. It was strange to read a modern day story with princesses and princes They still had a suitor s ball, and their father, the King of Avalon, had never let his daughters date, so it had a very old fashioned feel to it with modern day language, beer drinking, and passing joints This was probably the most insta love story I ve every read, and that s saying something, especially since there s no paranormal element Seriously, it s immediate But, since the blurb promises OTT, slightly unrealistic tnsta [...]

  8. Final book of Possessing Beauty series is the m nage between oldest princess Illana and twin Princes Caspian and Cade.Illana has been burned by sweet endearments of a douchebag prince, so when the twins express their feelings for her she is initially skeptical but soon falls for their charm.Super hot m nage and HEA with a lot of smut.My favorite in this series Would really love to know about Adele and that bearded hottie.Safe4 5Merged review Final book of Possessing Beauty series is the m nage b [...]

  9. 4.5 Stars Very Good but for me the first two were the BOMB I really liked this book BUT had a slight issue with the whole actual twin brothers menage thing, for me if it were two friends then that s one thing but the fact of the brothers getting turned on by what she was doing with the other brotherm not really my thing BUT let me tell you that the sex scenes were just as HOT as usual I am truly LOVING this author and this series Another home run

  10. These books just get better and better I m not one to like m nage s, but Madison Faye has got me craving for These Prince Charmings will warm your heart and so many other regions of your body, by the time you re done with this little story you ll need to go change your panties Princes Cade and Caspian come as a pair and they are willing to make all of Princess Ilana s fantasies come true If she was wrongly loved before, they are definitely going to make it right I never thought a game of Truth [...]

  11. Sharing Beauty is the third book of Madison Faye s Possessing Beauty series Cade and Caspian are twin brothers who are into sharing their women Ilana just happens to be the oldest virgin daughter of King Lucian, and completely off limits to players like these two playboys This series has been, plain and simply, an intertwined set of modern day romances in a royal setting Thoroughly unrealistic but wholly entertaining and sexy, they are perfect to satisfy that naughty quickie craving Fun and whim [...]

  12. This is book 3 in a series that I got from Kindle Unlimited It is also the 3rd book that I ve read of this type and follows a similar formula as the first 2 books in the series The characters are drawn instantly to one another, lusty things happen, and they decide they are meant to be together forever Aw.In this particular story, Princess Ilana is not looking for love She has been terribly used by a prince in the past and thinks they are all scumbags out for one thing The Charming twins change h [...]

  13. This is the third book in the Possessing Beauty series by Madison Faye This series was so sweet and full of smut it reminds me of the Princess series by Alexa Riley If you want something quick that you don t need to think about, has lots of hot sex, and a happy ending then this is the book for you Happy Ending Lol Princess Ilana is 21 years old and the oldest of three daughters Her father, King Lucian of Avlion has decided to throw a ball and introduce his three daughters to all the eligible roy [...]

  14. Yummy Double the sticky goodness Who doesn t want two ott Prince charming Like the others in the series a good hot, steamy quickie

  15. Prince Charming x2 I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book Heros, Caspian Cade 5 5Heroine, Ilana 5 5Secondary Characters 4 5Chemistry 4 5Sex 5 5Plot 4 5Mystery 1 5Action 2 5Darkness 1 5Humor 1 5POV Dual POVEnding HEA, No cliffhanger Stars 4.5 Author Madison FayeWould I recommend this book yesWould I re read this book yesWould I read future books by this author YesBlurb Princess Ilana is attending a Suiters Ball that her father has thrown so his daughters can find their Kings She [...]

  16. I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review In this book we get Ilana s story we are also given what is really the Charming brother s story What would you do if you were a princess that had been told you could never date Well for Ilana it would be to think you found your knight in shining armor and sneak out to meet him only later to discover that armor is a rusted mess Ilana has been burned in the past so coming to this ball is both something she [...]

  17. Caspian and Cade Charming are twin princes who do everything together and I do mean everything They used to compete for girls until the day they realized that sharing was much fun Caspian and Cade are going with their friends to a neighboring kingdom s royal suitor ball They don t expect to find their one but they go along to help keep their friends out of trouble Then they arrive at the ball and see her, Princess Ilana and they both instantly know that she is the one for both of them Princess [...]

  18. The story is about the known ken dolls at the previous story that is about the twins They just went to the suitor ball to keep an eye on their friends not to get in trouble with King Lucian as the ball is prim and proper and that they all need to behave what they didn t expect was to find the one.The twins were both lost for words when their eyes landed on the eldest daughter of King Lucian Soulmates, huh Really Cade laughed Is it so hard to imagine For you two She barked out a laugh Yes Humor [...]

  19. Arghh I hate my OCD that makes me finish a series even if I don t like it GAH This author makes me want to scream And I just saw there s a fourth book Fuck me sideways.If you re wondering what the deal is with my italics, you obviously haven t read my review for the previous two books This author fucking loves italics You know, so that you know she is really really really enjoying the pounding she is getting It is so over the top that I when I read a sentence with a passive verb in it, and it is [...]

  20. DOUBLE THE PLEASURE AND DOUBLE THE FUN Madison Faye s talent for writing OTT, insta lust love erotica is simply amazing I read this little beauty in one sitting and I didn t move OK, I squirmed a little OK, maybe a lot but it is an exceedingly HOT novella Sharing Beauty is not only a heat seeking m nage missile but a very endearing love story that goes straight to the heart With few to no grammatical errors, the story is incredibly fast paced, flows flawlessly and the writing style nears perfect [...]

  21. Ilana is the oldest of three sisters She loves being a princess, just not in this century After receiving empty promises from a prince she thought she would have HEA with, she has become jaded She doesn t count on the Charming twins determination to change make her theirs.The Charming twins have been betrayed by love , and are only at the ball to keep their friends out of trouble Their plans change when the spot Ilana across the room Cade and Caspian see she has been hurt and know they have thei [...]

  22. I love MFM books Let s just get that out of the way right now Maybe because I love MFM experiences so much Anyway, the copy of this book that I downloaded also had two other pieces as featured content Twice Driven , and Breaking Her Innocence I enjoyed the featured content than Sharing Beauty itself.Okay, so I didn t exactly have a problem with Sharing Beauty I like that the gentlemen are just so gosh darn awesome They are very charming, alpha, upstanding, guys with heart And I like that the pr [...]

  23. Wicked, wonderful and totally enthrallingI am confident that poor old King Lucian when he set out to find his daughters proper suitors never envisaged the hot and improper men who would in fact capture their attention and their hearts.Same nightme ball but Ilana is definitely not the same princess and as for her happy ever after well she is in for double the trouble in the shape of Cade and Caspian Charming two gorgeous uber sexy, dirty talking and protective prince twins who are heart meltingly [...]

  24. Here s the thing as erotic romance it s all right despite the fact that I don t dig the whole insta whatever And this was pretty insta everything I mean, I didn t believe anybody who said I love you in this book.It wasn t convincing Know what I mean When you read a good book, you know it s finctional but you imagine the characters living in real lifeNow how those 3 would have made it in real life, I have no idea King, King and Queen shaking my head from side to side The first thing I thought onc [...]

  25. Since I ve enjoyed all the other books in this series, I figured I shouldn t skip this one I don t usually read the manage books, but since I m somewhat familiar with some of these characters from the other books, I d read this princesses story too I mean it was hot and all, and I love it when the guy or in this case, guys, Falk in love at first sight, and the woman needs to be convinced The men are just blabbering mushy fools over her And they have to work for her attention And yowzer, I loved [...]

  26. So I TRULY wanted to like this books The cover is gorgeous I was looking forward to serious smexy But I couldn t get into it For one thing the author continues to mix fairytale phrases or old world words over in the other kingdom and then a page later is talking about clubbing It just ended up feeling kind of ridiculous In the blurb she says that fans of Anne Rice s sleeping beauty series will want to read this This is nothing like Anne Rice s work There is no continuity of the world that makes [...]

  27. This is a shorter instalove story set in present day but with an old fashioned Suitor s Ball setting It also has a Prince Charming theme Only in this one it s Prince Charming times two Ilana does kind of consider herself old fashioned but still isn t thrilled about the suitor s ball She was burned in the past and is jaded when it comes to men and knowing their true intentions Cade and Caspian are twin brother princes who like to share everything, including women They aren t looking for love but [...]

  28. Omg, these twist on the Fairy Tales books are so darn hot and this one isn t any different Sharing Beauty is Ilana, and twin Prince s Cade and Caspian Charming story This is the 3rd book in the Possessing Beauty series and this is Illana s quest to find her mate s In this book, we find out how the oldest was burned by love in the past which has made her jaded and makes her run from love now This time, she doesn t have 1 man chasing after her but two make those two princes Princes Cade and Caspia [...]

  29. YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY THIRD TIMES A CHARM WELL, THE 3RD BOOK IN THE POSSESSING BEAUTY SERIES IS MY FAVORITE OF THE THREE SEXY DOUBLE THE PLEASURE, DOUBLE THE FUN IT S A SUPER FAST, SUPER FUN SUPER SEXY SERIES Is it hot in here or what WOWZA This read is scorching hot These royal twins know what they want and have mercy, they go after it I absolutely adored this book Like the first two books, it s filled with all the right naughty stuff we just love to read It s a super fast, super fun and super [...]

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